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  • Microsoft DevRadio: How to use Visual Studio to Build Hybrid Apps that run on iOS, Android and Windows devices
    38 minutes, 49 seconds
  • Microsoft DevRadio: Azure How to: Geotagging Your Entities using Azure Mobile Services
    12 minutes, 3 seconds
  • Microsoft DevRadio: MVA Live Event - Developing Games with Construct 2
    4 minutes, 50 seconds
  • Microsoft DevRadio: Microsoft OCR Library - Enabling Windows apps to Recognize Text in Images
    24 minutes, 37 seconds
  • Microsoft DevRadio: Community Corner - An Interview with Laura Gagliano, Creator of "Sheep in Space" for Windows Phone
    16 minutes, 56 seconds
  • Microsoft DevRadio: Creating Games for Windows 8 and Windows Phone using GameMaker Studio from YoYo Games
    12 minutes, 31 seconds
  • Microsoft DevRadio: Integrating Microsoft Translator into your Windows 8 apps
    40 minutes, 0 seconds
  • Microsoft DevRadio: Developing for Windows 8 in 1/2 the Time – Using Project Siena to Create Your App
    29 minutes, 23 seconds
  • Microsoft DevRadio: (Part 1) Building for Both Windows Phone & Windows 8 - Overview
    27 minutes, 11 seconds
  • Microsoft DevRadio: Community Corner - An Interview with Erik Larsson, Creator of Absolon for Windows 8
    17 minutes, 5 seconds