LMAO -Yeah, and maybe if you pray to your imaginary friend up in the sky every day, he will actually help you. 

Anyone who says MSIL code cannot be decompiled has no idea what they are talking about.  Sure, it may obscure the code a little so you cannot tell what the variable names were before that the dev liked to use, but nonetheless all the code is right there in front of you to access. 

I love .Net and create websites in it everyday, but I would never release a commercial win app in it unless I did not care if people saw the source code.

I am in disbelief when I get a hold of commercial products that have been written in .Net.  I enjoy looking through their code and using what I like in my own programs.  It is a nice learning tool for me so I hope more companies like Adobe and the like put all their apps in .Net managed code. : )

Here is a simple idea to remember...

If it is created by a computer, it can be hacked/decompiled by a computer.

So that basically covers everything from native to managed code to anything that is encrypted or whatever.