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  • Is there a point of contact for the latest information on Windows App Store?

    Some time ago, Mary Jo Foley mentioned that "private stores" are going to be available. The details are still incomplete, but it might be interesting.

  • An Interesting WebGL Example

    @Bass: DirectX is arguably the best thing that could have happened to OpenGL, and viceversa. Seeing one of the two deprecated would invariably slow down innovation.

    Aside of this, I think that neither standard belongs in HTML; I would rather see something like "VRML done right" and then leave it up to browser vendors to decide how to implement that.

  • Tango: The dance Microsoft needs to get right

    @evildictaitor: RIM seems to be asleep at the wheel. I would have bet on them joining the Android market a long time ago as that was the best option available, if not the only option available. If they wait too long, it will take a bold and risky move to revive the brand.

  • Get pen-support in WP now, Microsoft

    @cbae: to Harlequin's credit, I accidentally started that. I meant no disrespect to the poor talpidaes. Smiley

    @Harlequin: I still favor fountain pens for my sketching, but I think I understand what you mean.

    I agree that a perfect digital replacement is still impossible at the moment, but the whole experience can be improved a lot. Faster response, pressure sensitivity (done right), maybe even some emulation of the physics of real writing implements. I don't expect it to be perfect, just workable and the metric for that is being able to obtain the same handwriting on screen and on paper, something that no device currently allows.

  • New Fuggly W8 logo

    @MasterPie: I have the hunch that someone who chose "DeathByVisualStudio" as his handle may not share your fondness for your favorite almost-a-moebius-strip-but-not-quite logo. Smiley

  • Get pen-support in WP now, Microsoft

    @Harlequin: for the use case I have in mind, text recognition is irrelevant. Maybe it's just me, but typing feels "sequential", while pen and paper give you a range of expression that is hard to attain otherwise. It doesn't matter how long it takes to recognize the ink, and it would be perfectly ok to do that on demand, or maybe even offline and strictly for indexing purposes (where high accuracy isn't that critical). The only exception is for equations and formulas, but Win7 nailed that pretty well.

    The whole point isn't just that of providing a replacement for a moleskin - the convenience would be hardly justified considering the weight and cost of those - but enhancing the whole experience by providing capabilities that are simply impractical or unthinkable with the "real thing", such as moving text, erasing, changing colors, duplicating sketches... it's a long list.

  • Get pen-support in WP now, Microsoft

    @Harlequin: a pen is a nice alternative to have, provided that your penmanship is up to scratch, that ink is supported as much as possible across the platform and that, of course, the writing experience is extremely responsive and fluid so that you can write with normal sized characters.

    Surprisingly enough, the latter isn't delivered by the Galaxy. Since the hardware seems to be quite up to the task, I truly hope that this was caused by some firmware/software flaw as otherwise it would mean that we won't get a Courier replacement anytime soon.

  • If attachments suck then Microsoft must...

    , DeathByVisualStudio wrote


    ROTF! It's pretty clear that as a whole Microsoft just can't launch a cohesive strategy.

    Seriously, with present technology there are only a few cases in which offloading attachments via SkyDrive would make sense. I wish all those who constantly forward supposedly funny or inspirational PowerPoint shows (at 50MB+ a pop) that nobody ever opens would do just that.

    Whatever happens, I prefer to think that this feature will be strictly opt-in for those who like it, or that MS will provide the infrastructure needed to make this painless before they try to push this down everybody's throat. Might sound overly optimistic, or even apologetic, but I prefer to save my bile for more worthy causes.

  • If attachments suck then Microsoft must...

    @DeathByVisualStudio: Unsurprisingly, you get a regular attachment.

  • Removing three dots from application bar in windows phone 7

    @KishoreNaidu: Don't.

    The good thing of a standard control is that users develop muscle memory. Modifying the behavior of a standard control defeats that and makes the experience subtly uncomfortable.

    If you really need a menu without the ellipsis, I would suggest creating one from scratch, making it visually distinctive enough that users don't expect it to work like a standard menu.