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Bass Bass Knows the way the wind is flowing.
  • Window container support on client

    , PerfectPhase wrote


    But that would result in me running a Linux container on a Linux OS while controlling it from the Docker client on windows.

    So the questions remains, will it be possible to run a native windows container on a windows OS client SKU?

    In the press release, they seem to be called "Windows Server Containers" and they used "on Windows Server". In fact, I couldn't find a single place where the word "Windows" was not immediately suffixed by "Server". So I think the answer is pretty clear. However, Docker itself can run on Windows clients, and Docker can run native Docker containers on Windows clients. The way it does so internally is entirely hidden and largely unimportant. It is also able to run web servers and even ASP.NET applications, indeed, even on non-server SKUs.

  • Raspberry Pi and Windows 10 hands on

    , kettch wrote

    @Bass: What sort of desktop applications do you expect to be able to run on a device like the Pi?

    I mean that's like asking what are you able to run on your desktop computer? I mean a Pi2 is something like high tier desktop computer from the mid 2000s. You used the desktop back then didn't you? Loads of people use Pis and desktops or servers, or HTPCs. Just check their forums. It's basically the main use case.

  • Raspberry Pi and Windows 10 hands on

    , figuerres wrote


    I guess some of us just find that rather odd as there are so many other ways to have the 'desktop' system w/o the issues we see trying to get the pi to do it.

    The advantage of RaspPi is its $40, tiny and takes ~5 W of power.


    I guess I will just say that from what I have seen and read I think it is not what they plan to do, yes they want apps to work and to give the pi an impressive set of capabilities it's not meant to be a desktop.

    But in the end it's your call, hope you get what you want.

    Microsoft doesn't always share their future plans. I mean I think it's an obvious feature.

  • Window container support on client


    True, but Docker solves this issue by using a thin Linux virtual layer on Windows. It worked quite well in my own testing.

  • Best of //build/

    One minor point about how Code is distributed, it's customary in *nix when creating archive files to not put all the files under the root. ZIP is also not a common *nix archive format, you'd be better off with tar.gz or tar.bz2. They tend to offer better compression anyway. Offering packages in RPM and DEB format are seen as favorable as well, or even better, offering a repository.

  • Best of //build/


    Thanks. As I mentioned though, it's not very useful at the moment for very popular languages like Python. This is something Microsoft should correct soon, if they intend their IDE to be competitive with alternatives.

  • Window container support on client

    Microsoft is using Docker to implement containers on Windows. You can run Docker on Windows.

  • Debian GNU/Hurd released


    If you don't know what Hurd is. Very ambitious design. It's interesting to play around with, but not very practical IMO.

  • Raspberry Pi and Windows 10 hands on

    , Bas wrote

    Look, I guess that you feel super threatened by some form of Windows on the Pi for some reason and desperately feel a need to downplay it, but how about creating a separate thread to discuss how much it sucks so we can keep discussing our hands on experiences with it in this one?

    I don't know why it is so hard for you to believe that I want desktop Windows on my Pi. It's not some kind of subterfuge, desktop Windows (as in, the Windows that can run Win32 applications) is useful to me. And I'm not convinced that Microsoft will not port the complete Windows operating system to the Pi - it would be silly not to.

  • Impressions after watching Anders TypeScript talk

    , fanbaby wrote

    1. This guy is amazing. A 'mensch'. Sweet and humble as I don't know what.
    2. JS ate the world, left nothing.

    If someone will watch the AMA with him later, i'm really interested in his opinion on Microsoft's patent dealings.

    I'd like to mention that I'm starting to like this new Microsoft a bit more. For instance, they recently started to advertise dev positions where you literally don't have to touch Windows at all. Imagine working for Microsoft and only seeing GNU/Linux or Mac OS X machines in your office. At Microsoft!

    They are also contributing far more to open source, dare I say, at the level of Google, Facebook or Twitter. They released much of the .NET Framework, which is massive contribution. They collaborate with their competitors often in the interests of the wider community, as what we saw with Angular.

    They released DESKTOP software for GNU/Linux. And not some token bullshit, but something decent and worthwhile. And seemingly cared about implementing Linux desktop standards, it doesn't smell like Windows at all. In fact, they built this IDE on top of a Google technology. Unashamedly!

    What the hell is going on fanbaby? [H]