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Bass Bass I need better writers.
  • Good icon sets

    I am targetting Windows XP and above (incl Windows 7). But I don't want the application to "feel" like a Vista app or a XP app, so I don't want obviousally Windows XP or Vista themed icons. What I like about Tango-themed icons is they look good (IMO) but don't have a "platform-specific" feel to them.  I will take a look at that thread and the other stuff you posted. Thank you again vesuvius.

  • The New Channel 9 Editor

    Duncanma said:
    vesuvius said:

    Good point about the font. I believe we reference an explicit css file for the editing area so it shouldn't be hard to update.

    There are some visual glitches (ie  not effecting functionality) with the editor in Google Chrome on Windows XP. Just FYI.

  • Good icon sets

    I've been looking at the Tango Desktop icon set (here: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/GNOME_Desktop_icons)

    But most of these icons are GNU GPL or some other license and I don't think it is safe to use them in a properitary application.

    I do google search for icons and I get some crazy results. So let's get some opinions here.

    Any suggestions for icon sets which:

    (1) Are free or inexpensive

    (2) May be used in properitary applications

    (3) Look nice, perferably look Tangoish


    Thank you.

  • NY Times Reader v2

    Actually the first NYT reader was WPF.

    Silverlight 2 (the latest stable version) and below is a web only technology, while Flex is both a web and offline technology, running on either AIR (for offline ability), or Flash Player (for online ability). Since this is not a web site, but an application, Silverlight doesn't even make any sense at all for this application. You can tout Silverlight all you want but this is just a fundamental misunderstanding of what Silverlight is. Microsoft Silverlight as a competitor to Adobe Flash Player. Not to Adobe AIR. At this time Microsoft has no [stable] product that competes with Adobe AIR.

    Another interesting thing about Flex which is NOT POSSIBLE in Silverlight is the ability to leverge Adobe Flash (the productivity program), to create useful Flex assets.

    Flash is a program where there is already a lot of expert knowledge available. This is HUGE. Adobe products have a virtual monopoly in the designer market, and Adobe products all interoperate with one another very well.

  • Anyone use Boo?

    Another interesting thing: In Boo, for instance the compiler is completely extendable. Meaning the language is extendable. Like literarly you can add features to the language if you want. They have an example on their website of how you can add the "with" statement. Here you have access to the AST (abstract syntax tree) generator of the compiler.


    Think of the possibites (inline brainf**k YEAH BOY!)

  • Anyone use Boo?

    Dexter said:
    Bass said:

    I'd say that using a language feature (or otherwise doing something in code) without a reason is not a good idea. What reason would you have to use a delegate in my particular example? You're not even typing less.

    Yeah I guess in your perticular example, you are right.

  • Anyone use Boo?

    Dexter said:
    "Function pointer is least recommend in coding."?

    You've got to be kidding. While I think his example is contrived that doesn't mean that "function pointers" are bad or that they require "extreme" caution (assuming that the s in his example is something equivalent to a function pointer and not an alias).

    What extreme caution should I take in passing a function pointer to the C function qsort? Or what's bad about passing a Predicate<T> delegate (delegates are the equivalent of function pointers in .NET) to List<T>.FindAll?

    Sure, writing code like this

       Action<string> line = Console.WriteLine;
       for (i = 0; i < 100; i++)

    is kind of lame. But that doesn't mean function pointers are scary monsters that everyone should stay away from.

    Why is it lame?

  • very impressed (rc1 + Virtual xp)

    Minh said:
    stevo_ said:
    It's being touted as the safety net for businesses to upgrade to Win7...

    I wonder why they bother to require hardware virtualization... I have a sinking feeling my quad core is among the list of NOT SUPPORTED
    Na I don't think there ever was a quad without virt support. I am pretty sure like ALL processors except for the Intel Atom processor these days support it. 

  • NY Times Reader v2

    No offense guys, but what the hell is wrong with using AIR? I've been using the Flex framework for a few weeks and tbh, it's pretty damn good. Seriously. Could be competitive with Silverlight.. Um, it could be better then Silverlight. Perhaps that's exactly why they are using Flex over .NET. Yeah I know unbelieveable right?

    Sometimes the "right tool for the job" happens to be a non-Microsoft product. So what?

  • NY Times Reader v2

    giovanni said:
    TommyCarlier said:
    Isn't silverlight suppoed to be cross platform (win, mac, and linux through Moonlight)?
    Moonlight 2 isn't finished yet, so no Silverlight 2 love for Linux ATM.