ManipUni said:

I really like the new Doctor. He has the right mix of confidence and humour. We will have to see about his new companion, she is good eye candy, but I found her a little irritating. Overall a very good episode.


The only tiny thing I didn't like is the new internals of the Tardis. They are trying too hard to be different to the point of just making it look like a skip has been super-glued into a pile... Struggle to be believable as a machine. Also a new colour of Sonic Screwdriver? I thought the colour (blue) actually made it sonic as opposed to another type for other colours (e.g. Dr. Who lore?).

From someone who grew tired by the previous series, it was rather good - spectacular even. I'm glad Russell T Davies has his hands off the wheel, I took great issue with his writing style i.e. continual use of a deus ex machina to get out of a corner.