Ben Waggoner

This blog focuses on Silverlight from a media technology perspective. It also covers encoding in supported formats, particularly Windows Media and VC-1.
  • Best practices for Windows Media Encoder in 2009
  • Big Buck Bunny Smooth Streaming sample for download
  • "DV Show" podcast with David Trescot
  • Netflix’s Neil Hunt shares encoding workflow info
  • 8-way multithreading in Windows 7
  • The Hopefully Definitive "is VC-1 compatible with WMV 9?" FAQ
  • NAB 2009 Ben Waggoner Compression Party and booth schedule
  • Low Latency webcasting with Windows Media and Siverlight
  • My Silverlight 3 preview up at
  • Tutorial: Encoding screen recordings for Silverlight in VC-1 with Expression Encoder 2