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Bass Bass Knows the way the wind is flowing.
  • Hello Spartan!

    It seems that IE11 only scores a 336, so I suppose it's a big improvement from the Microsoft dev story perspective. I'll take it.

    [Or they could have just adopted Blink and gotten a 501 for free!! Alright. Whatever. it's not happening. :'( ]

  • Hello Spartan!

    , PerfectPhase wrote

    Score is 375 in this build (10049) 

    Wow that's a fairly disappointing score. Is it possible for Microsoft to try and be ahead of the competition on things like this for once? They always seem to be basis for the least common denominator in web technologies, even if you are only writing against the latest version of the browser.

    Does Spartan do anything fundamentally different from IE or is it more like "IE's codebase was crap, we had to rewrite it" thing?


  • Rust 1.0 beta released


    Very interesting language. Compiles down to native code. Memory safety without garbage collection. Community is growing extremely rapidly.

  • How BIG is big data?

    I look forward to SwampData.

  • VB may finally become usable language

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote


    So what you're really saying is that anyone can get used to eating cat sh1t.

    ayy lamo. [H]

    I understand the philosophy Microsoft was attempting with CLI, but they were designing CLI for computers. You don't design dev tools for computers, you design them for humans. I think the designers forgot that human brains don't have CLIs and investing time in just making one language really awesome would have been a better use of resources. My 2 cents.

  • Hello Spartan!

    How well does it do on this? http://html5test.com/

  • VB may finally become usable language

    , bondsbw wrote

    In several years, developers will probably be looking back at all these curly-brace languages like many of us look at VB today.

    Source: XKCD

  • Angular 2.0 news: Google and Microsoft ​collaberati​ng

    , kettch wrote


    "jquery based language" doesn't make any sense.

    Anyway, I'm increasingly cautious about going all-in with any framework. As soon as that framework does something you don't like, it's difficult or impossible to make a change. IMO it's safer to go with a sensibly composed collection of best-of-breed libraries. If you glue them together in the right way, you minimize churn if you hit a wall with one of the libraries and need to look for a replacement.

    I've read probably the same blog post as you. But I don't get how you avoid going 'all in' with a data binding library. I mean it's going to involve itself pretty much everywhere you link I/O to presentation, which for web apps is mostly what they do. So everywhere.

    So maybe you don't use data binding and that's fine for most traditional web apps, but declarative data binding is really nice for the kind of highly interactive/async web apps people want to make these days. So you are probably going to want Angular or another framework like it, and you are going to invoke these frameworks one way or another a lot.

  • Angular 2.0 news: Google and Microsoft ​collaberati​ng

    Wow this is a pretty big deal. It will increase the profile of TypeScript while salvaging Angular 2.0 at the same time. I think it would be better if Microsoft committed to supporting Angular especially in the case Google gets bored.

  • Lenovo and Crapware (or worse)

    , Vaccano wrote

    Funny thing.  I read this and thought "How Evil of Lenovo" (to put a certificate on the machine like that).

    Then I found out today that my company's system admins have done the SAME THING to our company.

    If I go to http://www.google.com and look at the certificate for that site, its issuer is my company!  (When I log into PluralSight, StackOverflow or Amazon it happens there too.)

    I guess (by my previous definition) that makes my company's system admins evil?

    That's not that uncommon, especially in workplaces that do content filtering. But the difference is you don't have an implicit expectation of privacy at work.