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Bass Bass I need better writers.
  • Mono getting attacked

    CannotResolveSymbol said:

    It's worth noting that there are popular Mono applications shipped with most distributions by default (Banshee, Beagle, F-Spot, and Tomboy are all C# apps running on Mono using GTK# for their UI).  That would seem to indicate that Mono isn't univerally hated by the F/OSS community, either.

    Yeah, it's kind of funny. I think Linux uses more .NET on the desktop then Windows does.

  • Anyone use the Mono Addins?

    Kenneth.Cochran said:
    Bass said:

    I've updated my blog  with my initial experiences using Mono.Addins. I'm planning on doing a whole series on using it in a .NET 2.0 project.

    How is your Mono.Addins expirence going?


  • Mono getting attacked

    Mono is like the btard stepchild of free software projects. Free software fanboys hate it because it implements unholy "criminal monopolist technology". Microsoft fanboys hate it because it's "anti-capitalist freetard software".





    So what is your opinion of Mono? Is it "criminal monopolist technology"? Is it "anti-capitalist freetard software"? Or is it something else, a tool to bring .NET to the greater computing world?

  • WebKit? Should it be the future?

    Anyway you shouldn't be giving Microsoft upper management any ideas about product groups to cull. I'm sure Trident employes a decent # of development staff, we need all the jobs we can get right now. Sad

  • How does an anti-virus company respond to this?

    Second option. Moral high ground != business.

  • UAC controversy - the last episode!

    RoyalSchrubber said:
    Bass said:

    That's actually a good idea, I was wondering what I should do with those spare 40 bil. dollars lying around in my pocket...

    You don't need 40 billion to make an OS. Even Microsoft doesn't spend that much on Windows.

  • Help with ​System.​Drawing.​Bitmap

    Dexter said:
    Bass said:

    Why does it matter if LockBits prevents the bitmap from being collected? If you want it to be collected then Dispose it. If you don't want to be collected then keep a reference to it. In any case, if you call LockBits you should also call UnlockBits:

    BitmapData bmpData = bmp.LockBits(...);
    Secrat.Sause.ProperitaryPixelFormat pixbuf = new Secrat.Sause.Bmp.Loader(bmpData.Scan0);

    Of course, if the Loader doesn't make a copy of the pixels you'll have to make one yourself.


    The MemoryStream code sample: you may want to set the stream position to 0 after you save the bitmap. If the "loader" doesn't do it then it's no wonder you get "Invalid bitmap, no header".

    You win the thread.

  • WebKit? Should it be the future?

    dahat said:
    Ubuntu said:
    There is no point to open-source IE as there is lots of legacy code from the 90s in there and no sane person would want to develop that when you have got so many alternatives.

     I know a few people a few buildings over who are not only quite sane... but also rather like developing on IE code.

    Why you gotta be hating on  them like that?

    You can't be sane and work on any sort of unmanaged Windows code. Sad


  • UAC controversy - the last episode!

    wastingtimewithforums said:
    Charles said:

    "Sure, OK, the UAC blog, Windows blogs, media outlets, even Channel 9, misrepresented UAC as a security feature during the Vista daze. Can we move along? Can we focus on the here and now? DeVaan's post is from 2009. The context is Windows 7."


    So you had it wrong all these years and now you guys saw the light? Just when the UAC issues with Win7 appeared?

    fortunate coincidence! Seriously, I am disappointed. I've read all the anti-MS hate posts on slashdot and various other internet holes and was never impressed by their stupid arguments, but, reading this inane responses from you guys... I've lost a substantial amount of respect for MS. This move could be the biggest negative advertising in the tech community for Microsoft EVER.

    Look how much noise it generates:


    This could turn into something huge.

    Of course I understand you guys. You wanted to please the blogger and slashdot crowds with that move, but the approach was obviously shortsighted. You know it now of course - but what do to? It's too late in the product cycle to over-engineer UAC to such extend that it will detect code injections and such (if it is even possible), and setting the UAC default behaviour back to Vista levels.. well, I still think it would be the right choice, but you guys advertised so much with the claim that Windows 7 is "less annoying than Vista" so that that move will generate negative press. But seriously, isn't it better to fix it now, get some bad press for one month, than not fixing it, and getting bad press about it for the next several years?

    I  can imagine that the guy who came up with the bright idea to make UAC "less annoying" got, when the flaws started to come up, an facial expression found on infants who have just crapped into their pants. He propably sat stupidly in an oozing euphoria, grinning from ear to ear, subcounsciously knowing he made a serious error, but not really understanding it.

    What the hell is with all the whining in this thread? They made a decision to sacrifice some security for usability. If you want to do it differently make your own damn OS.

  • Why Firefox is more secure than IE

    Ubuntu said:
    RoyalSchrubber said:

    A lot of bloggers wrote how great WinFS is going to be back in 2004 but now it's 2009 and we have still to see its greatness - my point being - would you care to mention who RELEASED TO MARKET a product with this feature first - Google or M$? Embarassed



    Looks like IE 8 beat Chrome by 5 days. INNOVATION.