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Bas Bas It finds lightbulbs.
  • 20GB PS3 ​discontinue​d. Time for Microsoft to drop the 360 price?

    I'd say it's always a good time to drop the 360 prices, but that's my consumer-side talking.

    Business-wise, I'm not so sure. If the 20GB PS3 is discontinued, that means that even the most expensive 360 is now cheapear than the PS3. They already have the cheapest console on the market. Not counting the Wii, but they're not really competing with the Wii. I'm not sure that's much incentive for them to drop the price.

    Also, they just announced the Elite, and named a price. So that one isn't dropping. And if they drop the Core and Premium prices, the Elite will only seem more expensive.

  • Leopard delayed until October...

    Taking engineers off the Leopard team for the iPhone? That seems like a bad call.

  • The Death of UI Consistency ?'s

    DigitalDud wrote:
    Applications should only have similar UIs if they perform similar tasks.  You shouldn't force consistency when it doesn't have any practical use.  If your program doesn't need a status bar, don't put one in.

    True, but it helps a great deal if users know instinctively that they can close the application by pressing the red button with the x at the top right of the window, or for instance, how to use the keyboard to give a combobox focus and select an item from the list.

    ScanIAm wrote:
    I still have trouble finding rarely used stuff in IE7 because they moved everything around. 

    I hear a lot of people have trouble with IE7's differing UI. That always perplexes me, because within the first five minutes of using it I realized where everything was. Printing and favorites are in plain sight, and if I want to do something with the page, I click page. If I want to do something else, I click Tools. I don't know how they could've made it more clear without crowding the clean UI with stuff.

    The only thing that annoys me is that the Add Favorites button is next to the Favorites button, and not inside the Favorites window that pops out. Every single time I want to add a favorite, I open the favorites window, and then realize that I should've clicked the other button.

  • .net passport service down?

    I hope furiously that they got scared by my ranting and that they're updating the service to support account merging.

  • The Death of UI Consistency ?'s

    It'll sort itself out after a little while, undoubtedly. People will go crazy on all sorts of whacky interfaces, but eventually they'll realize that users need to know exactly how a certain UI element works intuitively. And you need a certain level of consistency for that. Eventually, we'll get a good mix of consistency and design.

  • Please fix Vista.....

    Hmm, I'll have to try that too, didn't use the calendar gadget yet.

    You say you had that too. Does that mean you found a fix? I tried deleting the folder in scheduled task as suggested by others, but that doesn't work for me.

    The most frustrating thing about this is that nobody from Microsoft seems to want to comment on the issue.

  • DX9 on Vista

    After grabbing the latest version of DX9, it worked, yeah.

  • Please fix Vista.....

    A quick Google tells me that this is -very- repro. Tongue Out

  • Please fix Vista.....

    It's not about restarting, that doesn't help. The reminders won't pop up at all. Not until you actually start Windows Calendar. Which renders them useless, because if you have Windows Calendar open you don't need to be reminded of them, seeing how you can see them right there on the calendar.

    The whole idea of reminders is that you don't have to check the calendar manually every day to see if something is coming up.

  • Please fix Vista.....

    If you set a reminder, the calendar/reminder service will eventually crash, failing to notify you of any reminders until you actually start the app manually.