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Bas Bas It finds lightbulbs.
  • Windows 9: lose Charms bar, add virtual desktops

    I've never had much use for multiple desktops, but I suppose it could serve as a poor man's multimonitor substitute. I might even use it that way.

    No love lost for the charms bar on the desktop. Search and share are a good idea but it's so underutilised, ugh. It's still a great shortcut on touch devices though. Especially on touch tables which often lack a physical Windows button.

    What I would like to see: a way to toggle it on or off based on how you're using your convertible. I have a Dell XPS12 for work, and I'd love to see the charms bar disappear when I'm using it as a laptop, but become available again as soon as I flip the screen back and use the device in tablet mode.

  • Finally WP8,1 GDR1 FOLDER!!!!

    Just installed it. The folders are nice, but nothing world-changing. Still, I'm more likely to pin websites and office documents to the start screen now... Before I felt that they'd take up too much space, but this way they're only two taps away while taking up only the space of a small tile.. Awesome.

    I haven't seen any changes from IE's new user agent string though... except some websites suddenly telling me that they have an app for my Android or iOS device.

    Settings are still a ridiculous disaster. Although 8.1's search functionality helps there.

    Now, interactive live tiles. Get cracking, Microsoft.

  • I finally tried Oculus Rift

    @Proton2: Unless they're mostly CG, which a lot of movies already are.

    That said: I don't think the VR hype will take off. It'll take off more than it did in the 90's but I doubt it'll amount to much more than a niche in the next 10 years. Everybody is always complaining about having to wear flimsy lightweight glasses for two hours in the cinema, let alone on 3D TVs at home. I don't see people rejecting those and opting for huge face-covering helmets instead.

  • Do you use Linux?

    , Bass wrote


    You might want to use something lighter then Chromium. There is a ARMv6 optimized port of "the web browser formally known as Epiphany" (now just called "Web Browser") you might want to look into.



    Thanks, I'll check that out.

  • Something punched hole in Russia

    It's the mother of all sarlacc pits!

  • Do you use Linux?

    Apart from random consumer hardware that runs it, I currently only use linux professionally via the Raspberry Pi. We need the cheapest possible hardware to display soms web pages, and the pi seemed a logical choice. Currently running Raspbian.

    Off-topic: the internet hugely oversold the pi's performance. Even if you set it up to only run Chromium and display a pretty simple website, it's slow to the point of being unusable.

  • Improving the development process at a small startup

    , vesuvius wrote

    @Bas: We offshore some work to India, and I am now very cautious as I never feel I get a full days work from them as they are juggling other clients all the time.

    Most of your problems will boil down to how good your developers are. I always tend to go for experienced developers that don't need their hand holding, guys that come in and get the job done. Most .NET code has a shelf life of 5 years, unlike COBOL systems where your have the same code running for 30 years, so resist the urge to over-engineer, or being too fastidious about quality which 9 times out of 10 you get from using design patterns and best practices

    I don't think there is an elegant solution to your problem, as most of the issues are requirements that are ill spec'ed out, and because you are agile, it allows the customer to change their mind every few iterations. Most of your problems will go away if you get comprehensive requirements from the outset, with good coders you can just about get on with it as they take most of the pressure away.

    I am customer facing and to be honest, as nice as most customers are, they take a lot of time and effort to placate, keep happy and extract requirements. Getting someone good and dedicated to dealing with customers will free you all up to concentrate on engineering.

    Thanks for the suggestions. With the sort of stuff we do though (which, without going into details, is in the creative/cultural/experimental zone) I don't think it's really feasible to get a good set of comprehensive requirements beforehand.

    Getting someone who is good at dealing with customers to deal with customers is great advice though. I guess that this will be my second hiring suggestion, after a dedicated tester.

  • Microsoft Layoffs

    , TexasToast wrote



    Oof. Hard to tell sometimes though.

  • Improving the development process at a small startup

    That chicken and pigs line might as well be Greek to me. Can anyone explain?

  • Microsoft Layoffs

    , TexasToast wrote

    They are dropping the group making the Android Nokia phone.   I bet they had some spy walking around the campus taking notes on who was using a Android or iPhone or iPad and they were put on the layoff list.  They want loyalty at Microsoft.

    Can't tell if serious...