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  • Which Version of Visual Studio should I choose? Build Apps for Wp 8.0 or 8.1?

    @Montypower: I would stick with WP8.1.

    WP8 should be on its way out by early 2015 worldwide; you might lose some potential download in the meanwhile, but it's never worthwhile to study an obsolete platform.

  • creepy corps(e) for June 2014

    , spivonious wrote

    #1 - You can't do the experiment if you notify people it's happening. Facebook already manipulates newsfeeds to show you what they think you'll find most interesting. I don't see a privacy issue.

    #1.a You cannot use me as your guinea pig, unless you ask me first. If this means you cannot do your experiment, then I guess it sucks to be you.

    #1.b One thing is to manipulate the newsfeed to show me stuff you think I might find interesting. It's another thing to manipulate the newsfeed to show me stuff you want me to see. It's creepy enough as it is, but it won't be long before someone decides to use that as a propaganda machine. This has to be stopped asap.

    #2 - That is weird. Why would the car even be looking for WiFi signals?

    #2 - Allegedly, they mapped the hotspot (there are legitimate uses of those), but also snatched what they could from the unsecured ones. "Don't be evil"...


  • something pretty amazing is going to happen with windows phone

    If you can't say what or when, you don't have a story, period.

  • All your domains are belong to MS:  No-IP.com

    , JohnAskew wrote


    Microsoft sued and now controls No-IP.com until they corner the malificent code that's infecting it.

    "No! No-IP is peaceful! We have no malware, you can't possibly..."

  • Seems like metro on the desktop is a done deal

    , BitFlipper wrote


    Once again I'd like to point out that flat is not the opposite of skeuomorphism. Was Windows 3.1 skeuomorphic? Windows 7 is barely skeuomorphic but only if you equate transparent with glass.

    I agree with you, the "not enough resources" is a bogus argument when you consider that the chrome is just a small percentage of what needs to be drawn to the screen.

    It amazes me that MS actually paid someone to rip out all of the desktop chrome for no apparent reason whatsoever. But, mistakes were made and fortunately they realized that now.

    It's obviously a matter of taste and fashion. We went through a decade of battleship gray, we can survive through this decade.

    Look at the bright side: drawing UIs has gotten harder on one hand, due to the scarcity of good examples to take inspiration from, but has gotten a lot easier on the graphic front. I don't know what you think, but I had enough emergency meetings about the drop shadow on some custom control not being just right.

  • Not that there is anything wrong with that...

    @evildictaitor: the sex life of public figures has been at the (nonexistent) mercy of journalists and paparazzi for ages. I'm not sure I understand why the sexual orientation of a powerful CEO should be exempted.

  • Did you watch the dotNetConf?

    @Duncanma: Wow, that was fast.


  • How ​embarrassin​g... My Surface Pro 3 experience

    @BitFlipper: Lesson learned: looking cool requires practice.

    Up next: once you have your nonchalantly routine of showing off your new tablet in swishing movements, someone will steal your thunder with an old tablet and animated GIFs of fluffy kittens.

  • Italian spyware on all phones but Windows?

    , cheong wrote

    Btw, I found my phone have "GPS location" icon keep poping up from time to time since last week. Anyone knows whether it's "display bug" or "the GPS does activate briefly from time to time" now? (I've checked when the icon is shown, the "location" service is still disabled in "Settings".

    It worries me not because I worry about my location got tracked, but because GPS is battery sucking if I keep it on, if it's really switching on itself I fear the battery will drain fast.

    A typical GPS sensor will use some 40mA, and will need a few seconds to get its bearings from a cold start. As long as it's not in continuous tracking, you shouldn't notice the difference in battery life

    I have noticed this happening too, since I installed 8.1, so I attributed that to geofencing and other Cortana black magic, but I didn't really investigate.

  • Scott Hanselman, what's your take on this

    , davewill wrote


    Don't we get into a slippery slope by saying one concrete idea can be protected longer than another concrete idea?

    Not necessarily. Patents must expire when the invention is still valuable, otherwise inventors would get what amounts to a permanent monopoly.

    If ideas in some field get old faster, it follows that those patents must expire earlier.

    Now, given that being granted a temporary monopoly is extremely valuable, it's interesting to see how we can make sure that states never end up making a bad deal...