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  • Constructive criticism please.

    @Dr Herbie: I would suggest picking a different style. Maybe it's just me, but since that's what every web application made with Visual Studio (and bootstrap) will look like - even just for a few minutes - my brain registers a website with that style as a placeholder and make me reach for the back button.

    Nothing substitutes an actual web designer, but a stopgap solution would be to pick a style from http://bootswatch.com/2/ 

    Other than that, good luck.

    P.S.: I think you need an extra 'r' in "We don't change you code for you".

  • Is There a Need for a Free Windows Kernel?

    , ZippyV wrote


    Windows® Embedded Compact 7 Runtime: 5 €

    Most of the time, that's 5 EUR too many.

    , giovanni wrote


    I don't know how many people play with it, but I feel that Linux is so much easier to license and use that it reaches a much greater number of developers, hence more people are familiar with it for this kind of purposes.

    It depends on what kind of beast you have to tame. Butchering a Linux distro into an RTOS will usually get you an ugly mess that is neither Linux nor an RTOS. But "royalty-free" mends all sorts of scars.

    Microsoft could easily get a lot of traction in the market if only they were willing to make bare-metal compilers and debuggers for VS: the same developers that balk at the idea of having to pay even a tiny royalty on their products are the same who pay thousands of dollars to get a decent IDE.

  • Is There a Need for a Free Windows Kernel?

    , ZippyV wrote

    Never heard about Windows embedded?

    The problem is, how much are you willing to pay for an OS given that you plan to sell your device for $50?

    The other fundamental question is how much of an OS you really need, or if you need one at all.

    That's where Microsoft could really make a difference: tools in embedded space are best described as primitive, and often enough their choice is dictated more by what is free than by what works best. I bet lots of developers would be more than happy to pay for VS if it could be used for firmware work (VisualGDB kind of works, but it's silly that you have to use GCC in the backend).

  • Delta loves Windows 8 - will equip pilots with Surface 2 tablets

    , Bas wrote

    Forget about the blue screen joke being informed or necessary, who has actually laughed at these since 2005?

    Microsoft released the "Lone Server" video in 2008, and it was good fun. </nitpick>

    Seriously, though, the fact that someone can write a comment like that lightly is actually a good sign IMO.


  • Surface 2

    , Bass wrote

    Android is literally the Windows of mobile OS, and I mean that in an entirely bad way. There is plenty of opportunities to innovate around Android. It's quite a boring OS.

    But it's about as unlikely to topple Android on mobile as it is to topple Windows on desktops - too much inertia and the network effect of its app ecosystem will prevent that from happening.

    I'm not sure that desktop and mobile are comparable. Longer turnaround, steeper learning curve and expensive software investments contribute a lot to the inertia that is typically found for desktops.

    Which doesn't mean that Android cannot keep its dominance, of course, just that it won't come cheap.

  • The end of the road for Blackberry?

    , Ray7 wrote


    Before deciding what the company's worth, you probably need to see their patent portfolio.

    Yes, and the size of their legal team.

  • Surface Remix Project

    , kettch wrote

    I like the idea of an e-ink display. I'm imagining a reversible blade with e-ink on one side. One orientation would have the e-ink facing the screen for normal use and cover duty with the cloth on the outside.

    If you pulled it off and "clicked in" backwards you could fold the cover against the screen and have a fully functioning e-ink reader.

    I'm not sure how difficult it would be, but you might be able to fit a little memory into it so that the device wouldn't need to run at full power in order to feed it pages.

    That would be brilliant.

    On second thoughts, once you have a cover with a touch e-ink display, a microcontroller and some memory, the actual Surface would be just a glorified battery. I wonder if it wouldn't make more sense add a small battery and turn the cover into a standalone e-ink reader and battery extender.

  • Someone Moved Away From .NET

    , Sven Groot wrote


    Hm? My site runs on discountasp.net shared hosting, and literally all I do is click publish in VS. I've also used other shared hosts and never had any problems with it.

    Depends on the features you need, I guess.

    IMO, the main weakness of the stack is represented by the fact that IIS is tightly integrated with the OS, which makes upgrading more difficult and more expensive for the hosting companies. I still remember having to wait until 2010 before IIS7 could be taken for granted and, even then, I still hit a couple of problems with a "locked down" configuration that wouldn't allow some specific features to be used.

    With a little luck, we'll soon have a cloud provider that seriously competes with shared hosting...

  • Someone Moved Away From .NET

    The main problem I had with ASP.NET is that it's relatively unfriendly to shared hosting. Or maybe it's the other way around; fact is, if you don't control the server, it can be a problem to get an ASP.NET app to run in the wild.

    Which is a pity, because MVC and Razor are really, really nice (with one, major exception)


  • Suggestion: make "Mark as Spam" harder to press by accident

    When browsing the site on a mobile phone, it is relatively easy to hit the "Mark as Spam" Button, either as a consequence of a failed "pinch-zoom" or just because it's too close to the page selector for longer threads. A confirmation dialog would be annoying, I know, but it might be the lesser evil.