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AndyC AndyC
  • Microsoft Planning 'Lower Rights' IE 7.0

    Buzza wrote:

    Umm and the difference between and executable running via sudo and natively at a shell ?

    Sudo forces you to re-authenticate for one. Perhaps more importantly, you only run tasks with elevated priviliges when you absolutely have to.

    You can do the same under Windows with LUAs and RunAs, it's just not quite as transparent to Joe Public.

  • Microsoft Planning 'Lower Rights' IE 7.0

    Buzza wrote:

    How can you enable root (if root is disabled) to install software, a RPM for instance?

    a) You don't usually need to. Everything is done via sudo (or an equivalent GUI tool) - instead of root privileges, accounts are given permission to run sudo.

    b) On the Mac, in NetInfo Manager, though nobody usualy does. I can't speak for Linux as I've not used a distro in years.

  • Microsoft Planning 'Lower Rights' IE 7.0

    Buzza wrote:

    What a load of crap - everyone - unless in a locked down organisation would run as root, just as everyone runs as administrator in windows.

    On the contrary, Linux distributions generally make it incredibly difficult to run as root (Mac OS X goes one step further and actually disables root by default)

    This is one of the things that *nix based OS do better than Windows (mainly due to the history of their development)

  • Coolest Microsoft Software Ever!!!

    I didn't try the WUS beta, although I did have a brief play the WSUS public beta, which seems pretty close to the final product.

    Compared to the awkwardness of SUS, it's awesome. It's taken me the best part of a day to get it working (my fault as my server was locked down a little too tightly!) and watching all my machines appear in nice little groups automatically is mesmerising.

    The reporting features look super cool too. Finally an end to trawling IIS logs!

    I am a happy bunny today, nothing can disappoint me - even the fact my bookshelf just collapsed under the weight of all my reference books!

  • Coolest Microsoft Software Ever!!!

    WSUS rocks.

    Thank you Microsoft. Smiley

  • $1 Amnesty for Pirated Software

    W3bbo wrote:

    Look, its quite clear that Longhorn will contain DRM that limits what we can and cannot do with our computers.

    Note that that PPT is straight from Microsoft's own website. If this is FUD, then I dread to think what FrontPage 2000's EULA is.

    The PPT is not FUD, your misinterpretation of what it means is.

    Longhorn will contain functionality which allows copyright owners to restrict the usage of their copyrighted material. If you don't like that, it's the media owners you should direct your complaints at, not those implementing the functionality required by the spec.

    The alternative is that Longhorn is unable to play back that media at all. The HD-DVD and Blu-ray specs will require that any device capable of playing back the discs has this kind of protection on it, simple as that.

    It's no different from the current requirement of DVD playback devices to support Macrovision.

    Macs will have this too.

  • Microsoft Planning 'Lower Rights' IE 7.0

    W3bbo wrote:

    Firefox runs with the default account rights and I haven't had any problems with its security

    By "default" do you mean, Administrative?

    If not, then haven't you noticed that the auto-update is broken for LUAs?

  • Intel + Apple = Good or Bad for Microsoft

    keeron wrote:

    Among all this fun and crazy stuff, as a windows user and a fan, what I'd like to know and learn is how Microsoft is going to go about using the PowerPC platform?

    I believe it's called X-Box 360.

    Now that Apple are ditching PowerPC there aren't going to be any mainstream PowerPC boxes on sale (aside from consoles) so, if anything, it would make even less sense to start selling Windows for PowerPC now than ever before.

  • Apple on Intel, Who wins?

    W3bbo wrote:

    Since Itanium2 (IA-64) is VLIW, it's supposidly "better" than RISC, so this might just work...

    Contrary to what they like to teach students there isn't an obvious VLIW > RISC > CISC type progression. Indeed as memory becomes significantly slower than CPUs there is an argument that CISC > RISC.

    Unfortunately the ADC site appears to have gone down so I can't get any more details from there (and I'm not sure I remember my Apple login anyway...)

  • Apple on Intel, Who wins?

    W3bbo wrote:

    PPC is RISC, and as we all know, RISC > CISC

    "the simplest solution is the best"

    Intel seem to have proven otherwise.