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free after party. lunch area between col H20 and H30 2 by cigolegnarts by cigolegnarts
$40 closing party ticket 0 by AHop by AHop
Selling RT and Pro 0 by henryhazot by henryhazot
closing party, Is it just another booze party? 2 by VERTIG0 by straffin
Closing Party Wristband Available 1 by dlooper by dlooper
Have multiple passes, $40 each 1 by straffin by straffin
Closing party ticket available. 2 by kltye by kltye
2 closing tickets available $40 each, OBO  727.433.1284 0 by FrankVerio by FrankVerio
Two closing part tickets available for -  80$ 0 by ArunV by ArunV
Willing to sell closing party ticket, $40 1 by buy_my_party_pass by iduican
Giving away party ticket 3 by TheDonMcKenzie by mscofield
Pro for sale 0 by Michaellally by Michaellally
Will trade Pro (unopened) for RT (unopened) + $400 cash 0 by Michaellally by Michaellally
Surface RT for trade for a pro 1 by jmares1 by Michaellally
Closing Party Ticket Available [ 1 2 ] 24 by seandavis by iduican
Why so many extra closing party tickets? 12 by DanielRatliff by MaresyDotes
Looking for an extra ticket for the party tonight 0 by iduican by iduican
Closing Party Ticket Available $50 1 by mtsammysam by MaresyDotes