As with every iteration of a Microsoft product, what was "new and sleek" two years ago is "dated and cheesy now" (these phrases are always used when a UI change happens).  This is the new and sleek this year (mark my words, it will be dated and cheesy in 1 to 2 releases).

There is an extension you can get that will lower case the menus.  Just thank your respective deity that they left the menus and didn't migrate to the Ribbon.  The typical mantra is, when you don't add anything compelling, just move stuff around and then market it as new and streamlined (I mostly mean that, though VS2012 did add quiet a bit of support for new technologies so I personally give it a pass).  Office on the other hand, I don't think they've added anything in the last decade that I actually use or need.  I could be using Office 2000 personally.  Office upgrades have added nothing for me really other than having to find the new locations of buttons and menus that I previously knew the locations of (the one single exception for me personally is SharePoint integration).