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Bas Bas It finds lightbulbs.
  • Best of //build/

    @spivonious: The cloud and Office stuff was super boring if you don't develop for azure or office. The good stuff came right after that.

  • Best of //build/



    Ha, no seriously, that was awesome. That iOS and Android stuff running on Windows was cool. I also loved that very same continuum stuff (although I was slightly dissapointed that the apps weren't windowed... or can they be?) and Hololens was amazing, as expected. The robot demo was neat, but my favorite was the "slap this app on the wall, and have the video follow me as I walk away" demo.

    I was wondering what the hell was going on with Terry Myerson, though. At some point he was flubbing every sentence that came out of his mouth. Drog and drap?

  • Android Apps to run on Windows Phone

    , cheong wrote


    Using Bluetooth/NFC to transfer contact list, etc. is pretty standard for phones now

    Ugh, I hope not. All my contacts and stuff are in the cloud. I don't want to mess around with bluetooth connections that never work anymore, or even require the old phone to still exist. A new phone should just grab my stuff after I sign in somewhere.

  • Android Apps to run on Windows Phone

    , cheong wrote

    Btw, even if they want to support Android App on WP10, they'll have to make sure there is smooth way to port the settings from Android Phone to there.

    For users that uses Android for years, losing all settings like friend list can be painful. For games, they'll probably freak out if they found there is no way to connect back to their original game account.

    Since most, if not all, Android Apps are written without the mindset it'll ever run on WinPhone, Microsoft have to plan for them if they're going to support this.


    Don't most apps use some sort of external cloud storage service for settings though? Why wouldn't the windows version be able to grab the settings from, say, Google Drive?

  • Android Apps to run on Windows Phone

    Exactly what I was thinking. I doubt you'll just get an Amazon-like Android app store on WP. It'll probably just be "supply your android package to the Windows store, get a Windows version of that app." So it'll still require devs to take action, which will still limit the appeal to Android devs. I can't see my local cable company supplying their app to the Windows Store. They have trouble enough adding a page about public wifi instructions for WP to their website.

    I don't get Paul Thurrot's doom and gloom. He says Android apps on Windows would be a defeat and make Windows irrelevant, and the reason he gives for this reasoning is... they'll look ugly? Seriously?

  • just tried the iWatch.

    , magicalclick wrote


    I think you should try it first. Because they can make the chrome scroll able, but, that will only confuse the user because scrolling a chrome is not easy and the distinction is not as distinctive than the obvious knob. And I want to reiterate precision. You can scroll using the touch screen, but, knob is so much more precise.

    I'd say sliding your finger along the side is easier than grabbing hold of a tiny know and fiddling with it. People managed the scroll wheel on ipods too, right?

     But yeah, I guess I'll have to try it.

  • just tried the iWatch.

    But why a knob? Why not put a strip on the chrome of the watch itself and get rid of the knob?

  • just tried the iWatch.

    I still don't get the knob. (I feel physically ill every time I read the name Apple has given to it, so I'll call it "the knob.") Those knobs are fiddly and cumbersome, but you only use those knobs on normal watches a couple of times, either to wind it or to set the time. Why mimic that as a general input method? Why not just use a touch strip on the sides?

  • asp.net V5 will there also be a .Net V5 release coming?

    Maybe I'm weird, but I'm already annoyed when I have to go through the cycle of "Type classname, notice red squiggly line, look up nuget package name, install nuget package, add using, continue typing" whenever I want to use something. I'm not looking forward to doing that every time I want to use a class from a namespace I haven't used yet.

  • Would you like fries with that?

    Yes, worth it. The original WP design was awesome and worked, but that's clearly not enough to get market share. I doubt the hamburger will do it, but I won't fault them for trying.