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  • Copying code

    , ScanIAm wrote


    It's more of an issue with the destination apps than it is with visual studio, but it would be nice if VS would let you "only copy text" as a setting.

    It would be even nicer if VS were able to copy code using Word styles instead of using colors and fonts from the VS settings. Producing code snippets for B/W printing is a pain in the back.

  • Gah - they've broken (changed) some features I like in Windows 8.1 :(

    @OrigamiCar: I see the same behavior. You can get the start screen to appear on any monitor, but once you dismiss it, the Win key will always make it appear on the primary monitor.

    This isn't a big deal for me: I have two monitors and I set one to be my "desktop monitor" (not the primary screen) while the other is mostly dedicated to outlook and modern apps (the primary screen). In this setup, not being able to dismiss the start screen accidentally by clicking on the desktop is an improvement IMO.

    Also, I replicated the taskbar on all the monitors: looks busier, but it's convenient enough that I don't mind the wasted pixels. This also has the added bonus that it's really easy to get the start screen to appear on any given monitor: I just have to click on the corresponding start button (hey, it's actually useful!).

  • The cut-price Tablet market

    , RealBboy360 wrote

    If you know Java, you know C#.  Not a big difference, as long as you know what it capable of doing, just bing it to get the snippet.

    I think that's a myth. These days the syntax is a minor hurdle in getting to be proficient in a language; the bulk of the work is getting to know the libraries and frameworks at your disposal and, I would add, the platform. I suspect it's a lot easier for a VB.NET programmer to learn C#, despite the alien syntax, than it would be for a Java programmer to do the same.

    Also, even though the two languages were very similar at the beginning, they went their own separate ways. You can probably still morph a Java program and make it compile in C#, but the result is not necessarily good C# code.

  • Is there a way to make Skype smarter?

    For the first time in a long while, I used "Metro" messaging for more than a few lines and it almost drove me nuts.

    The problem is I have a Hotmail account that got merged with Skype, and I was chatting with someone in a similar situation. The net result was that every message sent on messaging was echoed via Skype (which produces a flurry of blue notification toaster) and on my phone, complete with notification sound and vibration (and often badly out of sync). Closing Skype didn't help and turning off my phone wasn't an option.

    Ideally, I would like Skype to notice I'm following the conversation on a different app/device and be quiet, but I would settle for being able to turn it off manually.

    I assume there's a problem with my configuration, but I cannot figure out what. Any clues?

  • only draw back on my SGS3

    Weird, my preventive spam alert just went off of its own accord. Might have to replace its batteries.

  • RDP for iOS and Android: To what end does this serve?

    @cbae: I suppose it's more of a PR move than a business one.

    If you buy a tablet and you cannot do much because there are no apps, you blame the tablet maker and its poor app store.

    But if you own a tablet and you can do pretty much everything you need except for accessing your Windows machine remotely, you blame Microsoft for not making the app.

    Easy as that: not getting people mad at you is the first step in making a sale. Someday.

  • Good bye view source

    , spivonious wrote


    I write raw HTML5 all of the time. What do your MVC views look like?

    HTML and razor, mostly. That's the point: what you get with view source is not very useful in replicating the same functionality as a lot was lost in translation, not to mention that websites tend to rely on JS and CSS files that you don't get with view source anyway.

    You can still get JS and CSS through other means but, at least for JS, minification makes them pretty useless.

    , cbae wrote


    But that's sort of my point. Even if we lose the ability to view source, the browser will still be able to compose the HTML from what is rendered be it from binary format or some encrypted format.

    I suspect that by "View Source" the OP intended any tool capable of inspecting the DOM.

  • Good bye view source

    @fabian: That article is a stretch by admission of it's author.

    I'd add that View Source is largely useless already, thanks to minification, dynamic content and the fact that most don't write raw HTML5 any more. If it became impossible to look at machine code, would you say it's detrimental to programming?

  • Constructive criticism please.

    @Dr Herbie: I would suggest picking a different style. Maybe it's just me, but since that's what every web application made with Visual Studio (and bootstrap) will look like - even just for a few minutes - my brain registers a website with that style as a placeholder and make me reach for the back button.

    Nothing substitutes an actual web designer, but a stopgap solution would be to pick a style from http://bootswatch.com/2/ 

    Other than that, good luck.

    P.S.: I think you need an extra 'r' in "We don't change you code for you".

  • Is There a Need for a Free Windows Kernel?

    , ZippyV wrote


    Windows® Embedded Compact 7 Runtime: 5 €

    Most of the time, that's 5 EUR too many.

    , giovanni wrote


    I don't know how many people play with it, but I feel that Linux is so much easier to license and use that it reaches a much greater number of developers, hence more people are familiar with it for this kind of purposes.

    It depends on what kind of beast you have to tame. Butchering a Linux distro into an RTOS will usually get you an ugly mess that is neither Linux nor an RTOS. But "royalty-free" mends all sorts of scars.

    Microsoft could easily get a lot of traction in the market if only they were willing to make bare-metal compilers and debuggers for VS: the same developers that balk at the idea of having to pay even a tiny royalty on their products are the same who pay thousands of dollars to get a decent IDE.