evildictaitor wrote:

In ASM a delegate is any memory length of n bits that is addressable
In C a delegate is a size_t, which is an int or long or long long depending on the processor size.
In C++ a delegate is not significantly changed from C, but it is type-checked at compile time.
In C# a delegate is a C++ function pointer which is (and I quote)
Delegates are roughly similar to function pointers in C++; however, delegates are type-safe and secure.

You can do the same trick with, for example, "a class" ("in ASM a class is a slab of memory".. etc.), doesn't make it true. A delegate, which is a C# concept, is only very superficially similar to a function pointer, but is really nothing like it. Like I explained, a delegate is a lexical closure, which is pretty isomorphic to classes (you can model one with the other). A function pointer is just a way of doing an indirect function call. Very, very different.

The fact that delegates are also type safe etc. is nice and all, but that's not the key difference.