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  • [Updated Demo] The Proof is in the Pudding: Here is my Fast TreeListView

    OK sorry for the belated response. You can get the source code here.

  • [Updated Demo] The Proof is in the Pudding: Here is my Fast TreeListView

    It has been a while so I'll go and search for the source code tonight or tomorrow morning and post a link to it here.

  • New iPod Stand

    @ScanIAm: It doesn't matter how great the store is if the actual app selection sucks. If the Surface is supposed to be an iPad replacement, then it needs to be able to play the tablet role well. Which means hitting the Windows store, at which point you realize why it doesn't make a good tablet.

    Believe me I want it to be a good tablet since I have one, so I'm not saying the above as a hater. I'm just someone that went through the disappointing experience of trying make it work like a tablet.

  • New iPod Stand

    Well the fact that the Windows store is a sad joke compared to the Apple store plays a big part in this.

  • iPad too much

    @JohnAskew: It depends I guess. You will always get better quality when using a computer as the sound module due to higher CPU power and larger storage for sound samples. I have 100's of gigs of sound samples (would probably be over 1TB if I install everything I have), and when you are constrained to a tablet with limited memory, your sound samples will necessarily be of lower quality.

    So go with a laptop or desktop except if there is a specific reason you cannot.

    But I get what you are saying. I'm in the process of reluctantly looking for an iPad Air 2 on Amazon specifically because the music app options are better there than it is on Windows (and WinRT is a joke for music-anything). Well, once there is no more price gouging. I use a high quality DAW on Windows, but for more casual music apps (like music composition tools etc), the iPad would probably work better.

  • New type of cable for faster internet

    I remember many many years ago reading that it is possible to polarize the light to create multiple channels down the same fiber (so each channel will be polarized at a different angle). I don't know anything about how fiber is actually implemented today so I'm wondering if the existing fiber (the "slow" type) actually ended up using this technique or not.

    Either way, 255 Tb/s seems like a nice amount of bandwidth.

  • Surface Pro Audio


    Unfortunately it doesn't show anything you can't do with any other laptop with a touch screen. So basically they are trying to impress us by running a desktop application. On the same desktop that is now legacy/deprecated/old school/old fashioned/no longer recommended/classic/outdated/obsolete/archaic/superseded or whatever other antonym you want to use for "modern" (does anyone know which is the official one MS uses?).

    What exactly is supposed to impress us if they can't even do this as a wonderful new "modern" app?

    I realize this isn't a video form MS, but a PC OEM specializing in music systems showing how SP3 can run a demanding music application using touch on multiple displays. As an SP3 owner I think that is great. I'm still ticked off that my SP3 is useless as a tablet using "modern" apps for anything music, which is why I just gave up on that and am getting an iPad Air 2 once they are readily available. Just explaining why I'm not impressed.

  • Surface Pro Audio

    Let's be clear here. The application shown in the video is a desktop (real) application. If it was a WinRT (toy) application, the lag would have made it unusable.

  • A few interesting nuggets from MSFT earnings

    , bondsbw wrote

    That's impossible.  Microsoft can't make sales on a product unless it includes the classic Windows 7 desktop and start menu.  Everyone knows that.

    You comment shows how ignorant you are wrt problems created for desktop users.

  • Android 5.0 announced


    At least on the desktop there were options, like ASIO or WASAPI. However in WinRT the only option is WASAPI, and then only its shared mode, not exclusive mode. The best round trip you can get in WinRT is about 140ms, which is a joke. This is even less than pre 5.0 Android. There is no workaround.