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Bas Bas It finds lightbulbs.
  • It's called...

    @bondsbw: the concept video had a dialog box (with a "don't ask me again" checkbox) for that, so it looks like it's at least on their radar. It was only about tablet/desktop switching though. I want to see it do this on a phone and switch to phone UI and back before I get excited.

  • It's called...

    , spivonious wrote

    The Continuum thing isn't in the preview, but it sounded like the UI would be dynamic. Phone gets phone UI, plug it into a docking station and you get the desktop UI.

    I'd be super-excited if that happens. I'm not getting my hopes up until I see it demonstrated on a video though.

  • RoomAlive, or "IllumiRoom 2.0" (plus: Mano-A-Mano)

    Mano-A-Mano looks cool in the video, but so did Johnny Chung Lee's wiimote experiments, the firephone, iOS's 3D backgrounds and other perspective projection tricks, but it never looks anything like it in real life, unless you keep one eye closed the whole time. If you only use one eye (or a single camera lens), your brain sort of fills in the missing depth information. If you use both eyes, you see the depth and all you get to see in that ball-tossing demo is a picture of a ball sliding across your floor, table, and the person in front of you.


    RooomAlive just seems kind of gimmicky and convoluted. I saw way more potential in the IllumiRoom demo.

  • Windows 10 Preview (Download Link - 1st Oct )

    Has anyone tried running the preview from a bootable VHD? I'm wondering if that still works.

  • It's called...

    , cbae wrote


    I actually expect phones to be running x86 in the near future.

    I expect it to be more common too. If that happens, nothing will stand in the way of my "plug a screen and mouse into your phone and hello desktop with all x86 apps" dream.

  • Ah, that explains it.

    Wait, is there an API call that returns the version as "Windows [whatever]"? I'd imagine it'd just return the version number, not the product name?

  • Channel 9 officially dead?

    I don't recall a huge focus on developer content when Windows 7 and 8 came out, but I do remember them being at least mentioned on the front page, with dev content to follow.

  • It's called...

    I have no doubt that it'll run on phones and future ARM tablets. I'm just doubting that current Windows RT tablets will get updated.

  • Start Screen improvements I'd like to see

    I like the vertically stackable groups, but I'm not a fan of staggering tiles. That just seems like it would be a pain to actually get tiles to go in the right spot and would end up similar to this:

    At least with the current system, you can still fill it with crap but it won't be complete chaos.

    I'm not a fan of the pattern backgrounds either. That seems like a lot of complexity for something you could do yourself (and more customizeable) by setting a jpeg background image and setting the text color for the menu.

    Grouped background colors sound like a great idea, I hope that makes it in.

  • Windows 10 Start Screen

    , evildictait​or wrote

    The reality is that Windows 10 now looks and feels like a slightly clunky, slower version of Windows 7 with the added feature that a lot of what you type into the shell now gets keylogged and sent up to Bing for special tracking^b^b^b^b^b^b^b Internet enhanced search experience!


    Or you just, you know, switch that off.