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Bas Bas It finds lightbulbs.
  • Please fix Vista.....

    It's not about restarting, that doesn't help. The reminders won't pop up at all. Not until you actually start Windows Calendar. Which renders them useless, because if you have Windows Calendar open you don't need to be reminded of them, seeing how you can see them right there on the calendar.

    The whole idea of reminders is that you don't have to check the calendar manually every day to see if something is coming up.

  • Please fix Vista.....

    If you set a reminder, the calendar/reminder service will eventually crash, failing to notify you of any reminders until you actually start the app manually.

  • Please fix Vista.....

    I'll second Windows Calendar. It's beyond me how it could have shipped with such a huge error in it. Also, how there's no patch for it yet, seeing how it's been out since november. The calendar is completely useless like this.

  • Prison vs. Work :)

    Yeah, the one reason I haven't comitted to my new career choice yet is the fact that I've seen Office Space. Tongue Out

  • New Zunes.

    PaoloM wrote:
    What's odd is that last week a guy here showed me his Toshiba Gigabeat S30.

    That is one awesome device. The MCE/WMP synching is incredible. I'm suddenly less inclined to wait and see what is going to happen over here at the end of the year...

    Does it come in brown? Tongue Out

  • DX9 on Vista

    Hmm, I didn't realise DX9 gets updated bimonthly nowadays. That's probably it, thanks!

  • New Zunes.

    So, what with the recent Zune threads, this might be interesting. Information was leaked about two new Zunes coming out this year: a Zune 2.0, and a smaller, thinner, flash based Zune. Will this mysterious Zune 2.0 support, oh, say, WiFi syncing/buying, and WMP11 support? Who knows. And what, exactly, will come out in Europe at the end of the year? This potentially awesome New Zune, or the surplus batch of Old Zunes that didn't sell in the US?

  • DX9 on Vista

    I've always understood that DirectX9 and DirectX10 were running side-by-side on Windows Vista. Recently, however, I tried installing a game (Splinter Cell Double Agent) which amusingly told me that my current version of DirectX (DX10) was too old, and that I needed a more recent version like DX9. Tongue Out

    Amusing as that is, I was under the impression that Vista shipped with DX9 and DX10. I figured it was just an issue with the SC: DA installer, but just now a friend told me that Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars told him the same thing, and that he has to download DX9.

    So.. what is up with that? Does Vista ship with DX9 or not? And if some game requires you to install it, will it run side by side with DX10?

  • Bloody Office WGA!!! It has bugs!

    You're volunteering to beta test. You're not entitled to anything. Anything you get is a courtesy, not a compensation.

  • Draft Blogger's Code of Conduct

    Jaz wrote:
     Apart from some people in the IT industry, who has heard of Jimbo Wales and Tim O'reilly?

    This is very off-topic, but am I the only one who always thinks "The Outlaw Jimbo Wales" when seeing his name somewhere?