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  • If attachments suck then Microsoft must...

    @DeathByVisualStudio: Unsurprisingly, you get a regular attachment.

  • Removing three dots from application bar in windows phone 7

    @KishoreNaidu: Don't.

    The good thing of a standard control is that users develop muscle memory. Modifying the behavior of a standard control defeats that and makes the experience subtly uncomfortable.

    If you really need a menu without the ellipsis, I would suggest creating one from scratch, making it visually distinctive enough that users don't expect it to work like a standard menu.

  • Image ​stabilizati​on on phones? built into the hardware or not?

    , CreamFilling512 wrote

    Actually the image stabalization is only on linear motion so just an accelerometer is sufficient.  It's actually quite simple to implement.  Just crop the center of the frame slightly, then shift the pixels by some acceleration vector.

    I'm not sure the accelerometers used in phones are good enough for that. Maybe it's just my phone, but the raw data I get with the phone lying flat on a surface are quite noisy and that noise is roughly comparable to what I get when I hold the phone in my hands. Filtering out the background isn't going to be easy.

  • If attachments suck then Microsoft must...

    7 hours ago, AndyC wrote


    There's a use for attachments other than collaborating on a document? Other than simply sending out a file for viewing only?

    Believe it or not, versioning. It's a corner case, but it shows the weak point of offloading attachments to some online storage: since that is still under control of the sender, who can change or delete the files, recipients can never be sure that their mail archive is still in a consistent state.


    That's somewhat misleading, the overall percentage of email done via webmail is going down because more people are using smartphones to access their webmail via rich apps and thus accessing their mail more often. On the PC side of things, pretty much everybody is using a webmail account or makes at least occasional use of webmail (such as OWA when away from their PC). And file services like SkyDrive can improve all scenarios, whether rich apps, webapps or a mixture of the two.

    Accessing email through a browser was never a good idea to begin with; it was just a convenient solution back in the internet café era and it survived later as the path of least resistance to keep your mail in one place instead of going through the pains of trying to sync messages across devices (which isn't exactly easy if you don't have the luxury of an Exchange Server or similar). It will be interesting to see where this is going to lead: the lost ad revenues will cause a reaction, eventually...

  • So it's for sure then? No non-Metro apps on ARM? Except for Microsoft's own?

    @xxxcoderxxx: Just a couple of pointers, from experience:

    1) Right now, you can get a desktop app and make it run on a Win7 slate. They do run, but they just don't work. Having struggled to port a few existing apps to that form factor I have learned the hard way that touch cannot be an afterthought; Fitt's Law works differently, the user's hands will hide the wrong parts of the screen, hovering, rollovers and tooltips are a no-go. Seriously, being able to run an existing desktop app on a tablet is like being able to run Windows on your microwave oven (or a dead badger): cool in a geeky way, but useless for all practical purposes and just dead wrong.

    2) In case you didn't notice: in this industry nothing is forever, for values of forever larger than five years or so. Being an old C/C++ programmer, I cannot be objective, but I think it matured and evolved (and is still evolving) into an incredible language; still insanely powerful, but also elegant and terse. If you are getting a knee-jerk reaction due to some bad past experience (or hearsay), it's worthwhile to set aside prejudice for a moment and take a fresh look.

  • Do I have to pay for ​Word/Excel/​OneNote on x64 Win8?

    @figuerres: Considering the context (and other articles) I'd say that "desktop version" just means "not on the Start Screen version".

    Now; tablets don't make dangerous competitors to laptops/desktops as far as content creation is concerned, so giving away a full-featured version makes sense. Except that it sets a dangerous precedent MS might regret someday.

  • WOA details start to emerge

    , figuerres wrote



    also this will mean that some folks will have to decide if they can afford 2 devices ....

    what if someone has a real *NEED* to use some non metro apps but also wants to have a tablet / slate device ???  how many folks might just say "not now, i can't afford that much right now" ??

    in some cases i can see folks buying an ARM slate with Windows 8 on it as a "second device" and that's ok at least ....

    Doesn't change much from the status quo. Nowadays, those users would end up buying a PC for their desktop needs and an iPad or an Android Tablet. Win8 will only expand that choice, with the added bonus of a consistent experience across the board. It remains to be seen if that will suffice to stop the bleeding or not.

  • Windows Phone 8

    @dentaku: the European list price for the Lumia 800 is about 400 EUR + taxes, unlocked and without a contract. Whatever is in that bundle, it must be pricey (unless it's another Lumia...)

  • Windows Phone 8

    @dentaku: I'm afraid there's no way you can get a two year contract without ending up with an outdated product, not in this industry anyway. And if WP8 installs on WP7.x devices (at least partially), the whole concept becomes rather blurry.

    Makes a great way to save money, though...

  • GoingNative 2012 Music

    @blowdart: That would be great, I love gregorian chants.