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Bass Bass Knows the way the wind is flowing.
  • Google (Chrome) OS

    Sabot said:
    exoteric said:

    I hear the message, I get the significance, I'm still saying, 'so what?'

    Google dances around the edge of useful.

    They just make a whole bunch of tools, how many are unique? how many of them are the best? how many would you actually use if you had to pay for them?

    ... we let Google off allot because stuff is 'free' ... when search advertising is really paying for it. Google leverage their finances they make by this method to make 'good enough' products place them in markets to weaken other organisations revenue streams because they know 'free' is a great price.

    But I don't want to see innovation like this!

    I want to see Google work more with other organisation (like Oracle, IBM and Microsoft) and build ontop of existing products enchancing them.

    How so?

    Our lifes are made up of data, much of it is duplicated and out of date because we make copies of it at points in time.

    Google is uniquely placed to link the definitive sources of data to everyone who needs to use it, Google could help us find what we are looking for and deliver it in a uniformed way, which we pay them for.

    Google could be the kick-arse search UDDI of the web, but no, they want to play 'we can make stuff better than you' games.

    Can you see my frustration?

    The Internet is big and companies like Google continue to think small ... and they have the assets at their fingers tips to really make a difference.

    My message to Google is simple .... THINK BIGGER, THINK BEYOND I.T.



    Don't think this is some major investment for Google. Even in Microsoft you see a lot of different groups making crap that has really very little hope of ever generating revenue. Big companies like to take a lot of positions in the market even some that don't seem to make any business sense. They won't bet the farm on any of them, but they'll invest a couple mill on it (which is petty cash for big companies).

    Mostly I think this is designed to be a big FU to Microsoft. Microsoft wants to kill Google. This is not an empty threat. Microsoft is very good at killing companies. So Google has to act.

    I only see one way Google can fight back: Google needs to kill Microsoft first.

    So Google has to hit back where it hurts Microsoft. They won't hit the Xbox, that won't hurt Microsoft. They most certainly won't hit the Zune, that is a product that probably is a nice money sink. Not even Sharepoint or Exchange. No, you got to hit Microsoft were it hurts.

    Almost all of Microsoft's riches comes from just two products, Windows and Office. If you weaken them, even by a little, you greatly weaken Microsoft as whole, everything becomes dysfunctional, including their completely unrelated attempts to kill Google.

    This Chrome OS might not even be a successful product, but it doesn't have to be. It can act as a bargining chip for OEMs which could cause Microsoft to lower their OEM prices. That is exactly what happened on netbooks. Every $1 concession Microsoft makes to an OEM ultimately amounts to hundreds of millions in lost profit. That's less money Microsoft has on hand to attack Google with.

    Google may be in a way, trying to cut off Microsoft's air supply. How ironic.

  • Changing router firmware

    Hello I have a Linksys WRT54Gv6 router. I want to change the firmware on it.

    I've looked into DD-WRT, OpenWRT, Tomato, Gargoyle.

    Any suggestions?

    I think it is possible this is a VxWorks router, so it might limit my options a little.

  • Google (Chrome) OS

    Minh said:

    I like it... I totally see a Google OS booting up in 5 secs... because maybe it somehow initializes just the devices needed to get browsing

    1) video

    2) hard drive

    3) network

    Once you're online, you can load the rest of the devices / services later...

    Maybe this will push Windows to do the same

    It will be hard for Windows to do the same because of all the libraries that compose the Win32 API. In some ways Microsoft success depends on the complexity of the Win32 API (it's hard as hell to recreate), but they are also a slave to this complexity.

  • Google (Chrome) OS

    CannotResolveSymbol said:
    AndyC said:

    X11's a bit messy on the desktop, but it has its advantages over writing directly to the framebuffer (easy remote access, for one...  remoting of individual applications is easy without having to mess with Citrix or anything).

    I think also framebuffer is not accelerated (I could be wrong though). It's just a primative video access. X11 is much more robust in many different ways, IMO. But yeah it's complex, especially to hack on.

  • Google (Chrome) OS

    AndyC said:
    Bass said:

    Ditching the mess that is X11 in favour of writing directly to the framebuffer would be an very sensible idea, one the linux community should hve adopted aeons ago to be honest.

    The whole Linux video pipeline is being restructured anyway. It's a major undertaking though (a multiyear thing).

  • Google (Chrome) OS

    It's only right. Microsoft wants to get into Google's market, it's time for Google to get into Microsoft's market. Smiley

    It's interesting to see what open source technologies they are building on. It's obvious that they will use the kernel and Webkit, but from the blog post it looks like they might not use X11 (Linux's most fundemental windowing toolkit).

  • http://plug​ins.​codeplex.com

    RoyalSchrubber said:

    er, since your code is obviously much superior to everyone else's code I'm asking you if you would be interested to contribute to a project of mine. It's a new operating system and it's gonna be bigger than Windows, Linux and OS X combined..

    Are you being serious? Smiley

    I have some interesting ideas for operating systems but there is no way in hell I have the manpower to make them real.

  • http://plug​ins.​codeplex.com

    PaoloM said:
    hack2roothotmai said:


    So are you going to correct Dovella's terrible grammar and spelling now? Or at least not attack people who do?

  • MS puts C# and CLI ECMA specs under Community Promise

    fknight said:
    Bass said:

    Microsoft could GPL every bit of code they've ever written and renounce all patents and people would still say not to use it because "they still might sue you" or claim it's some kind of trick.

    Yeah it won't shut up the Mono hate. Might lessen it though.

    It might make Gnome move faster to integrate Mono more fully in the desktop experience. Which as a fan of .NET (and strangely, Linux as well) the possibility of Mono driving the majority of Gnome sounds really, really cool.

  • HTML 5 ditches native video support

    magicalclick said:

    Yeah, I don't get it. Why not just use Flash or Silverlight? Silverlight is pretty good movie player, and you can do interactive menu and stuff. The <video> tag has a lot of issues about streaming and custom stuff like interactive menu and GUI.


    The entire point of <video> and <audio> is to make things that people often use Flash or Silverlight for possible WITHOUT Flash and Silverlight. Smiley "Why not use Flash or Silverlight?" is missing the point. Which is that the future of the Internet is too important to be in the hands of one organization.