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Bas Bas It finds lightbulbs.
  • Is there an API for Xbox One Xeets with the update?

    I think of tweets by Xenu.

  • Green mass murder.

    How many birds are dying as a result of the production of fossil fuels?

  • I dont find the App store that bad what about the rest of the Niners Community

    The store is pretty terrible.

  • new lumia wish.

    I want this to happen to everything. I can't believe that after all these years we're still dealing with those damned connectors that will only go in after you've turned them around twice.

  • Windows 9: lose Charms bar, add virtual desktops

    No it's not. Alt+tab goes back to the previous app you had open, just like swiping from left to right goes back to the previous app you had open and flipping through a book left to right lets you go back to previous pages.

    Reverse alt+tab is like closing a book and then starting over, right to left, from one page to the next.

    So in a way, you just pointed out that it's even more intuitive if you know how alt+tab and shift+alt+tab works.

  • Windows 9: lose Charms bar, add virtual desktops

    , magicalclick wrote

    To flip an app, just do it like you are flipping the page from right to left. Kinda obvious as most books does this. Only Chinese textbook is flipping from left to right, and it is likely already fixes by following western standard. I can't understand why all the control positions are counter intuitive. Innovation that counter every thing we do? Doesn't make any sense.

    Interesting. I actually find flipping from left to right more intuitive because of the way books work. If I swipe to switch apps, I'm trying to flip back to an app I used before (otherwise it wouldn't be open), so I flip from left to right, just like you would when you want to flip to a previous page in a book.

  • Windows 9: lose Charms bar, add virtual desktops

    I've never had much use for multiple desktops, but I suppose it could serve as a poor man's multimonitor substitute. I might even use it that way.

    No love lost for the charms bar on the desktop. Search and share are a good idea but it's so underutilised, ugh. It's still a great shortcut on touch devices though. Especially on touch tables which often lack a physical Windows button.

    What I would like to see: a way to toggle it on or off based on how you're using your convertible. I have a Dell XPS12 for work, and I'd love to see the charms bar disappear when I'm using it as a laptop, but become available again as soon as I flip the screen back and use the device in tablet mode.

  • Finally WP8,1 GDR1 FOLDER!!!!

    Just installed it. The folders are nice, but nothing world-changing. Still, I'm more likely to pin websites and office documents to the start screen now... Before I felt that they'd take up too much space, but this way they're only two taps away while taking up only the space of a small tile.. Awesome.

    I haven't seen any changes from IE's new user agent string though... except some websites suddenly telling me that they have an app for my Android or iOS device.

    Settings are still a ridiculous disaster. Although 8.1's search functionality helps there.

    Now, interactive live tiles. Get cracking, Microsoft.

  • I finally tried Oculus Rift

    @Proton2: Unless they're mostly CG, which a lot of movies already are.

    That said: I don't think the VR hype will take off. It'll take off more than it did in the 90's but I doubt it'll amount to much more than a niche in the next 10 years. Everybody is always complaining about having to wear flimsy lightweight glasses for two hours in the cinema, let alone on 3D TVs at home. I don't see people rejecting those and opting for huge face-covering helmets instead.

  • Do you use Linux?

    , Bass wrote


    You might want to use something lighter then Chromium. There is a ARMv6 optimized port of "the web browser formally known as Epiphany" (now just called "Web Browser") you might want to look into.



    Thanks, I'll check that out.