, Sven Groot wrote


The one on WP8 is completely different. It has pretty much the same UI as the Facebook apps on Android and iPhone (which I'm not a huge fan of because it doesn't fit in with the OS all that great, but it is functional). 

I'm glad to hear that.  Though it doesn't fit the same modern style, I do like that layout better.  I use the iOS version frequently on my iPod touch.  

, elmer wrote


Nokia 920: I have multiple alarms set, used on a daily basis. The only time they haven't activated precisely as set, is when the battery has run dead - which, unfortunately, happens too often.

I've suspected that it maybe hardware related.  The HTC Trophy has for the most part been very reliable other than the alarm.  My boss also 7.5, different phone and no problems.  The battery life has been excellent, even after two years.  Of course, I usually carry an iPod touch with me also and use it's apps when I"m somewhere that has wifi which offsets some of the battery usage I would have used.

I think I've decided to wait to make my next phone choice until my current phone dies or I just can't wait for a a "4G" network.  I"m kind of holding out for for and crossing my fingers for bluetooth keyboard support.