@Bass: Yeah, Tyson hit most of the deniers' arguments. It's pretty obvious that by burning fossil fuels (a.k.a. carbon trapped in the ground) that we're releasing more CO2 into the air than before.

I'm all for lowering pollution and moving away from fossil fuels. However, the real problem is finding a clean alternative source of energy that makes sense. Solar and wind take up way too much surface area relative to coal/gas/oil. Hydroelectric disrupts local ecosystems. Nuclear power produces waste that must be dealt with. Electric cars need rare earth metals in their battery cells.

Until we can capture and convert more of the sun's energy (like powering a modern sedan with just solar panels on the roof and hood), we will need to use less Earth-friendly sources of power.

@JohnAskew: Yeah, I think Seth McFarlane says "jump" and Fox says "how high?". I'm really surprised they agreed to broadcast the show, but I'm glad they did. It reaches a much wider audience on Fox than on PBS.