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Bass Bass Knows the way the wind is flowing.
  • love this bit on the angular web site

    There is strawmen here. Nobody was ever under any illusion that web development is the pinnacle of UI development. Angular has been around for awhile, this is not exactly news that the whole point of Angular is to make it easier to develop stateful web applications. That's literally what it was made for.

    Actually, Angular is pretty * awesome - it takes component-based design above and beyond WinForms and Swing can do, in that the wiring between component behavior does not require explicit event handling (perhaps XAML/WPF is that way too, I don't know enough about it). Too bad Google pretty much killed the massive momentum that was building behind Angular. :'(

    But it is not the only such framework that does that either (KnockoutJS, Ember). And get this, were going even further now. Web Components and Shadow DOM can be considered new web technology that implements the philosophy of frameworks like Angular natively in the web browser, and it can be polyfilled in older browsers. What now? Huh? Huh?

    It's already pretty hard to justify developing fat clients, but it will only get harder. Deal with it. :)

  • Hackers trick coffee machine into making ​uncopyright​ed coffee


    Oh no! Unauthorized coffee?? Send in the black helicopters!

  • 1 is not enough

    Too bad sir. It was a private key of a BitCoin address with over million dollars as well as a smoking gun proof that Obama is a reptilian.

  • What the leader of the free world does to improve his image

    , JohnAskew wrote

    Republicans are denying him use of the build server... here we go again...

    Even worse, with our luck Republicans will now pass a bill banning coding or otherwise * us over in some way. Thanks Obama!

  • Programming Gangsta Style

    , figuerres wrote

    I think the teaching is a good idea in general.

    coding while locked up -- not so sure.

    the issues have to do with the idea that someone could find a way to add some form of malware / back door etc... to the system and someone on the outside could say for example get money via the hole and possibly get access to other data / systems.

    at a prior job we had to watch of users finding an exploit in our systems in part due to the hours they had with the system and that it dealt with money.

    small flaws can expose a system to large exploits ... really huge ones some times but even if you just get say $5.00 a week it can add up over a year or two.

    They aren't networked. Also, these people are doing things like learning to program tic-tac-toe.

  • Artificial intelligence could end mankind

    , kettch wrote

    With so many potential differences between a possible AI and humans, will we even know when we've succeeded?

    This. I like it better then the Turing test. Of course it requires an AI that also happens to have the ability to improve itself.

  • Microsoft patent strategy backfires

    , cheong wrote

    @figuerres: No. I think Bass is suggesting that B&N should have better prepared in their bargaining power in order to make better deals (such as "cross-licensing deal" instead of just "licensing deal") with Microsoft. Nothing like "revenge" is shown there.

    Yeah. I mean you don't see IBM and Microsoft suing each other. Both companies have tons of patents and tons of products, I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find mutual violations. You don't have much power if you can't retaliate. This is the essence of MAD.

  • Microsoft patent strategy backfires

    B&N was at a disadvantage because they don't have MAD (mutually assured destruction). MAD is defined by how many fucked up broad patents you have in your portfolio. Most large tech companies have some. You can't survive without them.

    What B&N should have done is bought some of these patents (there are lots of them) and beat Microsoft over the head with them until they agree to a "cross-licensing deal" instead of just a "licensing deal".

  • Artificial intelligence could end mankind

    , vesuvius wrote


    So this really is a philosophical dilemma, whether to use AI to assist us in the world, or for it as a replacement for us?

    Maybe Art, Beauty and similar qualities are just here to help us pass the time by, since we take too long to evolve biologically, as the only thing that matters in life is mutation and evolution that is the objective 

    I have a more optimistic view of AI (naturally) in that it won't replace us but enhance our own intelligence. Kinda a like how a car takes you places faster. Cars don't replace humans. AI will assist us to discover solutions to problems that are too hard for our primitive little monkey brains[1] to comprehend, perhaps the problem of the limitation of the monkey brain itself.

    We are more sentimental about intelligence because we aren't the biggest or strongest or fastest animal out there, but as far as we know we are the smartest and having anything out there that could outcompete us feels outrageous. :)



  • Artificial intelligence could end mankind

    Hmm. I don't recall ever saying that here. But I agree with it. AI is the solution to everything. Since all scientific advancements ultimately originate from intelligence there is really barely any other field besides artificial intelligence worth advancing. By virtue of working on AI, you advance everything at the same time.

    Anyway I don't disagree with Hawking and of course he's not the only high profile person warning about AI (Hawking's warning is more conservative compared to Elon Musk). AI is definitely the biggest threat to humanity, a nuclear winter would still have some chance of allowing some humans in some remote part of the world with some rare mutations to survive better in radiation, it's not completely unlikely. But a superintelligent AI that is hostile to humanity would end humanity wholly and completely and literally no defense would be effective.

    It's a risk. But the only alternative is for humanity to forever be a barely evolved monkey on dying speck of dust in this vast cosmos. A benevolent superintelligent AI can take us to a technological singularity in a few years from now at best or really at worst a few decades time.