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Bas Bas It finds lightbulbs.
  • Blue or White?

    It's not, though. It changes despite the circumstances staying the same. I left the picture open on my PC for a few hours and sometimes when I walked by it was white, and sometimes it was blue. It's pretty cool. 

  • The new 2019

    , BitFlipper wrote

    Who ever came up with the stupid idea that transparent displays would ever be a good idea?

    They're a good idea in AR devices. Also I've used a transparent display in a display case where the image on the display had to obscure/reveal the product inside.

    In a traditional desktop scenario though? Ugh.

  • The new 2019

    Awesome. Now we just need much, much thinner hardware. Is that obtainable in five to ten years?

  • New Digital Viewmaster

    I don't really get the problem. Looking around in the world outside is awesome. Now we can also look around at stuff we can't see in the world outside. That's awesome!

  • What the win 10 titlebar means for your phone

    The problem with feedback, of course, is that most people are idiots. If program managers decide based on user feedback, they'll just move the spartan address bar to the bottom and not bother with the other menus, because the uservoice item for spartan specifically has 2000 more votes than the one that covers "all menus and navigation buttons". Then there are probably dozens of similar suggestions with only a couple hundred votes from people who didn't bother to check if the suggestion already existed. Then there's straight up impractical nonsense like "allow an option to activate/deactivate features that existed in previous versions of the os but have since been removed", which has five times the number of votes any of the UI ones have, or suggestions from marketing gurus who just know the phones are going to sell way better if they have "Lumia" written on them rather than "Microsoft".

    Frankly, feedback is a mess. I can't imagine anybody making any decisions based upon this nonsense.

  • What the win 10 titlebar means for your phone

    Use all the official feedback channels to try and stop it. It's the single dumbest thing about Windows 10. I don't understand how this ever happened in iOS and Android in the first place, let alone how a stupid design decision like that got copied into Windows.

    The good news: people at Microsoft aren't happy about the design either and want to change it, but are prevented from doing so by their program managers until the official feedback reflects the complaints.

    Use either the Windows Feedback app on the phone or post feedback here

  • Windows 10 for Windows Phones

    I gotta say, the screenshots I've seen of the preview so far look disastrous. The UI is all over the place. Old WP8.1 dialog screens, new Windows 10 dialog screens, dialogs with five different seemingly random font sizes, and then there's one crazy dialog with toggle buttons that are completely different from anything else in the OS. Also the settings app looks great when you open it and see the categories but as soon as you pick one it's just the same damned list of unordered nonsense that it has always been again.

    I know it's early days, but.. is it? If past experience is anything to go by, we're still going to be seeing WP7 UI elements in there five years from now.

  • Windows 10 on Rasberry Pi 2

    @Blue Ink: I wonder how this works if you run Windows. If you could use it as a way more powerful Netduino, that'd be great.

  • Windows 10 on Rasberry Pi 2

    I was tempted to get one, but I figured I'd better just wait until Windows 10 is out and get the Pi 2 second hand somewhere for next to nothing. Somebody is bound to get bored after a few months.

  • HoloLens UI is a better approach than GG.

    I'm not always in public.