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Bas Bas It finds lightbulbs.
  • Windows 10 mystery: World, Human, and Stereo Head Mounted Display

    Couldn't this be general VR support for WinRT apps? The Windows. namespaces suggest WinRT, to me. The non-specific "StereoHeadMountedDisplay" moniker suggests to me that this should work for all VR glasses?

    Great find!

  • Congratulat​ions! "Gadget of the Year"

    @davewill: but... there's an SSD in there. Also it's demonstrably fine.

  • Just another "thank god it's a Nokia" moment

    @cbae: alas, it's the power button in the actual phone. The super small one. The case isn't the problem.

    Apparently opening up the phone and wedging some plastic between it and the back of the phone can remedy this. I'll try it as soon as I can find a size 6 torx driver.

  • Just another "thank god it's a Nokia" moment

    The power button on my 620 came loose after about ten months of use. I can still wake it by double tapping but now have to wait for it to lock itself after a minute of doing nothing before I can put it back in my pocket. And then the rattling power button will occasionally turn it on in my pocket and mess with my start screen. I'm... not too impressed with the build quality. Although at that price, eh.

  • Fear of new Windows ways.

    , magicalclick wrote


    Trying to be political correct weren't you? That's all you guys can do in the end. I am not going to debate it. It is pointless. You go ahead and share that with your boss and your test members.


    It's interesting that whenever somebody points out that you made a wrong assumption, you instantly complain about "the culture" of this forum and refuse to debate it further.

  • Fear of new Windows ways.

    Did you enable the fast update track?

  • Does your smartphone have GPS?

    aGPS is not some marketing buzzword. GPS reveivers initially require a strong signal to get an initial fix on their position. That can be hard due to trees, buildings, atmospheric conditions, etc and as such, will take a long time or won't be possible. Assisted GPS fixes that by using a data connection to look up, among other things, orbital data, which the GPS receiver can then use to get that initial fix more easily.

    There's no conspiracy or marketing vaguaries to disguise the fact that it is not "real" GPS: the GPS in your phone is genuine GPS, assisted by aGPS to improve the time-to-first-fix.

  • I hope the Windows 10 preview start menu is seriously unfinished

    Regarding the slowness, is this running on a vm or on actual hardware?

  • Solar energy technology advancement

    , spivonious wrote

    @Bas: It's gone "terrible" twice in 60 years. Chernobyl was an antiquated design run by untrained workers. A wooden containment building??

    Fukushima was subject to a severe 9.0 earthquake which cut off external power supply, and a massive 15m tsunami which cut off the backup diesel generators. Not a likely combination of events to occur in the United States.

    Three Mile Island had a partial meltdown and was completely contained. On a clear day I can see the steam from the still operating cooling tower. Most people in the area are fine with it being there and the also nearby Peach Bottom nuclear plant.

    This supports everything I said.

  • Solar energy technology advancement

    Nuclear is great until it goes wrong, and that's when it's terrible. At the same time, if we want safer nuclear power, we'll need to keep developing it, and we do that by building more unsafe plants. It's a sort of Catch 22.