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Blue Ink Blue Ink
  • Titanic 2

    , Richard.Hein wrote


    <nitpick>I'd be amazed too, especially since braking implies acceleration, unless the brakes are broken!</nitpick> Wink

    <double-nitpick>or unless the car is stopped, jumping, falling, floating, upside down...</double-nitpick>

    Sorry, couldn't resist Smiley

  • Apple breaks into the text book market

    @Ray7: Considering the weight of my niece's backpack, an Osborne 1 would already be a big improvement. I'd say the iPad is just fine. If anything, I would expect a ruggerized version as schools and young children in general constitute a hazardous environment for fine electronics.

    @AndyC: When you write a book, most of the money gets split between the publisher and the bookstore anyway: the author gets very little out of the deal (not even an outlier like J.K.Rowling got much out of each copy of her books). With a low entry barrier, and a potentially huge market, this could be the sweetest deal ever for writers.

    All in all, I think this has an enormous potential and the priority is to let it prove its merits (or otherwise). There's always time to fix things later and since governments are interested parties I'm pretty sure they will, eventually.

  • iPad2 Vs Blackberry playbook

    @PaoloM: or you could get a dual 7" foldable tablet and have it all covered. Pity nobody ever thought about that. Wink

  • SP1 breaks iTunes

    @1____1: What has robots.txt to do with anything? Its purpose is to prevent crawlers from indexing public resources; browsers simply ignore the whole thing.

    @PaoloM: The link works just fine here (IE9). The only issue I observed is when your location settings cause a redirect to a google server in a different domain (e.g. www.google.it). In that case, the fragment is lost and you wind up on an empty home page. Not sure if that's google's fault or IE's.

  • SP1 breaks iTunes

    @1____1: Ok, so your theory is that Microsoft released W7 SP1 knowing it would break at least a few iTunes user (either making sure it did or by noticing during testing and keeping silent about that). I can follow you so far.

    What I cannot understand is how a Service Pack released in February 2011 (and in public beta since July 2010) could possibly break iTunes which was released just 33 days ago. Care to elaborate?

  • Titanic 2

    @BitFlipper: those aren't exactly uncharted waters... a collision with another vessel might be kind of justifiable if all the electronics went berserk, but hitting a rock is just ridicuolous (not in the funny sense).

    What I'm hearing hints at gross incompetence and negligence. Hard to believe that something like this could happen to Costa.

  • Energy Usage for Math = Dark Energy?

    @ScanIAm: Math stores energy as mass. This can be readily proven by observing that an old well-worn laptop weights a lot more than a brand new one. Smiley

  • Kinect for PC cost 250 USD?

    @figuerres: the way I undestand it, the main point of the new sensor is "near mode", which might provide a viable alternative to touch on the desktop (where touch doesn't work that great to begin with). It's unlikely that the optics of the old sensor would work well.

    If that works, I wouldn't be surprised if sensors were integrated in PCs and laptops sometime in the future, with the obvious consequences on price.

  • Jetbrains Kotlin demo running online

    , Ray7 wrote


    Does make me wonder why they have decided to put colons all over the place. Doesn't do wonders for readablity in my opinion.

    Apparently, Pascal postfix typing is all the rage these days, not sure why. That's one of the mistakes lots of wannabe Java killers are making... they add a few long needed features to the platform, and tons of syntax sugar, but they shoot themselves in the foot imposing an alien syntax.

    This said, the language includes a couple of features that I'd like to see in C#... the most interesting being the automatic type inference in code, as in:

    if (o is Foo) {

  • I'm liking the new Nokia Lumia 900 but the 800 is nice too

    @dentaku: the display looks awesome, which fixes one of the very few things I don't like about the 800. On the other hand, it would seem they moved the WP buttons closer to the lower edge of the phone, thus undoing on of the things I liked most. Oh, well...