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  • Docker on Windows Server

    , fanbaby wrote

    From reading the above thread, I gather there won't be any magic of having Linux apps running on windows without a VM (current docker setup on windows runs Linux in a VM), or Windows apps running on Linux.

    So basically this announcement means there will be a new way of running Windows apps in containers on Windows servers.

    So containers will have OS dependencies now? :S If that is the case, it kills one of the major advantages of containers. A container should be able to run on any container host without any needing any knowledge of the nature of the container host! That's literally how they sold Docker. You make a container on your workstation, you can copy and paste it anywhere and it'll run. That's the whole damn point!

    Docker for Windows already does this. The trick is it virtualizes a very small Linux system behind the scenes, but it is entirely transparent to the user. The result though is you can run any container from the Docker registry on Windows.

    It would make more sense for Microsoft to add Linux API support, or at least fast-path/low overhead mode to virtualizing Linux on Windows so that it can run any Docker container, but.. that's probably getting too friendly with Linux to happen. :)

  • Docker on Windows Server

    But you can already use Docker on Windows (including non-server editions). It virtualizes a lightweight Linux operating system, but I don't see how you can get around that.

  • No more need for developers (that means you)

    , Charles wrote

    Software developers will not be automated away anytime soon...

    These types of tools aren't new and their purpose is not to replace developers, but rather to empower non-developers with the ability to make software themselves in a relatively narrow domain....

    If anything, we need more developers in the world, not less. Given the amount of problems there are and will be that need to be solved with software (by digital craftspeople who can design and build material solutions from abstraction), simple UI-based app construction tools are a teardrop in the ocean of complexity we face...

    Keep learning, keep hacking, keep thinking.


    Exactly! It confuses me when people on our field think like that. Software/computer science touches everything. Medicine, physics, astronomy, biology, business/finance, construction, agriculture, transportation, arts, entertainment, education, all stages of the supply chain (resource extraction, logistics, manufacturing, retail). True story: Yesterday I stumbled on a company that makes and sells spices and even they are hiring computer folk as a large % of their openings.

    I mean, there is literally nothing in the human endeavor that we don't in some way touch. And if you don't see computer scientists there, it's not because it's we are not useful there, it's because we are completely spread thin. There is so much we can do and not enough people to do it..

    Until I can point at any object in my house (including the house itself) and confidently say that thing was made exclusively by machines and technology (unless I explicitly want something to be human made) - we still have stuff to do.

  • Ebola spreads to USA

    @Dr Herbie:

    Yes, but the nurse probably was taking far more precautions then usual for her job considering it's ........... Ebola.

    I'm just saying that it's probably pretty damn contagious compared to what is typically found in a hospital for this to happen, mistakes or not.

    Few seem to question despite all these claims of being difficult to acquire, Ebola is a BSL-4 contagion. Researchers handling highly controlled samples nonetheless use space suits with their own air supply to handle this virus. Why is that? I thought it's not horribly contiguous?

    I would not go into a room with a person actively hacking blood and vomit on every surface teeming with live Ebola wearing BSL-2/BSL-3 gear. CDC says that was fine for this nurse. I'd want the same stuff CDC uses to handle Ebola. CDC researchers themselves wouldn't touch it with anything less then in BSL-4 hardcore lab and protocol (even if it was just in a vial under a vent).

    Previous outbreaks seemed to spread and kill very quickly. That's why it didn't spread further, it was too good at spreading, wiping out the entire village or so, so it couldn't become a pandemic. This time though, it's got away.

    If CDC wants to continue blame the health worker, they should put their life where their mouths are and demote Ebola to BSL-2 (of course, they have advanced training, so they will never catch Ebola right?), or stop pretending like this is a trivial virus to contain. The mixed messages comparing it to HIV/AIDS is not helpful either. HIV kills tens of millions, if Ebola has any chance of doing that we better do something serious about it now.. before it's time to get concerned. Because once it is truly time to panic, it will be too late.

  • Ebola spreads to USA


  • Ebola spreads to USA

    Ebola spreads in the USA


    She was in hardcore hazmat clothing. Nobody is sure exactly how it spread.

    Sorry, but I think they've been downplaying the hell out of this disease. And, maybe that is changing. CDC director says Ebola is positioned to be the world's next AIDS.


    It's acceptable to panic now. =:O

  • No more need for developers (that means you)

    Why would I be concerned? The point of computer science is not to make a living doing the same thing over and over, the point of computer science is to permanently advance technology, towards creating a world where making a living is not necessary.

    If my current work is to be made obsolete by technology, I would simply move to an area of computer science in which human labor is still relevant, until well, we've taken the field to the limits of human ingenuity.

  • Night at Central

    With Florida though even a small voter fraud could change the course of the entire election.

  • It's called...

    Intel processors on vanilla smartphones (not even tablets - smartphones) is a real possibility in the not too distant feature. Huge amount of their engineering efforts in the last few years involved making x86 competitive with ARM in heat and power usage. I would not expect these machines to have performance par with desktop machines though.

  • They might have well said...

    For the record, I don't think Windows 8 was all that awful (relative to other versions of Windows, of course). Unnecessary, yes. Awful, no. Unnecessary in the sense that I can't find any compelling reasons to use it over like Windows 7. Windows 10 looks like a more compelling upgrade because it changes less about Windows 7, while improving the core and UI in smaller less complicated ways. I think it has the potential to replace Windows 7 as the "enterprise" Windows, over glacial time of course. Windows 8 does not, it will be largely skipped like Vista.