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Removal of the DRM service in Vista is taking away your choice, not adding to it.


sorry.  um its taking away cpu cycles...

Dear God not this again...

The DRM support is not used at all until you play DRMed content. Until you do that, it's not active. It uses zero CPU cycles.

With Vista's DRM support you have a choice: either you use it, which means you can watch protected Bluray discs or what not. Or you don't use it, in which case it makes absolutely no difference that it is there.

Without Vista's DRM support there's no choice: you just can't play your content.

So how exactly is Vista's DRM support taking away choice?

There are a billion-and-one legitimate reasons to not like Vista (most of which I probably won't personally agree with, but they're still legitimate reasons). DRM isn't one of them.

Self proclaimed Vista DRM expert... Peter Gutmann... would appear to disagree.

He's at it again, taking to task ZDNet's George Ou.

Personally, I don't know sh1t about how Vista's internals work, as I suspect do most 99.999% of commentators. However, this appears to be another one of those sore-spots that MS is allowing to fester.