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Who is attending from the Benelux?!?!?! 4 by M6D4K by edelmott
Saturday, October 25 - anybody up for some early partying tonight? 0 by MSDNAndi by MSDNAndi
Looking for people running large scale linux-style systems on MS platform 0 by FrankPotthastRutz by FrankPotthastRutz
Country Drinks 0 by cjblue59 by cjblue59
Runners info 2 by RemkoN by ttheill
Who is going from the UK? 10 by M6D4K by greggy
How many from the Nordics are planning on attending? [ 1 2 ] 26 by FredrikNilsson by FredrikNilsson
Countdown Show intro - what song is it? 5 by Chocoholic by JeeWeetje
Who is attending from arabic developers? 0 by AhmedRashad by AhmedRashad
Which "Fira de Barcelona"? There is more than one! And "Nord" entrance really means "South-East". 11 by MichaelMoerenhout9 by MichaelMoerenhout9
Licensing questions 0 by iwindows by iwindows
#theKrewe Meet 'n Greet registration is open! 16 by FredrikNilsson by FredrikNilsson
Ch9 Event app? 16 by Eekey by FredrikNilsson
bar, restaurant recommendations 6 by iwindows by pjbryant
Office party announced 2 by FredrikNilsson by iwindows
who is attending from Ireland? North and south! 2 by joemcgrath by ACrotty
Have you checked out the TechEd Blog? 0 by FredrikNilsson by FredrikNilsson
Session Builder Problems 6 by VolkmarR by DBegley