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Bass Bass Knows the way the wind is flowing.
  • So apparently WP7 does not do ​multitaskin​g...the question is, do we care?

    The lack of multitasking is okay now, because Microsoft did it.

  • Fonts for the web - now! ;)

    jamie said:
    toth3max said:



    so ... ie9 marketing.


    what this time... the web easier again?  better parental controls?  a few more bizzare web snippet holders?


    why not - IE9 - 500 fonts - the new internet!


    ...or something like that Smiley



    edit:  900 fonts!  Wink

    This problem of limited fonts has already been solved


    Go to the following site with basically any web browser other then Internet Explorer:




    IE9 will probably support font embedding in this manner.


  • The BigO notation.

    Matthew van Eerde said:
    algorith said:

    Heh.  Yeah.


    Q: What is the complexity of the following algorithm: Step 1.:

    A: (interrupting) it's O(A(n, n)) where A(...) is the Ackermann function.

    The big O of Ackermann's function is still upper bounded. Smiley


    If you really want to cover your bases, all you got to say is O()


    That would even include undecidable algorithms.

  • Ubuntu running on a HD2

    W3bbo said:

    I'm confused, he says it "runs through heret(?)-dot-exe". Is that some kind of virtualisation or thin-client system or something?


    If so, this really is nothing special, move along.


    EDIT: Ah, it's HaRET.exe, which is a Linux bootloader for CE-type devices.


    Colour me impressed then Smiley

    I think with some tweaking, this might actually be useful. The theme needs to be changed (bigger buttons/fonts), and Ubuntu Netbook Remix would be better suited as a base for such a small screen size. If drivers for the radio were written, I could see the HD2 being popular with Linux enthusiasts (ironically). Microsoft shouldn't be that pissed because they are still collecting license fees for their software. Smiley

  • Channel 9 Live at MIX10 (Post Your Questions Here)

    nic said:
    Bass said:

    Great question - Can you let us know who the question is for though so we ask the right person?

    I'm assuming Charlie Kindel and/or Joe Belfiore but let us know anyway. Cheers -Nic

    Either of those people would probably work.

  • Channel 9 Live at MIX10 (Post Your Questions Here)

    W3bbo said:
    Bass said:

    As an aside, and as my own answer to the question: WinMo phones are all "unlocked" in that there's no restrictions on what software you run on them, which makes them great for corporations rolling out their own software and indies who want to run their own software. I remember Smartphone 2002 initially required phones to have application-signing disabled by running some CAB, but I don't know if that continued through to WinMo 6.


    I doubt they'd add restrictions like Apple has: one of the selling points of WinMo is its relative openness compared to the iPhone platform.

    It might be a US thing. In USA, often phones are locked to a specific carrier, and require signing a contract of obligation with that carrier. An "unlocked" phone in this context is one without these restrictions.

  • Channel 9 Live at MIX10 (Post Your Questions Here)

    Will Microsoft sell unlocked developer phones similar to what Google does with Android?

  • Visual Studio.NEXT

    Pretty cool. Smiley

  • Ubuntu running on a HD2

    Yes: the desktop version of Ubuntu, running on a (oringally winmo) mobile phone. Apperently they also got Android working.



  • XNA Game Studio 4.0,

    Dovella said:
    Bas said:

    I leave the answer to your imagination

    Core i7 in a Phone? Must be a pretty heavy phone.