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Bas Bas It finds lightbulbs.
  • Microsoft sued for patent violation over ASP.NET

    emet wrote:
    Bas wrote: Yet another nonsensical patent that further emphasises the need for companies like Microsoft to patent that sort of stuff themselves out of defense.

    LOL, like Microsoft doesn't already do that?

    Where did I say that they don't? That was my whole point.

  • Microsoft sued for patent violation over ASP.NET

    Yet another nonsensical patent that further emphasises the need for companies like Microsoft to patent that sort of stuff themselves out of defense.

    stevo_ wrote:
    Will fall on its (I need to watch my language) faster than a fat (I need to watch my language) who sat down too fast.

    I always wondered about that. How does sitting down too fast cause one to fall over? I mean, getting up too fast, sure, but once you're sitting, you're pretty safe from falling down.

  • Hacker cracks Mac, earns himself $10,000

    Lloyd_Humph wrote:
    Can we just make it clear that hacking is not what everyone thinks it is!!

    Language isn't words and definitions written in stone. Words can take on a different meaning over time, and that has happened with the word 'hackers'.

    Take, for example, the word 'geek'. It can easily be applied to most peopl here, but that doesn't mean we all perform morbid acts in sideshow carnivals for a living.

  • Visual Studio Express futures

    Dan wrote:
    QuickWatch is built into Visual Basic Express, it should have been in C# Express actually. Class Designer is not in Visual Studio Orcas Express, but we do have LINQ to SQL which allows you to visualize classes (not exactly the same as CD).

    That's too bad, but still, not a huge drawback. So is QuickWatch going to be in C# Orcas Express? Or, for that matter, in all Orcas Express editions?

    Dan wrote:
    Here's a promo video of NASA Worldwind and I wouldn't call it "trivial."

    That's fantastic.

    I just remembered another feature I miss: attach to process. Granted, this isn't really a beginner/hobbyist feature, but if you want to create, for instance, a Sidebar Gadget, you'll want to be able to debug the JavaScript. There's no way to do that in the express editions, since you can't attach to the sidebar process, making gadget development nearly impossible for Express users.

  • Firefox needs my permission to continue.

    BlackTiger wrote:
    Randolpho wrote: 
    BlackTiger wrote: Just disable UAC.

    Stupid advice like that is the reason there are so many zombies in the PC world these days.

    Just for info. "Zombies" are running XP/2000/98, not Vista.

    He said advice like that. If we all follow your foolish advice to turn off UAC, in a few years the zombies will be on Vista.

    BlackTiger wrote:
    "I'm running UAC and I'm 100% protected" - is a very dangerous lie.

    Good thing nobody ever said that, then.

  • Trusting IE again

    I use it as the default on all my PC's. Before that, I used IE6. I find that if you know what you're doing, it's very hard to get burned by IE6's security issues.

  • Visual Studio Express futures

    ben2004uk wrote:
    Just wondering, what are the features you use most in Pro which are not available in Express?

    Quickwatch and Class Designer. I really miss those when I use express. But I wouldn't dismiss it as crippled because it misses those.

  • New Vista drivers from nVidia

    Dr Herbie wrote:

    I have installed them and they seem to work just fine -- the flash when UAC comes up seems to be gone

    Hmm, I still have the UAC flash.

  • I know its ​"​naughty&quo​t; and my schools ​tech-go-to-​guy better not be here but...

    What on earth is up with your spacing?

  • YouTube flagging

    Also, if a bot signs up and starts flagging, it might be easy for YouTube to undo all that user's actions. If the automatic abuse is done by an anonymous user... good luck restoring the damage.

    Not sure if that is actually the reason, but that's the first thing that popped into my head.