, brian.​shapiro wrote


I understand people who think the Start Screen was a bad decision from a abstract standpoint -- saying it introduces incongruency, novices might not 'get' it, businesses would need retraining, etc..

What I don't understand is people who are good at computers, plenty capable of figuring out how things work, spending their effort turning it off. Its frustrating? Really? Its pretty damn easy.

Someone got frustrated quickly. Tongue Out  I don't like being taken out of context when I'm doing something and having the whole screen taken over.  I don't like having to scour through 3 or 4 different places trying to find settings.  I don't like hidden tiles I have to hover over or hover then slide up half the screen to find a button.  So ya, it is frustrating.  I found a way around it with 3rd party software and now it works exactly like I want it.  I now can have the best of both worlds, and why should that be a problem? 

And, I did figure it out and I didn't like it.  Figuring something out doesn't mean I have to prefer it that way.  There are plenty of things I can figure out I don't like.  Tongue Out