I disagree about the Facebook app which is awful (it's slow, even on wifi I dread seeing those little blocks slink across the screen, sometimes never stopping, they just slink in perpetuity like something is actually going to load, on the same wifi network, the iOS version has loaded 6 times over).  Of course, I'm probably not using the most updated FB app because I've been stranded on WP7.5 even though my device is capable of running 7.8 (I know, I've ranted about this one a lot but it still irks me that my only upgrade path is an unsupported install of it).


Apps that suck:

  • Facebook - The menu bar takes about about 1/3 of the screen because it includes an oversized "metro" news feed caption that takes up space then two rows of icon menus.. then, another 10% of the screen is taken up by the menu bar at the bottom.  Roughly 40-45% of the screen is used already leaving 55-60% for what I actually want to see.  On the iOS Version the menu bar takes up about 10% of the screen leaving 90% for content.
  • Netflix - Doesn't work for me on Windows 8 (gives me some some error like, hey, you just encountered W8156-8004B82E... great.. thanks) and doesn't work most of the time of WP7.5.  I use the iOS version all the time both on my iPod touch and my iPad.  Almost always works there.
  • Alarm - Sometimes it goes off, sometimes it doesn't.  Sometimes it goes off 4 minutes after it's supposed to, sometimes it goes off 10 minutes after it's supposed to, sometimes it goes off on time.  It's usually at least 1 minute late.  I don't know whether this is a software problem or a hardware problem. 

Apps I do like:

  • Lomogram - Obviously, it's playing off Instagram but it has some really cool effects that Instagram won't do.  There is an app for iOS called "snapseed" that is by far my favorite mobile photo editing program but this one is a close second.  They each do things the other won't.
  • Photo Enhancer - I think this is only available to HTC users.  It's a very simple quick photo enhancing app. 
  • Shazam - Works like it does on every other mobile device I've used it on.  Pretty legit between mobile OS's.
  • ShopSavvy - Scan a barcode and it tells you cheaper places in the area that have the same item.  This works Ok on WP, it works better on iOS.  The iOS version pulls back reviews, the WP version has a spot for it but never finds reviews.  I always wondered why no items had reviews that I scanned so when I had a friend who had an iPhone with me I had them scan items I also scanned.  Theirs worked, mine didn't.  It still found the competing prices though which at the lowest common denominator was want I really needed.
  • Messaging, Email and Calendar.  They all have worked flawlessly for the 2 years I've had this phone.  They even put timestamps next to every text message (iOS put timestamps next to text messages when it feels like it which is _very_ irritating).

Apps that I personally use on iOS that I can't get on WP (I'm not talking 3rd party hack apps that always stop working):

  • Instagram
  • Pandora
  • Snapchat
  • Snapseed
  • Flipboard
  • Garageband
  • Instapaper
  • Yahoo Sports or ESPN Sports (the WP versions are ghosts in comparison of features and info)
  • Google Voice
  • Words with Friends (they do have it now, but it crashes on my phone everytime I load it so for all intensive purposes it doesn't exist... a lot of reviews have a similar experience). 
  • YouTube (it works, it doesn't, it works, its blocked, can't keep up on the corporate chest puffing).