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Blue Ink Blue Ink
  • Sharks Cove now on preorder

    @Vaccano: the main point is you can connect your own hardware to it, via GPIO, I2C, SPI and the like. More or less an Arduino on steroids.

    Except that this one seems powerful enough to provide a decent UI and high-level services.

  • Sharks Cove now on preorder

    Just in case you missed it, Sharks Cove is real and is now available for preorder.

    Not as cheap as a Raspberry Pi, but the hardware is in a different league. And even if it weren't, being x86 is a huge bonus (no alien toolchains to set up).

  • Why is this even an issue? (copyrights)

    @evildictaitor: yes, content creators are not at risk, as they always find creative ways to get paid.

  • Do you use Linux?

    Professionally: not very often. I use it occasionally in some embedded project, but I have come to the conclusion that, in an embedded device, an OS - any OS - is as useful as a penguin in your pants and almost as comfortable.

    As a hobby: grown tired of it. I'm tinkering with FreeBSD instead, even on the Raspberry Pi.

    Dual boot? Main OS? Never happened, not likely to happen. I have a number of VMs I keep around for toolchains, as that's easier than trying to sort out versioning.

    Distros: a bunch of more or less embedded and real time (no, not really) ones. Xubuntu when I can afford the footprint. Ubuntu in the VMs.

  • 4th July

    Automation is just a boogeyman, the real competition for low-skill jobs comes from desperate people, and there's no shortage of those. Minimum wages help preventing the perverse "reverse auction" that would take place otherwise.

  • Best music video evar!

    Grammer will be pleased.

  • Google NativeClient demo that I liked

    , fanbaby wrote

    @Blue Ink: not the case. NaCl is faster and open source. Someone even ported mono to run in NaCl. As far as security only time will tell.

    Oh, so your beef with SL all these years was that it's slow !

    Silly me, I thought the problem was that it wasn't standardized, that it was patent encumbered, that it wasn't "web", and that it allowed to pollute the web with black boxes of native code. Oh, and that it was a monkey-wrench thrown into the progress of web standards.

    I'm not even too sure about why it should be so much slower, but honestly I don't care too much: I simply love the idea of being able to use native code in the browser and I don't care who gets there first. All that matters is that we finally get the silver bullet that kills off the JS monster (hmm, I wonder why Brendan Eich is not a fan...). Good times... :)

  • Google NativeClient demo that I liked

    , TexasToast wrote

    They have invented Silverlight!  LOL

    Indeed. The main difference is that they are integrating the technology directly in the browser, but that's otherwise a very similar concept.

    And a similar attitude... except that the fan base seems to have shifted a little. :)

  • 4th July

    , ScanIAm wrote


    This is one of the standard arguments that is always made for not increasing the minimum wage.  Raising the minimum wage might push the lowest paid workers up to a wage equivalent to other higher up the ladder, but that just means that the rest of the business is predicated on underpaying it's employees.  We shouldn't be making monetary policy that placates people who want to continue to work against the interests of the economy.  As with the arguments against the ACA due to "costs":  If your business depends on exploitation of employees to survive, you aren't good at your business.  You are on the way out anyway, so why should we continue to provide life support through social programs that you probably argue against anyway.

    No, that just means you have to raise progressively all the wages that are below the mean.

    Put it this way: if you just bump up Bob's hourly wage from $10 to $15 and leave Alice's untouched at $15, you have just increased the number of minimum wage workers. In a few years, $15 will become the new $10 and you will then have the same situation as today, except with more people in the lowest percentile.


  • I wish Windows Phone has Brazil ESPN app.

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote


    Keep in mind even back then Microsoft's marketing and branding wasn't great either so suffice it to say IBM's was worse.

    Back then, IBM's marketing was at its nadir; for a little while pretty much anything came with a complimentary OS/2 Warp CD; it was the physical equivalent of the Ask toolbar.