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Download a Build 2015 app for your mobile device

Attending Build? Then make sure to get the Build app installed on your device! Browse all the content of the conference once the session listings are available, follow your schedule, stay connected throughout the event and submit session evals afterwards.

Download the Microsoft Build 2015 app for Windows Phone | iOS | Android

After launching the app, you will be sent to Channel 9 to sign in, which enables synchronization of your personalized schedule. Add a session to your schedule in the Windows Phone app? It will be on your schedule here on Channel 9 and in any of the other versions of the app as well!

Once a session has occurred, you can submit an evaluation here on Channel 9 or directly in the app, either way works and both options get your feedback to the event folks.

For additional support you can visit the Build forum here on Channel 9!


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  • When I try to get the Windows Phone app I am told that I can't purchase apps in this region. Have you made the phone app US-only? I am in the UK (at least until I get on a plane at the weekend!)


    Updated: Disregard - It worked when I searched for the app on my phone - the web link didn't on my PC when I tried to send the app to my phone form the store.

  • Duncan MackenzieDuncanma "yeah that's awful close, but that's not why I'm so hard done by"

    @RikHepworth: That was my mistake Rik, we had the link to the en-us version of the store, not the generic link. I've fixed the post.

  • I've installed the Android version on my Galaxy S4 and Google Play shows the app is installed on this page in Windows 7. However, I can't write a review because the page doesn't recognize the installed status.

    Also, I'm registered at Build but can't add my registration to the Android app to create and save my schedule. Will try WinPhone version with my wife's Nokia 822.


  • @roger_jennings: Hi Roger, you do need to create a new account on the mobile app and then link it to  your Ch9 account to share agendas and provide feedback. The additional support page listed above can walk you through it.

  • Duncan MackenzieDuncanma "yeah that's awful close, but that's not why I'm so hard done by"

    Opening up comments as we have a new app, new event, etc... :)

  • JohnJohn

    Any info as to when the agenda will not be populated with last years data?

  • PerfectPhasePerfectPhase "This is not war, this is pest control!" - Dalek to Cyberman

    Thought those sessions looked familiar...  :)

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