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Special Surface Offer for TechEd Europe 2013 Attendees

We are excited to provide TechEd Europe 2013 attendees a special offer on Surface.

This offer will allow each qualifying participant to get their hands on one or both Surface devices and, when it becomes available, update them to Windows 8.1 Preview to test drive it on these great tablets.

Devices & Prices:

  • Surface RT 64GB standalone (with FREE touch cover) for €79.99 for EU customers and £69.99 GBP for UK customers
  • Surface Pro 128GB standalone for €349.99 for EU customers and £299.99 for UK customers

These offers are only available during the event, Tuesday, 25 June – Friday, 28 June.
Limited to 1 x Surface RT and 1 x Surface Pro per attendee. No exceptions.
No cash. Credit card transactions only.

Devices will be shipped to attendees after purchase and are not available on-site. 

Attendees are responsible for navigating the device import regulations for their respective country.

This offer is available to:

  • Full Conference Pass Attendees
  • Partner Attendee and Booth Staff Passes
  • Faculty and Students
  • Press
  • 3rd Party Speakers
  • 3rd Party Staff

TechExpo Only Passes, Pre-Conference Only Passes, and Microsoft employees are not eligible



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  • Mattias LindSoQooL A SQL Server Cowboy, MVP, and Trainer

    Yeay, this is wonderful... Thank you Microsoft! I'll be first in line!

  • Yeaaah...this is GREAT news!!!! Thanks Microsoft...


    how much would have costed instead ?


  • Mat i believe that ! Maybe i'll be second inline Smiley

  • Great news Microsoft, Thank you!

    Good idea to send the device(s) afterwards, much more convenient!

  • Nice deal, sending the devices afterwards is understandable after watching the Surface Line at TechEd NA from day to day ..

  • Given there's a sterling price, does this imply shipping from UK? Also, prices exclude/include tax?

  • Where will the surface be shipped from?

    Europe or the US?

  • PeterPeter

    If I am attending from the US will I be able to get these as well?

  • Where will the surface be shipped from? Europe or the US?

    Yup, this is very important question.

    Are you shipping from Europe? And when (right after purchase, or the next week, or...)?

  • Radu VunvuleaRadu Vunvulea

    Great to hear this. Great job.

  • Great news, Thank you!

  • Really greate news!!!!!! Thx Microsoft!

  • Man! What an offer! I will get one for sure!

  • Yes, this is soo cool. I will get both

  • Klaus EnevoldsenKlaus Enevoldsen Development has never been easier nor more ​complicated.​..

    Great offer. Will the devices be shipped from within the EU?

    (edit: Sorry, did not see the other comments regarding shipment.)

  • Thomas ConnorWizards​Online How do I turn this thing on?
    Excellent, I was worried us European attendees would be forgotten about.
  • Great news from Microsoft. Thanks Microsoft.

  • MariuszMariusz

    Finally, Thanks

  • Awesome!!! I am curious about the shipping/taxes question also! 

  • Nice offer, can't wait.

  • How warranty service will be provided for those devices?

  • Dave JenningsDave Jennings

    Fantastic, delighted to see this at TEE too! I'll definitely pick up one of each, thanks.

  • This made my day! Such great news! Thank you Microsoft! Smiley 

  • Great offer!! I'll order both for sure. 

    This makes TechEd 2013 in Madrid surely more attractive.

    PS Shipping from UK or Europe? Some info on the shipping/taxing costs?

  • TauTau

    What kind of keyboard layout on the touch cover?

  • Is there an option to get a free Type Cover instead of the Touch Cover for the RT? In line with the offer that's currently on for buying an RT through the Microsoft Store?

  • An offer you can't refuse  Cool

    Only still a little bit worried about the shipping terms, when are they shipped and where from?

  • thank you Microsoft! i will be in line for that. this is a huge opportunity to get one and promotion of the Windows Surface tablets.  And we share the tablet experience even further Smiley

  • Faisal SaleemFaisal Saleem

    Thanks MS, this is a great offer and a great way to show how great the surface is to the masses!

  • Awesome deal!!!! Thanks Microsoft!

  • This is Awesome!!!!

    Great deal Micrososft!!!!


  • Hey Buddies, Geeks and Dudes

    Go on for the fire sale - I was on TechEd NA last week and one of the few lucky guys just waiting 15mins for my PRO. Both devices are realy cool - Surface rocks!

    Stay tuned for TechEd

  • Gusts LinkevicsGusts Linkevics

    Cool, great offer.

  • Thomas LeeThomas Lee

    I'm in.

    Dude, I'm getting a Surface (or two).

    Somehow it doesn't scan quite as well as in the phrase's original setting, but who cares. Surface here we come!

  • Yes, where is this shipping from? This is important as for taxes purposes! MS team, when you have a chance, could you please elaborate? 

    thank you MS!!!!  bye , bye Ipad.....  Hello Surface!: Have we met before? Can I buy you a drink ?  Smiley  Cool

  • Great deal!

    Will I be able to get the Touch Cover for the Surface RT with Swedish keyboard layout?

  • Great offer!

  • I will be attending from Canada. It would be great to know if i will be eligible to buy the device and where is it being shipped?



  • John AppleseedJohn Appleseed

    So, there will be more than 1000 Surfaces in the world! Woohoo!! :)

  • Excellent news! Thanks for that Microsoft.

  • Nice offer!! Will probably get both!

    (really wondering what this will amount to when shipped to the Netherlands)...

  • mark me in, can't wait using one

  • Is this offer available for attendees from non EU countries? Is there really a limitation that only EU/UK attendees can make the purchase?

  • nenbannenban

    Great, tnx MS.
    @DBegley Please make us clear about some things:

    * How about paying, how that will be organized?
    * Are there some card restrictions? Can I use Amex?
    * And I'm curios too, about shipping and additional costs/taxes like many others above

    Thank you in advance!

    Happy surfacing to everybody :D

  • Are you guys not joking , do you really have to queue up in a line like some crazy apple fan ?

    Isn't there an app for this ? 

    I mean , it's 2013 and this is Teched !

  • @starman:We will be standing in line for a bargain.. Not for overpriced stuff from that fruitstore..

    And if you don't want to stand in line.. Fine, don't get a Surface RT/Pro for really really really really cheap and less waiting for the rest of us Smiley

    But I'm also Curious @DBegeley about the shipping costs Smiley (in case you haven't noticed.. I'm not the only one.)

  • @TrueBlunder Tongue Out I think starman is right, let me click on a link somewhere, show me exactly what my price will be and get it delivered tomorrow, so I can bring the device to TechEd Big Smile


  • @johnBeUnder Wink Where's the fun in that.. It's part of the "experience" Wink 

  • Or we'll do it like this Smiley 

    Surface Waiting Line

  • Whit which types of credit cards you can buy the devices?

  • Oh yes!  Big Smile

  • This is a great offer!  I attended TechEd last year in Amsterdam and all we got was the backpack.  There wasn't even a free T-shirt inside!  Every year I watch the Build conference attendees coming back with their free devices (and I get that Microsoft need to get these devices in the hands of developers) but there are a ton of devs at TechEd too, plus IT Pro's who are great evangelists for Microsoft products.  But, in the absence of free devices, I'll take heavily discounted ones Smiley

  • Never thought I'd buy a Surface tablet that lacks 3G/4G/GPS, is quite heavy and has a too small battery but this offer helped changing my mind, and suddenly I will own two. Smiley

  • D. BegleyDBegley Technical ​Evangelist-​Events

    @pjbryantMadkpantosMadDomagojPaMadKlaus EnevoldsenMadpirateaiesMadAmbionixAtWorkMadAlejoLMadnenbanMadBlueThunder:

    In response to your questions:

    The devices will be shipped from Europe.

    Standard shipping is free.  Expedited shipping would be paid by the attendee. 

    The attendee is responsible for any local taxes.

  • @DBegley:Thank you! Smiley That's quite a relief Smiley 

  • MohamedMohamed

    I am interested about buying Surface Pro 128GB but you didn't mentioned if it is come with free touch cover like RT.

  • Great offer, i can't await to get both of surface. Thx

  • Awesome!! Looking forward to getting one of each.

  • This offer is fantastic - for developers who can afford to go to the conference.

    Could Microsoft extend this offer for MSDN subscribers?

  • TobiasTobias

    How many days will the standard shipping methon take? vs. Expedited? And how much will Expedited shipping cost?

  • Really awesome, thank you guys.
    Already got the place where we'll be able to buy it?

    Heard there will be no MS Retail Store, right?

  • What kind of keyboard layout is it on the touch cover?

  • Thank you! The fact they will be shipped from Europe makes a huge difference.

    This is a really great offer and I plan on buying one of each device. Hopefully now, they will end up in a lot of developers hands, and we will hopefully see a boost to the app store.



  • @Mohamed: At TechEd NA only the RT came with the Touch Cover, the Pro didn't come with a keyboard at all. 

  • Samuel GarciaSamuel Garcia

    And the Monday 24?

  • RolandRoland

    Is the same offer to be expected for people who attended the Lync Conference? I have consumed my conference budget for this year but would have liked to buy a Surface for this price.


    Great - I hope there will be a few queues.

  • Very good offer, just a shame we can't get them in time to take them to TechEd with us Sad

    Still, thanks Microsoft!

  • irfanirfan

    Xcellent offers MS.....but I get shipped to my Middle East address?

  • D. Begley says:

    • Same credit cards accepted as ordering from any Microsoft online store.
    • You choose from the language keyboards that are offered.



  • On the payment method: I just tested on Microsoft Store for Spain (https://www.microsoftstore.com/store) , and saw the following 3 credit cards : Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

    However, do not know if the store is the same worldwide.

  • Is it really so, that Surface arrives without the keyboard? If so, can it be order at the same time with special price? Smiley

    Also, are we able to upgrade that to the W81 when it is available, or is it so, that this hardware configure just not work with all W81 features? At start you have written that we can upgrade the W81 preview...

  • Lets hope they have enough in stock Smiley

  • fixfix

    Can we only have a keyboard for free :)

  • Super offer! Will def get both tablets Smiley

  • Will pre-paid cards (Visa/MasterCard) be accepted too?

  • @DBegley: how can we order the devices? Can this be done online, or do we have to stand in line? (I rather not want to modify my schedule & miss session to stand in line for a few hours)

  • Sean KearneySean Kearney


    The Windows 8.1 Upgrade (as was announced in TechEd NewOrleans) is free to Windows 8 owners (including RT)

    So a Surface Pro or Surface RT will be able to use the Windows 8.1 upgrade.

    Here's the official details on what 8.1 has to offer from Microsoft


  • Thank you!

  • Excellent, wasn't sure in the beginning if I was going to upgrade my RT, but I certainly am now !

    Would've been great to get it at the event, but then again I probably wouldn't be focused Smiley

  • is warranty available for these devices? how much is the expedite shipping?

  • Great news....was just abut to buy a new laptop, no need now...will have a Surface Pro soon!!


  • SurendranSurendran

    Great offer! Thanks for that Microsoft.

  • @SoQooL:Awesome, what a price crash!

  • Another question, HOW exactly can we get it? Is there a link to an online store or queuing somewhere at the event?

  • You'll get a voucher with a code and you can use that to purchase the surface online (I already registered and got my voucher).

  • Are we buying it on Microsoft Store site? What if Microsoft Store is not available in my country?

  • ohorvathohorvath

    Good question. What should I do with the voucher in Hungary? MS store is not available here and no shipping from other countries in Europe.

  • D. BegleyDBegley Technical ​Evangelist-​Events

    Have questions about the Surface offer? Stop by  Hall 8 starting Tuesday, 25 June and talk to a sales associate.

  • I got the voucher but can't complete the order because Greece is not on the list!

    Is there something we can do to complete the order please????

  • Where did u get the voucher GSimos ?





  • Cory IsaksonCory Isakson

    Got my offer Promo Codes from TechEd registration. I was able to order online and pick the country that I wanted. Since the dollar is weaker than the Euro and I have a US Mailing address I picked United States and got both devices for $99 and $399.

  • What about the delivery date in USA?

  • Why Latvia attendies can't purchase Surface Sad
  • @JulienD: When I registered they gave me the voucher Smiley

  • Christian HCChristian HC

    Does anybody have a voucher they aren´t going to use?

  • Any chances to see Russia in the list till Friday?

  • Luboslav LackoLuboslav Lacko

    This discount is unfortunately only for Western Europe. Participants from Eastern europe read posters with list of supported countries and swear

  • @Luboslav Lacko:where we can find this posters?

  • Mario Rottjersmariorottje​rs mario@cleve​rcloud.nl

    Sorry, user error, I was not signed in.  Blushing next try

    Anybody willing to supply me with a promo code? Pls mail to me privately.Thanks a million in advance

  • Android RulesAndroid Rules

    Unable to find my country listed and I was unable to purchase with discount.
    On coupon provided there is no mention of this geographical limitation.
    It's not right to separate customers (we all have given same amount for conference participation).
    MS must find solution for this discrimination.
    I have attempted to find one person representing MS on teched which has authority to provide answer to this issue and there is none present.

  • anyone have a code they don't want? please Private message me if so, I'd really appreciate it

  • I am from Greece and I am attendee of TechEd Europe. I get my voucher as all the others following the registration procedure. This is not fair at all. I am citizen of Europe and my country is a member of EU. My money are valid for the fee but not to purchase a surface?

  • Was just reading the Forbes Article 'Why You Want The Microsoft Surface Pro (And Why You Don't)'. (Couldn't attach the link here as this page reports the posting then as 'spam'.) Waiting for the response from where it is shipped (enormous tax costs and customs duties if from the US).

  • Poland is also exluded from delivery list. It's 40 000 000 people just in the middle of Europe! Part of EU. Wake up Microsoft!

  • Mario Rottjersmariorottje​rs mario@cleve​rcloud.nl

    Willing to order and ship for somebody with a valid code. Condition is I can keep one of the devices. Pls mail me for contact details

  • These country shipping limitations do not make any sense at all. We paid the full TechEd fee like all the others. Why are we being discrimated here? I'm from Malta and cannot make use of this deal. We're part of the EU so that shouldn't be a problem... even countries like China can ship here without any issues! 

    Why does Microsoft have a problem with half of europe then? Even if we try and use a shipping service and ship it back to our country... They're making it impossible to do so because they don't ship to PO Addresses and the like.

    Help on this matter is non existent at TechEd either... What a mess!

  • Anyone with a code that will no use?, Even for those in countries where Microsoft don't ship if they are interested to share a coupon, Whit expedite delivery i think that on Friday we could get the surface because I have a Spanish address in my company and I can receive parcels there.

  • Strange but there is no official answer what to do if U re not in western Europe. Guys from MS here say only something like "send it to your friend here" or "wait until your country appears in list". This can be interpreted like "we have no idea what to do". So everybody paid 2K euros for the teched but some delegates have less outcome from the conference.
  • We are also facing same issue.

    Microsoft is not offering shipping to India and it really hurts.

    Either Microsoft to provide some other alternate offers (on windows phone or so) or should do some solution to this.


  • frankfrank

    I Still looking for one Surface RT promo code, if anyone doesn't want it, or can't use it, i will be very grateful if he give me ! email me fran.bdn@hotmail.com thanks!

  • Looking for a Surface RT promo code, willing to give up my Surface Pro promo code in exchange. Reply here or twitter @BogdanPavlovicZ

  • Jermaine GJermaine G

    I'm in the UK, if anyone has a code which they are not going to use for either a RT or pro let me know and I will pay
    cash into your Paypal or we can arrange something. Clickview@hotmail.co.uk

  • D. BegleyDBegley Technical ​Evangelist-​Events

    Attendees from the following countries will be able to take advantage of the Surface discount offer later this year.  Microsoft will contact these attendees to let them know when the offer is live for their market.

    • Bulgaria
    • Cyprus
    • Czech Republic
    • Estonia
    • Greece
    • Hungary
    • Iceland
    • Latvia
    • Liechtenstein
    • Lithuania
    • Luxembourg
    • Malta
    • Poland
    • Romania
    • Slovakia
    • Slovenia
  • , DBegley wrote

    Attendees from the following countries will be able to take advantage of the Surface discount offer later this year.  Microsoft will contact these attendees to let them know when the offer is live for their market.

    • Bulgaria
    • Cyprus
    • Czech Republic
    • Estonia
    • Greece
    • Hungary
    • Iceland
    • Latvia
    • Liechtenstein
    • Lithuania
    • Luxembourg
    • Malta
    • Poland
    • Romania
    • Slovakia
    • Slovenia

    Good information!


  • @DBegley: And what about other countries?

  • D. BegleyDBegley Technical ​Evangelist-​Events

    @nbobuh: We currently do not have an official plan for other countries, but we will email you if one comes up.

  • ifyouwaitifyouwait

    So other countries are left on ice.... Great pr ms

  • Anyone want to sell their promo code contact me at dominion_99@hotmail.com, will pay via paypal.

  • Is the RT keyboard the same no meter to what country you send?



  • fossyfossy

    Any chance to order for germany or austria after the conference also ?

  • JackJack

    If anyone has a code for the UK for the RT or Pro I would be interested :)kwenchykup@ymail.com

  • alexalex

    @jack: any clue how to order now, as you want the code.
    thx for your help.

  • JackJack

    I'm guessing the link comes with the code or you make an account on the Teched site? Not too sure.

  • Ankur GuptaAnkur Gupta

    @DBegley : Please do let us know(or notify by email alert) when offer comes live for India customers.


  • I received my both Surface tables yesterday, they are great!!!!!!

    1,248€ of discount, Thanks Microsoft!!!!!


  • OhorvathOhorvath

    The promo code should work now or unused codes lost their validity after Teched? I'm asking because my friend didn't use his promo code as the shipment was not possible, however now we could order to another country if the code would be valid. Thanks.

  • MihaiMihai

    What does "later this year" mean ? In what month do you think the tablets will be shipped ?

  • samosamosamosamo

    What about France ? i can even buy a surface pro 128Gb for 500€ but not higter lol

  • Ankur GuptaAnkur Gupta

    Can Indian attendees still purchase Surface? Will the coupon code remain valid, if I purchase through Microsoft retail store in US?
    Would really appreciate for a quick reply.

    -Thanks in advance

  • MikeMike

    No surfaces in (almost) 4 months?

  • GeorgeGeorge

    Any news for the surface TechEd offer for the Greek Attendees???

  • I'm still waiting offer for Surface for Bulgarian Attendees Sad

  • KarelKarel

    Yesterday, I finally got the email with steps for ordering Surfaces to non supported countries (we need to use Microsoft Store in other country), but during checkout, I am getting this error: We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please contact customer service for assistance.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks, Karel.

  • JurajJuraj

    The same here.

  • for me the same

    Poland Mad

  • MichalMichal

    Hi Karel,
    After battling with Finnish I´ve encountered the same error. I´ve discussed it with the technical support on live-chat and they´ve said that there is some technical problem with Finnish Store and that I should try it again later.. However there might be a different reason - when I´ve added my credit card details, 21CZK had been blocked on my account. Perheaps that´s some kind of card verification and when this gets through, it might be possible to buy the Surface..


  • AndrejsAndrejs

    Hi All,

    Same problem, in all stores(Ireland, Netherlands, Finland. In my bank account blocked 1 euro and on MS store I see error: "We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please contact customer service for assistance."

    Latvia :(

  • Hello,

    RT devices on stock only in Finland, but "technical diff" and no way to solve it with chat.

    I also tried to order PRO version from 

    Belgium - Dutch

    But without a luck. Chat person was very polite and tried hard to order on my behalf, we talk 40min, but also without making the order.. 

    I also replied to the e-mail that sent me promo codes. Waiting for the answer.

    Something wrong with MS Store..





  • MichalMichal

    Well, Microsoft has apparently screwed this up big time.. Store is still "experiencing technical difficulties" and I have been advised to call Sales support on +358 800 523 121.. Anyone has had success yet?

  • After repeated tries and dozens of reserved entries in my credit card I ordered from Finland MS Store to deliver to Finland address and pay by Lithuanian Credit Card. However I failed to deliver to Finland PRO version from other stores (not possible to use a code for PRO on Finish store). I don't expect to work for Lithuania delivery (to much failed tries, and 80min of support contact on phone does not work)





  • MichalMichal

    Ok, after spending many hours on the Finnish store and talking to live chat support and even linking my PayPal account to my MS account (which didn´t work either), I have been able to place and order.. HOWEVER I have not reaceived any mail and when I look to my transaction history at commerce.microsoft.com I see that the 79,99€ has been immediately refunded.. HOWEVER I still see the order as being processed in the Finnish store so I have literally no idea if I have been successful or not.. this is pretty stressing experience :-(


    Czech Republic

  • Amit BansalAmit Bansal

    Hi Team,

    Please let me know, if participant from India can avail this offer?


  • MichalMichal

    Hi Amit,
    If you have the codes, you can try it and see for yourself. I´d just recommend using Google Chrome with it´s built-in translating service (if for some reason you don´t speak Finnish-RT or Dutch-PRO :D). Good Luck!


  • MichalMichal

    Ok, so here´s a little trick:
    On the page where you enter your promo code select SUOMI as shipping address! Then on the next page insert your correct shipping address including correct country and it *should* work :-)
    A colleague of mine has just succeeded using this little trick when ordering Surface RT to the Czech Republic.


  • Amit BansalAmit Bansal

    Thanks Michal.

    So it means, I have to order Surface from Finnish store and need to provide my India address to get it shipped.

    Please share link.


  • Amit BansalAmit Bansal

    Hi Michal,

    I tried it from Finnish store and applied promo code but it is not working for me. Showing "Invalid promo code" message.


  • Hi

    I ordered Pro from Niederland (10/12) and RT from Finland Store (12/12) and the status of both is still "In Process". No email about shipping.

    Anyone has similar experience ?

    Support doesn´t seem to try resolve it Sad. I contacted them many times but they only recommend  me to wait. Because "normaly" is shipping email generated next day and the same issue is with 2 orders, I suspect there is a system problem with my profile or VISA card.


  • MichalMichal


    I have the same problem as you describe..
    Order was placed on 12/12, paid using my MasterCard.. The payment has not been withdrawn yet nor I have received any further info from M$ and the order is still "In Process"
    Seriously, Microsoft has really f*cked this up..


  • MichalMichal

    At last, I have received my Surface RT :D It took more than a month and I had to do a new (assisted) order with local Microsoft store Technical Support, but somehow it has worked its magic XD


  • MichvMichv

    Mine the same. I noticed the differene in delivery address (MS guy wrote
    it separately although it is the same as invoice address. Then the shipping address was not listed on 1 line only as in the first case). So we had played a role of the first stage testers ;-)
    Now, in US you can buy the Pro in sale by the similar price.

    All the best

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