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Bass Bass Knows the way the wind is flowing.
  • Netbook vs. Chromebook (part deux)

    Actually it's more something like "your computer is insecure, press space to correct" which makes it basically impossible to lend your dev mode Chromebook to anyone without them wiping any custom OS you put on it if you forget to tell them not to press space, and they might anyway. I'm talking from experience here. :'(

  • Netbook vs. Chromebook (part deux)

    , evildictait​or wrote


    1) Enable dev mode
    2) rm -rf /etc

    Right you have to enable dev mode, which is also trivially possible to disable to revert back to the previous state. When you are in dev mode and you start up a Chromebook, for 30 seconds on boot (completely wrecking the "fast boot" niceity too, btw), the thing says "hey, you are in dev mode! if this is wrong, press the space bar." Yes, really, the space bar. There is no "are you sure?" either, it completely wipes your Chromebook the moment you press that space bar, accidentally or otherwise. If you install a different OS, all your files, and everything are gone as Chromebook reverts to its original state.

    There are hardware hacks to avoid this, but even they aren't perfect for many Chromebooks. This is actually my biggest compliant with Chromebook: it's hard to alter, even if you want to.

  • Netbook vs. Chromebook (part deux)

    , TheJoe wrote

    Not all netbooks are chromebooks but all chromebooks are netbooks.

    If Chromebook Pixel is a netbook, then I want me some netbook. :)

  • Netbook vs. Chromebook (part deux)

    , cbae wrote


    I suppose it's possible to "screw up your system" through the registry, but I don't think it's particularly easy to do so since the most important registry keys are protected by permissions.

    Hmm, lets start by wiping everything under current user's mapped HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

    Wait, are you still there? :D

  • Netbook vs. Chromebook (part deux)

    , Sven Groot wrote

     What, and screwing up your system by mucking with stuff in /etc is not easy?

    How do I delete /etc on my Chromebook? :)

  • Netbook vs. Chromebook (part deux)


    The problem is not the idea of a registry, but that you can screw up your system by changing it.


  • Netbook vs. Chromebook (part deux)

    , cbae wrote


    Chromebooks have conf files scattered across the file system.

    Unless you go into dev mode (which quite annoyingly.. a lot of Chromebooks, like my own, make this somewhat difficult to achieve), you don't see any filesystem. ChromeOS's security mode make the OS immutable, user settings are on a special part of the FS and encrypted - not trivial to mess with.

    All you see in ChromeOS is the Chrome web browser, and something like two extra settings on the settings panel (wifi, wallpaper background) that don't exist in the one you download for a 3rd party OS.

  • Netbook vs. Chromebook (part deux)


    Interesting. I have a Chromebook and yes, it is literally just Chrome. However, I end up using it more then any other laptop I've ever had. Chromebooks run only one application - Chrome. But they run it really, really well.

  • My take on "Apple day"

    I'm sure the Microsoft Watch is coming. Microsoft needs to follow the latest trends - after everyone else.

  • Apple exemplifies everything that's wrong with Silicon Valley

    It also routes you around traffic accidents. That's surprise traffic. There is really no doubt that using GPS can save you time, but I don't use it for commuting. And it has definitely burned me before with surprise traffic due to wrecks. [I just realized that Google Now notifies you of traffic without having to open up any app. :) Probably should start taking advantage of that.]