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  • WP8.1.1 update problem...

    @cheong: For me it was not just the WiFi that didn't work, it was also non-WiFi data (LTE etc) so I could not even get emails. The only thing I could do was make a phone call.

    Basically when I tried to enable WiFi it would show the error "Can't do that at the moment; Try again in a little while. If the problem continues, restart your phone and try again."

  • WP8.1.1 update problem...

    , Bas wrote


    That's one of the reasons I just bought a country variant and not a carrier specific version. The main reason was that it is way cheaper to just buy the phone online than have it subsidized by the carrier, but not having to wait for carrier nonsense helps.

    That is good but at least on AT&T for instance, you pay exactly the same whether you got a subsidized phone or not (IIRC).

    Also I hope you guys don't run into the same dead WiFi issue I ran into after getting the update. I had to factory reset my phone to get it functional again, so make sure to back up as much as you can first.

  • considering iPhone or Android phone.

    Well I'm not getting an iPhone (yet), but I'll definitely be getting an iPad as soon as the new models are announced. I just decided it isn't worth waiting anymore for MS to sort out their platform.

    And there was a time when I drunk deep from the Kool-Aid, but the bone-headed decisions they've made in the last 5 years or so made me lose interest in MS technologies.

  • I dont find the App store that bad what about the rest of the Niners Community

    About Cortana... I find it to be somewhat of a parlor trick and not super useful. I mean I used it for a few days then it got old because the vast majority of results are simply web searches.

    For instance, once it can answer obscure yet simple questions without doing a web search, it would become more useful. An example is: "How many toes does a dog have?"

    All non-web searches are simply canned responses. It can't even read back: "What is five times ten?". At least it shows you the result above the web searches.

    Also sometimes I have great problems with voice recognition. I simply cannot get it to recognize "What does the bird say?". It always recognizes it as "What does the birthdays?" no matter how much I try to enunciate the "d".

    I have the Sync infotainment system in my car (from MS), and my phone connects automatically when I get into the car, so all phone calls etc go over the in-car mic and speakers. So once while sitting in the car (parked), I tried to do a search but it absolutely could not do any voice recognition. It seems the car mic doesn't work well with it, although phone calls are very clear to the other parties so it has to be a Cortana issue.

    Off-topic... Why is it that my FM radio can show me artist/song info, but my Bluetooth connected MS WP connected to my MS infotainment system cannot show any artist/song info whatsoever? All it can do is simple transport controls. When it works that is. Sometimes it just doesn't want to play anything and I need to restart the phone to get it to work. This stuff should work seamlessly by now, yet still feels like betaware.

  • I dont find the App store that bad what about the rest of the Niners Community

    Apps will become irrelevant because of Cortana? Who makes up this stuff?

    And while Cortana isn't bad, compared to Siri and Google Now it isn't the killer app we were waiting for.

  • No WiFi after updating to WP 8.1

    No app data was restored. But I think that was added in 8.1, right?

  • No WiFi after updating to WP 8.1

    , blowdart wrote


    Texts was there in 8.0

    Yes, texts are restored as well!

  • No WiFi after updating to WP 8.1

    OK things are going better than expected. Looks like the data/wifi issues are resolved after the factory reset.

    Not just that but it gave me an option to restore the phone, and surprisingly it restored all accounts (I just had to re-enter passwords), as well as reinstalling all previous apps. I don't know about app data yet but I'll see when the restore is completed.

    One thing it didn't seem to restore (yet?) is my tile layout. But that is minor, so overall this is better than expected.

    Just played with Cortana and it is quite good, I must say. Voice recognition is good considering I have an accent (relative to my region that is).

  • No WiFi after updating to WP 8.1

    I think backup of app list and app data as well as texts etc was added to 8.1 (I think, I don't remember seeing this previously). Just when I needed it the most, I just missed it (6)

    If it backs up all your app data and texts etc in addition to your other data, then a factory reset won't be so painful.

    Well, it is going through the factory reset right now. This better fix the data/wifi issue or I will be real pissed off.

  • No WiFi after updating to WP 8.1

    , JohnAskew wrote


    True, but the vast majority say it does fix the bug. 

    That is the worst way to "fix" these types of problems. I spent many hours setting up different apps (stock portfolios etc). MS should figure out how to "reset" the OS properly without blowing all your data away.