Rob Hawthorne

With more than 15 years of direct IT experience, Rob brings a wealth of knowledge, skills and capabilities to his customers. He has worked for some very large internationally recognised consulting firms such as KPMG and Microsoft, as well as across many local and international markets, including Australia, Europe and the Americas. Rob has designed, architected, and delivered a breadth of solutions that exceed business requirements, and has provided a robust and solid platform for the future. Rob has also worked across many different industrial sectors, including Finance, Government, Retail and Software development. Some of his customers have been the largest global and local names, and include, Washington Mutual bank, AMP, IAG, ASB, New Zealand government and Microsoft Corporation. Rob is also an author, and has written a book on SQL Server, and many technical articles on SQL Server as well as a range of other topics. With a passion for technology, he has been able to provide all of his customers with the right solution for the right job.