ALM Summit 3

ALM Summit 3 keynotes and sessions provide deeper insight into the modern application lifecycle. Learn about industry best practices that address your development challenges, and how Microsoft's ALM solution can enable and support those best practices. In addition to keynotes from industry experts, ALM Summit 3 features four session tracks:


Lightning sessions are 15-minute talks that provide concise information.


  • Reimagining the Application Lifecycle
  • Agile Testing
  • Lean Startups, Demystified
  • Un-Managing Agile Teams
  • Agile 2.0: Software Development in the Era of the Open Graph
  • Agile Economics
  • Testing and Agile: The Team Approach
  • Testing for Continuous Delivery for Visual Studio 2012
  • Developer Task Switching Without Thrashing
  • Distributed Version Control for the Enterprise