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Bas Bas It finds lightbulbs.
  • Laugh Etiquette?

    Sven Groot wrote:
    I tend to use heh or lol.

    Note that "lol" is a Dutch word which means "fun".

    And anyone who has ever used a calculator knows that lol + lol = hihi, right?

  • BREAKING: Two exclusives in two days -On10.net

    I can't watch the videos where I am currently, but did they mention anything about a European release?

    I really wish they offered it in the standard white, though. That black is just.. no.

  • Is YouTube dying a slow death?

    It is indeed taking annoyingly long to load videos nowadays, but I figure that's more a sign of YouTube's succes than their demise. Unless they can't keep up with the bandwith demands.

    But yeah, they almost never seem to be able to stream them fast enough to start playing immediately anymore. I usually have to pause videos right away and just do something until it loads, because this constant pausing is incredibly annoying. For informative videos, it just makes you lose track, and for comedy videos it ruins the comic timing.

    I always download C9 videos for the exact same reason, by the way.

  • Who's going to MIX07?

    Yeah, Tech-ed was great when I went there in Amsterdam 7 years ago, but as blowdart stated, it usually consists of european speakers. The best thing we've had here for a while was a one-day VS2005 event that had Scott Guthrie as a speaker, but that was just the one thing.

    I'd love to see stuff like PDC or Mix cross over to other parts of the world. And I'm pretty sure that Americans who get sent to such events every year wouldn't mind a few trans-oceanic trips either.

  • Who's going to MIX07?

    Here's a thought: host some of these events in other countries occasionally, so that the other 95% of the world has a fair chance to go sometime.

  • Why Hang Out On Channel 9?

    fdisk wrote:

    Here it is.

    My last post.

    I liked this place once. Now, I don't know anymore. But, as a final act of kindness, I will remove myself from the community. No longer will you have to worry about annoying little posts from open minded people. If you post after this post, I won't reply. And PaoloM, grow up. Charles, keep up the great marketing work. Rory, you are funnier than Scoble, and thankfully, you've recognized there is more to life than Microsoft (despite what they tell you in their memos I'm sure).

    Didn't you already say goodbye two pages ago? Anyway, better get to work creating your alt, now!

  • Windows Vista Sales

    Wait, so what about all those stories that it sold 'a bit poorer' than XP and such? Did these figures get lost in the mail or something?

  • Why Hang Out On Channel 9?

    fdisk wrote:
    Stop replying to me!

    Stop checking back to see if people replied.

  • Why Hang Out On Channel 9?

    fdisk wrote:
    PaoloM wrote: So, how come you can resort to personal insults and I can't? The usual double standard applies or what?
    Alright, maybe my comment was a little too over the top. But why is everybody attacking my commentary? I point out some facts about how things could be improved around here, and as usual, the discussion gets steamrolled by those with a hidden agenda. Marketing has its place in commerce, we all can agree on that, right?

    Weren't you leaving?

    Anyway, if you look back, you'll notice that the thread was going just fine until you felt the need to comment on the apparent stupidity of the community:

    fdisk wrote:
    I really can't think of anything positive to say anymore, and that's the main issue here. It gets old, too, when a Microsoft person posts here, and the community thinks it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. Now, you'll have a completely Microsoft-centric community all to yourselves!

    I'd say that it was you who initiated the steamrolling, correct?

  • Why Hang Out On Channel 9?

    fdisk wrote:
    I thought, for a time, that I could talk some sense into the populace here. That doesn't seem possible. For as gifted as some people probably are here, there seems to be a shortage of critical thinking skills, and that's sad. You guys are a marketer's dream group...

    I have now seen the light. I was wrong to come here and enjoy reading these threads. I should have been bitter and angry about this marketing tool. But now that you in your divine wisdom, basically spelt it out for me, I realised that I need to be disappointed in the stupidity of other people and post about it, repeatedly, while making hollow threats about leaving.

    You guys are all marketing tools! I'm leaving this place.