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Bas Bas It finds lightbulbs.
  • do we change by rating?

    Sampy wrote:
    We have plenty of ideas and thoughts we are kicking around. Rather than air them here before we have made them into real ideas and not lunchtime banter, I'd rather just get some opinions on vague concepts. I'm not talking about specific implementations of these or saying that we're doing them, just looking for thoughts.


    1. A simple Signal vs. Noise rating for a thread.

    2. As above but Niners contribute via voting but moderators apply the final label. No digg style count is listed
    Not too sure about mods applying the final label. It could prevent abuse, but it could also be read as 'OMG Micro$oft silences teh critics!'
    I definitely agree about not listing the count/votes/whatever. These should be input for the forum software, not something the users should judge threads, themselves or others by.

    3. User ratings based on Signal posts they've made. No penalty for noise posts; carrot but no stick.
    Interesting idea, but that would basically mean that someone who only trolls would remain on the same level as a starry-eyed new user. In other words, there would be no way to get rid of trolls since they'd be just as visible as new users.

    4. User rankings based in part on coffeehouse chat but based more on other activities: posting sandbox samples, answering techoff questions, contributing to the wiki, etc.
    Despite being guilty of only hanging around in the coffeehouse, I like this idea. However, there's a similar danger as in point 3, because non-contributing trolls would remain on the same visible level as new users.

  • Windows Home Server: 2400 bugs reported... (WTF)

    I agree with you that the software quality landscape as a whole needs to drastically improve, but...

    BlackTiger wrote:
    15% of fixed bug-o-features only!!! That is really annoying.

    ...read the posts above.

  • Microsofts new HD Photo codec.

    someone wrote:
    Can you develop a read/write plugin for Paint.NET?

    Seconded, sorta. It'd be awesome if someone added HD Photo support to Paint.NET.

  • do we change by rating?

    Instinctively, I'd have to disagree with a rating system, but my instincts usually suck, and possibly, being a smaller community it might be that we don't run into any issues that massive places like slashdot or digg have.

    I'd like to make two feature requests, though. (bugs!!) First of all: don't show ratings. The ratings should only be there as a way for the system to judge if it should hide/collapse/destroy a post. Showing it to users makes little sense. Also, if users can see ratings, it might lead to the digg effect and change posting behavior because people want to vote with the masses.

    Also, this would prevent a possible 'rating whine thread' phenomenon.

    Secondly: weighted ratings. In other words, votes by people with high ratings count more than votes by people with low ratings. This sounds sort of Orwellian, but it would mean that trolls will be unable to do any damage with the rating system, because if corona_coder wanted to upvote roaxfb's threads, he'd be unable to influence baxorf's vote by more than a fraction, because his own rating would be too low. You'd have to have gained yourself a positive reputation before you'd be able to effectively up- or downvote people. That way, only the valued community members decide.

    Oh, and thirdly, just for Rory and foxbar: call the ratings "levels"  and make it possible to lose 10,000 of them.

  • The Natural ergonomic Keyboard- does it really work???

    Shouldn't you, as a chiropractor, be telling us if it really works? Tongue Out

  • Windows Home Server: 2400 bugs reported... (WTF)

    I sumbitted one punctuation issue (fixed), one iconography issue (still open), one 'traditional' bug (still open), another 'bug' that later turned out to be due to unrelated networking issues, and two feature requests.

    The feature requests are probably left for 3rd party developers or future versions as they are pretty intensive. The iconography thing (an 'error' icon whereI feel should be an 'information' icon), they may disagree with and won't fix. Suppose my other bug will get fixed too, that means only 33% of my reported bugs got fixed, but at the same time everything will be fine.

    In other words: those numbers mean nothing.

  • Tagging Errors in Vista.  Help?

    Could you try copying one of the problem photo's to your Vista install-disk and trying again on that copy?

  • because you can't see through an Apple.

    brian.shapiro wrote:
    I wouldn't wear either. I don't wear shirts with company logos on them. Usually, my shirts don't have anything on them.

    But a white, solid Apple logo on a black hoodie is more simple to wear on an article of clothing than a multi-colored windows orb with the word Windows under it.

    If some Apple geek wore a shirt with an old rainbow Apple logo , with the word MacOS in the old official (ugly) Apple font, it would look just as bad.

    The Windows logo looks better than that, its still good, just the version you used doesn't particularly look good in the middle of a shirt.

    That's a good point. I think that a white, solid XP flag on a black shirt/hoodie would look nice, too. You know, like the windows key on black keyboards.

  • when you type in www.​msdn3.com what happens....

    RoyalSchrubber wrote:
    Bas wrote: 
    RoyalSchrubber wrote: 
    Like we have always been such a lovely family... When they do those things, well they deserve to be labeled as they.

    Who is this 'we' of which you speak? If Microsoft concerned itself with Microsoft, and Linux people concerned themselves with Linux, and not with each other, and if the users all concerned themselves with the software they liked to use, none of this would happen.

    By we I meant Linux and Windows users (us plus they, damit).
    And if you didn't start with all that us and they, maybe none of this conversation would happen. Go back and check it - you started it. Before your post, nobody referred to Linux and Windows users as they and us.
    Also in all those posts I was referring with they all those individuals with overdeveloped taste for black humor.

    Oh noes, I started it?

    I'm not even going to explain this anymore. Maybe you should complain a bit more about it.

  • Linux - even the ads are copied

    sirhomer wrote:
    Bas wrote: There are lots of Linux/Mac users here who don't get attacked when they come here. So the fact that you use a certain type of software can be ruled out of the 'why am I attacked' equation.

    Attacking people is rude no matter who you are attacking.

    You must've misread, I'm not disputing the fact that it's rude, I'm helping determine the reason of these attacks.