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Who is going from the UK? 9 by M6D4K by Chris85
Who is attending from arabic developers? 0 by AhmedRashad by AhmedRashad
Which "Fira de Barcelona"? There is more than one! And "Nord" entrance really means "South-East". 11 by MichaelMoerenhout9 by MichaelMoerenhout9
Licensing questions 0 by iwindows by iwindows
Runners info 0 by RemkoN by RemkoN
Who is attending from the Benelux?!?!?! 2 by M6D4K by RemkoN
#theKrewe Meet 'n Greet registration is open! 16 by FredrikNilsson by FredrikNilsson
Ch9 Event app? 16 by Eekey by FredrikNilsson
bar, restaurant recommendations 6 by iwindows by pjbryant
Office party announced 2 by FredrikNilsson by iwindows
who is attending from Ireland? North and south! 2 by joemcgrath by ACrotty
Have you checked out the TechEd Blog? 0 by FredrikNilsson by FredrikNilsson
Session Builder Problems 6 by VolkmarR by DBegley
TechEd Europe 2014: PRC07 Hybrid Identity in a World of Consumerization 4 by DBegley by peteralbert110
Besides the great party on Sunday, there will be another one during the week... more information to be announced soon... 12 by PDetender by greggy
Data roaming in Barcelona 9 by CharlesMonk by AhmedRashad
Special offer for TechEd 2014 Barcelona 10 by Charity by ChrisMal
Follow the #TEE14Community tag on Twitter 0 by FredrikNilsson by FredrikNilsson