, BitFlipper wrote

I'm confused... In Windows 7 I hit Win, then name of what I'm searching for and it shows up. I can even type Win, "eve" + Enter and Event Viewer runs. How is the Windows 8 search "1000% clearer" than that?

Because when I hit Win in Windows 7, a bunch of other 'start menu' functionality comes up that I don't need or want. 

BTW who said anything about search?

You did.  I don't recall saying the word 'search'. 

The point is that you choose the 'start menu' because you want to start something.  If it is something I use regularly, I'll pin it.  If not, then it's easier to 'search' for it using Win-s that to bring up the start menu and walk the various folder structures within.

Clutter is confusing.