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LINQ is simply an abstraction layer on top of many different collection-based technologies, such as EF. EF is another abstraction layer on top of ADO.NET. You can keep use ADO.NET to your heart's content. It hasn't been removed. Microsoft is simply building tooling on top of existing technologies.

Exactly.  And while I haven't read everything Sobiesky said, the quoted sections make him seem like someone looking for his cheese.  Or worse, hoping those kids get off his lawn.

Devs are whiney little b*tches who demand new and better stuff every year, and then complain when that new and better stuff requires them to change.  Most of the new technologies were created to provide better or more efficient ways to develop useful software.   The demands of customers require that we multiply the efforts of a dev so that their time could be spent on the difficult problems, not how to lay the plumbing for a database query.

Same with Xaml.  Same with Silverlight.  Same with <insert new tech here>.

It sounds like half the more vocal members of c9 want to spend all day doing the same thing over and over and over again.  And what a surprise since these folks trot out the same tired arguments every time they can.