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Bas Bas It finds lightbulbs.
  • Microsoft to Launch answer to Adobe Flash Player Tonight!

    Spinning it around a bit: would Linux users care about Silverlight support for their platform if it was built by Microsoft? I've got a sneaking suspicion that they'd rather embrace a 3rd party solution than one from Microsoft that did the same thing.

  • Silverlight! Save internet video

    Rossj wrote:
    Bas wrote: If I'm not mistaken, Silverlight supports WMV playback on OSX.

    The Feb CTP also brings two of my macs to their knees.  It takes a long time to load any of the C9 WPF/E samples and locks up Safari in the meantime

    This is obviously gonna be ironed out before release, but currently makes it an absolute nightmare to use.

    That's unfortunate. Did it not occur on your other macs, or did you just try it on the two?

  • Goodbye WPF/E, Hello Silverlight

    Rossj wrote:
    We've had this before .... say C9 switched to using only silverlight for delivering content - you are no longer able to evangelise to Linux developers as they can no longer watch the videos. It was bad enough when they were almost unviewable on OSX ...

    The whole point of evangelism is to show people what is available to make their job easier, should you joing their group.  How can you do this with Linux users/developers if they can't see what you are talking about?

    Good point, but that's not a reason for Silverlight to need linux support. That's a reason for C9 to use other methods of content delivery than just Silverlight. If Silverlight was an evangelism-tool, sure.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see it supported on as many platforms as possible. After OSX, Linux is a pretty obvious choice of platform to support. But I'm wondering why it 'needs' support. To become succesful? To be used at all? What?

    Also, I'm kind of amazed that whenever the 'linux rocks/sucks because...' argument pops up, the standard answer is alway "Wine solves everything." So why doesn't Wine solve everything in this case?

    Anyway, whole different argument.

  • Silverlight! Save internet video

    If I'm not mistaken, Silverlight supports WMV playback on OSX. So we're at least partway there.

  • Goodbye WPF/E, Hello Silverlight

    jamie wrote:
    ...needs linux support

    For what does it 'need' it?

  • Goodbye WPF/E, Hello Silverlight

    Rossj wrote:
    eagle wrote: Did you notice it's going to be cross-platform as in we love the Mac.

    The biggest problem with actually getting it installed there though, is having a killer app that people are willing to install the plugin for.  Flash has such a headstart in terms of installations that if it is only used for small trivial apps then why would anyone go to the trouble of installing it.

    Excellent point. Fortunately the installer is only 1MB, but there still needs to be a reason for people to install it. What it seems to have going for it, though, is that it may relate to Flash as ASP.NET 2 relates to PHP. You can probably create the same stuff with both, but it looks to be a lot better suited to complicated stuff.
    I may be proven completely wrong on this, but what I'm imagining so far is British Library/London Tube apps for Silverlight, and loads of games/movies, in other words hobbyist stuff, for Flash. Note that both are very important for market penetration.

  • CD Ripping = And extention on an old thread with similar topic |DVD Ripping

    By the way, does anyone know if it is possible to add ripped DVD's to the WMP11 Library? I can add them to VMC with the ShowGallery registry hack, but I can't seem to find a way to get them added to WMP.

  • Microsoft pressures testers after software leak

    How does that apply to this situation, sirhomer?

  • Microsoft pressures testers after software leak

    Perfectly acceptable. If everybody has to suffer because of one guy who leaks stuff, so be it.

    What puzzles me is how they know it's an MVP whose name contains "Richard", but they don't know who it is. I mean, where did they get the name "Richard", and why would that be his real name?

  • Playing DVD's in WMP11 does not stretch to full width of the screen.

    I've been experimenting with ripping my DVD collection to WHS and playing them from both Media Center and WMP11. I notice that in Windows Media player, if I play one of the ripped DVD's, I can't get it to go to full-screen mode by doubleclicking the video. Alt+Enter however, does work.

    What's worse though is that when I play it in full screen mode, it doesn't actually stretch the video to the full width of the screen, the way it does with every other video file. Does anyone know why that might be?

    Mysteriously, this -does- work when I place the actual DVD in the drive. It's just when playing from the VIDEO_TS folder that it doesn't stretch proberly.

    When I play the ripped DVD in Windows Media Player Classic, it works fine, so I don't think it's the ripped files. Also, this is on Windows XP. If I try Media Center or WMP11 on Vista, it works fine as well. It's just WMP11 on XP that messes it up.

    Any ideas?