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BitFlipper BitFlipper
  • Just bought Surface Pro 3 need help with Win8!

    @boxtype: I hear what you say but this is becoming widespread now. You need a Google account just to watch some videos, and to post any comments.

    A few days ago I wanted to order something online. Not Amazon, but some other site for a one-off item one would rarely need. So I went through the order process, selected PayPal, did the PayPal sign in and accept charges, and only then did the site require me to create an account to proceed with the order. When I saw that I wanted to cancel the order, but there was no clear way to get out of it. Since I already ok'd via PayPal, I didn't just want to close the page, so just created the stupid account and accepted that we gave up those kinds of rights a long time ago.

  • brainless idea about game console.

    The problem with "reconfiguring" a CPU is that you will need a lot of transistors just to manage this feature, and you have a limited budget of transistors. Not just that, but you will just end up with something that is a jack of all trades but master of none.

    That is why Transmeta's CPUs only ever showed up in low-end cheap devices. It can't perform better than implementations that don't have that extra baggage.

    @magicalclick: I think it is more complicated than that. The only thing that makes sense really is a SIMD approach.

    Another example where transistor count is reduced is by not having explicit integer divide functionality, but to convert the integers to floating point, do the floating point division, and convert back to an integer afterwards. It seems to imply you want to simplify the actual transistor implementation, not add unnecessary things that don't make sense.

  • brainless idea about game console.

    Didn't Transmeta try this an failed? I think at that low level you can't really special case anything. A multiply is a multiply, no matter whether it is initiated from a financial application or an audio application or a game.

  • considering iPhone or Android phone.

    , bondsbw wrote

    @BitFlipper:  Agreed about audio latency... I just threw 3 votes to the UserVoice request.

    Good idea, I'll do the same! Unfortunately this must-have consumer feature request is buried on the 3rd page in a sea of mostly nice-to-have feature requests.

    I get the feeling few people realize how important this is. Apple won't make TV adds for obscure use cases, and WP can't even handle those kinds of apps, even when devs want to port it to WP.

    AFAIC, WinRT is a toy OS for toy apps.

  • considering iPhone or Android phone.

    I have to agree it is probably time to accept that WP has failed and move on. I think it is even bigger than that, in that even Windows tablets have failed. The apps just aren't there.

    I bought a Surface Pro 3 the day they came out, but have since come to the realization that WinRT is flawed in that it can't even have low latency audio apps, one of my main areas of interest. It doesn't even matter how fast the hardware is, the audio latency will always suck. There were already threads about this so no need to go into details about that failure.

    On iOS there are tons of quality audio apps that don't suffer from low latency. Android also has audio latency issues so that is not an option for me either.

    Another simple example... I was looking for an app to balance pool water with, and found that the one and only pool app for WP crashes on second load, so it is basically useless. Compare that to the huge number of similar apps on iOS, many of them with nice features like scanning the test strips etc.

    So my solution is going to be to keep using WP and the Surface Pro 3 for now, but also get an iPad so I can run the missing apps. Eventually I will probably just get an iPhone and maybe even move my dev environment over to iOS. As I said before, life is too short to wait for MS to pull their heads out.

    I do blame MS for these failures. Before iOS and Android they had the only real "smart" mobile platform (Windows Mobile, WinCE), yet decided to have it languish and then woke up too late. In addition, in my mind they made so many bone-headed decisions with the direction they are taking Windows and WinRT into, that they deserve to fail this time around. Maybe next time they can hire smart people to make the decisions.

  • "Being able to play with data needs to become a very, very important developer skill"

    , ScanIAm wrote

    I'm sure it's an interesting article, but I can't trust a source that causes IE to crash immediately :(

    For me at least IE seems to crash more and more as time goes by. Many of my company's internal sites seem to cause it to crash or just not work right, which forces me to use an alternative browser. Not sure what is going on with it, but those same sites used to work in IE in the past. Maybe someone internally is trying to force people off of IE, but then again the fact that it crashes more often on public sites seem to suggest IE is just becoming more and more unstable in general. I've even seen it crash on MS sites.

  • The great race: nice looking Xbox apps vs flying pigs

    , boxtype wrote

    Whats wrong with Xamarin's homepage? It looks nice and clean to me.

    Heh, it is not the web page itself, but the pictured WP UI compared to the other two phones. To me at least it is just looks ugly and very unprofessional. I can't see how the average consumer would think it looks better than the other two phones.

    Sorry, technically it is not the Xamarin homepage (which would be xamarin.com), but the main MSDN page on the Xamarin site I'm referring to.

  • The great race: nice looking Xbox apps vs flying pigs

    Yea look at the Xamarin MSDN page. Compared to Android and iOS, WP just looks sad and anemic. Like some intern's prototype app.

    I get the "digital simplicity" concept, but the end result looks like crap.

  • Bill Gates’ energy views are a turn-off

    @Proton2: -1

  • Track file Read operations ​programmati​cally?

    @androidi: Thanks for the info. I was thinking that enabling last access was an option but AFAICT, it does affect overall system performance.

    I did find EasyHook. I'm still looking into it to see if it can do what I need. From what I can tell, it should. It does have an example app that does file monitoring using hooking, so it could be close to what I need. Have you heard of EasyHook before?