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Bass Bass I need better writers.
  • Anyone use Boo?

    Dexter said:
    Bass said:

    I'd say that using a language feature (or otherwise doing something in code) without a reason is not a good idea. What reason would you have to use a delegate in my particular example? You're not even typing less.

    Yeah I guess in your perticular example, you are right.

  • Anyone use Boo?

    Dexter said:
    "Function pointer is least recommend in coding."?

    You've got to be kidding. While I think his example is contrived that doesn't mean that "function pointers" are bad or that they require "extreme" caution (assuming that the s in his example is something equivalent to a function pointer and not an alias).

    What extreme caution should I take in passing a function pointer to the C function qsort? Or what's bad about passing a Predicate<T> delegate (delegates are the equivalent of function pointers in .NET) to List<T>.FindAll?

    Sure, writing code like this

       Action<string> line = Console.WriteLine;
       for (i = 0; i < 100; i++)

    is kind of lame. But that doesn't mean function pointers are scary monsters that everyone should stay away from.

    Why is it lame?

  • very impressed (rc1 + Virtual xp)

    Minh said:
    stevo_ said:
    It's being touted as the safety net for businesses to upgrade to Win7...

    I wonder why they bother to require hardware virtualization... I have a sinking feeling my quad core is among the list of NOT SUPPORTED
    Na I don't think there ever was a quad without virt support. I am pretty sure like ALL processors except for the Intel Atom processor these days support it. 

  • NY Times Reader v2

    No offense guys, but what the hell is wrong with using AIR? I've been using the Flex framework for a few weeks and tbh, it's pretty damn good. Seriously. Could be competitive with Silverlight.. Um, it could be better then Silverlight. Perhaps that's exactly why they are using Flex over .NET. Yeah I know unbelieveable right?

    Sometimes the "right tool for the job" happens to be a non-Microsoft product. So what?

  • NY Times Reader v2

    giovanni said:
    TommyCarlier said:
    Isn't silverlight suppoed to be cross platform (win, mac, and linux through Moonlight)?
    Moonlight 2 isn't finished yet, so no Silverlight 2 love for Linux ATM.

  • Anyone use Boo?

    Anyone here use Boo? It's a .NET language with a Python like syntax made by a programmer who loves the .NET framework but hates C#. Smiley Anyway it looks like a "fun" language. Just thought I'd share.

    It's guiding prinicpal is to be "wrist-friendly", similar to Python, classes, or hell functions are completely optional:

    Single line of code hello world (beat that C#) Smiley 

    print("Hello world")

    ^ PS: the above is also valid python code

    You can also do stuff like

    s = System.BlahBlahFrameWorkGlavinGlavin.Platform.Module.Persistance.Threading.Entity.GetAllItemsAndCloseStream

    where System.BlahBlahFrameWorkGlavinGlavin.Platform.Module.Persistance.Threading.Entity.GetAllItemsAndCloseStream is a function

    s("sup dawgs")
    s("bar bar foo bar bar")


  • What don't you like about Windows 7?

    Everytime I look at a Win7 screenshot I keep thinking I'm looking at a Linux desktop screenshot. I can't help but be reminded of KDE with that taskbar. The default colors and stuff are different but the size of the buttons and icons are pretty much the same. Then again I'm not a KDE fan, I wish Microsoft took Gnome or OS X for inspiration (two panels, top and bottom). That makes the best use of Fitts law by the way. Neither Gnome or OS X make optimal use of the top bar anyway, plenty of room for innovation there Microsoft. Smiley

  • Making a dialog form that is similar to Firefox Addons in WinForms

    vesuvius said:
    Bass said:
    Yes they are, you can add any control to the panel, buttons, text boxes etc.

    If you have .NET 3.5SP1 installed in a Winforms project, look for the Visual Basic power packs section. It is a misfortune that these controls are names Visual Basic because most C# developers ignore them. If you don't have .NET 3.5 SPI you can download the control(s) from here.

    You have an 8 minute demo here, showing you how to use the control.
    I took a look into it. One thing that interests me about that approach is that it seems to draw lines in between the controls, which I want. But I decided against using it, my only real concern is the redistribution restrictions outlined in the EULA.

    Right now instead I am using a container widget called FlowLayoutPanel. I have my custom control that represents a single addin 

    So I do


    And it automatically appends the widget to the bottom. Scrollbars appear if it falls off the screen, mimicing the behavior I want from Firefox. Now it's doing most of what I wanted.

  • Making a dialog form that is similar to Firefox Addons in WinForms

    vesuvius said:
    You can achieve this and get something pretty. Seeing as Webbo and you are native .NET control lovers, I have

    I use the native winforms tab control, no need to bother fussing with dynamically loading user controls and the Repeater control in .NET 3.5 SP1. would allow you to get a pretty good replica, with little, to no coding.

    There is a tab control just like firefox tucked up in codeproject.com somewhere that I cannot find. If you found and used that and the repeater control, changing the colours you would get 98% there.

    Here is a pic of the repeater in action (actually three of them)

    That's quite nice. Are each of those widgets selectable (I notice the dotted box thing)? This "Repeater" widget you speak of, I only found it in System.UI.Web / is this a custom control?

  • Making a dialog form that is similar to Firefox Addons in WinForms

    W3bbo said:
    For the top part: use a ToolStrip with your own ToolStripRenderer (and hopefully get better behaviour than Firefox's "I won't give you feedback" toolbar)

    The main body could just be a panel with some dynamic loading of UserControls that define the inner stuff.

    The list-with-buttons could be a ListBox with some custom DrawItem logic, but you'll be stuck for getting the buttons in there though. You could do it the way Firefox 1.0 did and have the contextual buttons at the bottom of the form, below the ListBox.
    I ended up using AutoScroll and two UserControls to implement this. It's not as pretty as Firefox but it works.