I have my fair share of complaints about Windows 8 that I feel are warranted and reasonable.  I gave it a fair shot, it frustrated me a lot.  That said, I have found 3rd party utilities that add or change the behavior of Windows that have taken away most of those frustrations and allowed me to use Windows 8 like it was Windows 7 and STILL have the ability to get into the Metro apps if I want (which is rare, but there are a few I do use).  In fact, some of the utilities are customizable enough that they allow me to pick and choose to do more easier than Windows 7 (I love the ability to choose and not have something I don't like forced on me if I want to stay current).

I'll leave the "Microsoft should have and still should" rant out, but there are software packages that have at least made Windows 8 work like I want it to work.