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  • Give me your best.

    @figuerres: you missed "Massage her feet". :)

  • @fanbaby, @bass and especially @beer28

    , Bass wrote


    Well one example: Amazon forked Android completely, they don't answer to Google at all. In theory any OEM can do this, but most don't think its worth the effort arguably because Android is royalty-free anyway. If Google started charging even $1 per device for Android I think a lot of the big OEMs would suddenly have a change of heart.

    Another example is the Nokia X for that matter, which is a pretty interesting situation.

    That, and other hints, indicate that Google doesn't have much control over the platform anymore and they may have to do something about it.

    Interesting times.

  • Scott Hanselman, what's your take on this

    , Craig_​Matthews wrote

    Patents have pages and pages of details and diagrams and flowcharts filed with the US Government. Not sure what 'vague' means here.

    You can flowchart all you want, this kind of patent is ridiculous, and any body of laws that enables me to file such a patent should self-ignite in shame.

    I'll be the first to say that Google is the one trolling the software industry (among other things), but that doesn't justifies the indiscriminate use of patents to fight back.

  • Cosmos on global warming

    , evildictait​or wrote


    No. It detonated like hydrogen detonates.

    With the Hindenberg, the fire spread through the ship at 50 metres per second. That's 110mph  - four times faster than a gasoline explosion in an ordinary gas engine.

      If those numbers are accurate, then the Hindenburg couldn't possibly detonate. At most it deflagrated.


  • Apple, Fiat, Starbucks tax evasion

    , JohnAskew wrote

    @Proton2: Nobody seems terribly interested in your wealth problems. Must be an awful burden.


    Isn't there a quote about the obligation of nobility? Isn't this the time to roll that out?

    Tax avoidance is a way to be UN-patriotic. It is "wrong". It will be illegal when reason takes hold.

    That's pretty much the argument about the "spirit of the law".

    Or even the lesser "law of the spirits": you don't show up at a BYOB party with a miniature.(protesting "hey, it is a bottle" will not help your case, nor your coccyx).

  • Cortana on other platforms

    , Ian2 wrote

    I guess a watch might be a step but I was thinking of some future as yet just abstract device.

    Lets see what a watch could bring beyond a phone?

    I guess touching our skin would allow it to gain some basic information from our bodies.- temperature, ongoing pulse, as well as changes in our body that somehow permeate through to the skin.

    A gyro could monitor our activity.

    We should also get all the benefits of a fitbit type device.

    I'm sure Cortana could do something interesting :

    Scenario 1: Pulse high but gyro indicates little movement:, or maybe just pulse erratic - I might want Cortana to text someone close to me?

    Scenario 2: (Assuming that the watch measures external air temperature as well as my own): I might want an alert if there was a significant change from my body temperature as compared and correlated to air temperature?

    Scenario 3: I didn't go for my daily run the previous day - I might want some encouragement from Cortana (don't forget I am a geek)

    I'm sure there are many more ...

    Would that be sufficient to make you wear a device that needs recharging at night? I may be not enough of a geek, but my patience with chargers is running real low these days.

  • Apple, Fiat, Starbucks tax evasion

    @DaveWill2: +1

    Also, it's hard to believe that governments don't have more creative ways to pressure companies into paying what's due.

  • Saying vs. Doing...

    , ScanIAm wrote


    is there profit in that?

    Apparently so.

  • Cosmos on global warming

    , magicalclick wrote

    Solar panels are not green.

    Of course they aren't, that would be wasteful. <g>

  • ISIS, a new Mideast nation emerging?

    Public opinion was calling for sanctions and bombs against the Syrian bad guys. Still does, except that now they aren't the same bad guys.

    And it looks like we'll get to cheer for Iran doing the dirty work in Iraq while the west provides air support. Of course it's the same Iran that was allegedly helping insurgents against UN troops, and making nuclear bombs to pave Israel.

    In the meanwhile, the aftermath of that Arab Spring we were so happy to have fueled (bombs included), looks more and more like a serious sh*tstorm.

    I don't expect the west to learn wisdom, nor patience. But at least we should learn to wait slower.