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Bass Bass Knows the way the wind is flowing.
  • Angularjs' team: next version will be written in AtScript, a superset of TypeScript

    , swheaties wrote

    >I think this is the kind of thing that happens when only one company is behind a product.
    Probably true but not the whole story.  The problem with every js framework is js.  Goog is going to yank the plug on js.  Its not going to happen tomorrow but hopefully sooner rather than later. Its going to rally the troops and we are going to see a stampede to whatever their next product is.  Double edged sword IMHO.  JS is awful but whatever Goog comes up with will most like not be much better.  Or maybe it will be better.  I don't know.

    This is the same spot MS was in five/seven years ago.


    They's been pushing an alternative for awhile.




    AngularDart is actually a very different design, it's not just a Dart port of AngularJS. It really takes advantage of Dart's featureset. The Dart language itself should seem much more familiar to Java/C# programmers. It's a very clean/well designed language. Strangely though, it hasn't caught on compared to JS. JS still remains the gold standard, despite all the alternatives (I've been a fan of CoffeeScript for awhile).

    Maybe JS isn't as unbearable as people make it out to be? :) IMO JavaScript is a far better designed language compared to PHP, and look how many people use PHP, it's massive. I don't even like PHP but I keep having to code in it because that's what everyone uses. I find neither language's ugliness slows you down as long as you have a good set of tools to work with them. PHP has some redeeming values, find that PHP has a lot of "built in" stuff for dealing with common web issues, it is of course, designed for making web apps, so it's very batteries included for that use case.

    My understanding is AtScript is just the next version of ECMAScript (ie. JavaScript), the AngularJS team is impatient probably. TypeScript is also just basically the next version of JS, but AtScript adds the annotations too, which will also probably be in the next JS (C# programmers: this is exactly like attributes). The "At" comes from the syntax of these annotations (syntax which is shared with Java). People are probably butthurt because of the massive learning curve of Angular, it is a loss of investment. I can understand that, but personally I don't care because I get paid to learn, it'll probably be a free trip to Vegas or some crap to learn Angular 2.0/whatever new ninja rockstar framework of the day, when the time comes. :) And perhaps if you learn Angular 2.0 you'll be better prepared for the new version of JS.

  • China plans "Windows eradication"

    , figuerres wrote


    Yeah, in the land of the golden shield .... I wonder if they pull out most of the Linux / GNU tools so that the people can't "Climb the wall"  and get past the firewall.

    China seems like a strange place.

  • China plans "Windows eradication"

    , cheong wrote

    It has been like 15 years since the last time I heard it. They've planned to switch to Red Flag Linux but the progress was not  quite good, as the government officers are still using it privately.

    This time they set the target at 2020, but God knows whether they'll have to push the deadline to a latter date again.

    Red Star Linux is defunct actually. The new Chinese OS is Ubuntu Kylin.

  • Nexus 9 tablet released


  • XBox One vs PS4, I would never have imagined this

    , magicalclick wrote

    That's because PGR3 ran on 540p while PC games runs at 1200p already. Problem with this Gen is all the resolution talk and 60fps demands. On a nice TV at living room distance, 720p is still very attractive. But, they wanted more resolution than more visual quality. And 30fps is still blazing smooth on Horizon 2, the fps hype is hurting cheaper consoles.

    Yeah, it's impossible to see past 30 FPS anyway. Stupid PC mustard race doesn't get the cinematic experience.

  • China plans "Windows eradication"

    , cbae wrote

    I bet you got a certain amount of satisfaction typing "Windows eradication".

    It just so inherently natural to type. :)

  • China plans "Windows eradication"

    China is planning to "eradicate" Windows from government and industry critical systems.


  • Nexus 9 tablet released

    When it comes to tablet profits, everyone is just a bunch of guppies in Apple's ocean.

  • XBox One vs PS4, I would never have imagined this

    It's a pretty terrible result when you were on top by a large margin. It's kinda hard to spin the whole Xbone situation into a win. Microsoft failed really hard, and it will take a lot more then just backpeddling from E3 and firing a couple of executives to get back gamer's respect.

    Personally I think both Sony and Microsoft's console offerings this time around are a sad joke. When the Xbox 360/PS3 came out, they were really above and beyond what you can get on the PC. These next-gen potatoes don't hold a candle to even a low-end gaming PC today.

    Anyway.... Long live the PC Master Race!

  • A few interesting nuggets from MSFT earnings

    , KirbyFC wrote

    *snip*NFL football games.  Microsoft (allegedly) is paying the NFL $400 Million to use the Surface.  Once in a while during a game the camera will zoom in on a coach doing something on his Surface and one of the TV announcers will refer to it as an iPad.

    That's really moronic on the NFL's part when you think about it. They should be more careful with how they treat the people giving them that kind of money. Because it's doubtful Microsoft will renew that contract and I doubt they'll find anyone willing to give them $400 million for that kind of sponsorship.