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Blue Ink Blue Ink
  • Macs switching to ARM? (Doubt it)

    @W3bbo: by netbook I meant the use case, not the devices that go by that name these days... a MacBook Air with a multiple of its battery life and a performance comparable to that of an iPad would be a pretty bad laptop, yet it would compete effectively with netbooks.

    As for the server, it makes sense, but considering Apple's reputation in that market, I wouldn't hold my breath.

  • Smuggled​MethodCall​Message??

    Would you rather have a ClearedThroughCustomsMethodCallMessage ?

  • Macs switching to ARM? (Doubt it)

    More than a laptop powered by ARM, I think it would end up being some kind of netbook. Might make sense after all, it's a market that Apple doesn't really cover except, partially, with the iPad, and backward compatibility would hardly be an issue.

    If this were the case, I think it would indicate that tablets à-la iPad are not the silver bullet they are thought to be...

  • JavaScript - What's in a name?

    , blowdart wrote

      [...]. You all do use Interlocked. right?

    Not necessarily... given:

    int z;

    // class is not required to be thread safe:

    // class is required to be thread safe:
    Interlocked.Increment (ref z);

    // actual code I got to maintain, on a bleak Monday:
    while (true) {
      int a = z;
      int b = z;
      if (a != b) {
      a = a + 1;
      b = b + 1; // some useful comment about why this makes sense
      if (a != b) {
      // some rambling about evil M$ not being able to write a decent language
      if (a == b) {
        lock (z) { // more cursing to evil M$ because this doesn't seem to work properly
          while (z < a) {
            z = a; // yeah, baby!
          // colorful expletive


  • JavaScript - What's in a name?

    @Bass: amen to that.

    The only problem I'm having with JS as compared to other statically typed languages is that the tools cannot provide the same kind of experience. Things are improving, though...

  • JavaScript - What's in a name?

    @Charles: while I agree that the "Java" prefix is a misnomer, I am not sure that there is a similarly strong argument against "Script". Websites still serve pure source code and it's up to the client software to decide how to execute it and that sounds like an implementation detail to me (off a tangent, I believe that Chakra only fully compiles scripts when it deems it worthwhile... not sure if that information is still current, though).

    Anyway, abiding to your rules, I would probably go with a name like "Enabler"... both meanings seem to fit.

    EDIT: missed a beat and lost the discussion above. Sorry about that. It's indeed a thin line, but I think that the mark of a scripting language is how it is used... and most JS code in the wild is script-ish in nature (and often enough the result of some hurried copy & paste).

  • Microsoft: we won't do a tablet OS until its distinctive

    Handwriting recognition is still somewhat slower than typing, and keeping it real-time on a mobile processor might make things even worse. So, if we are talking about writing an URL, or entering numbers on an Excel sheet, an on-screen keyboard is definitely more convenient (except for the obvious fact that the keyboard will take a sizable portion of the screen).

    Yet, provided that the stylus is fast and accurate, and that the user can write using an actual pen, there is an application where a stylus is unbeatable, and that's taking notes as ink. All that's required is basic ink manipulation (with reflow), to insert, delete, change, annotate and reorganize your scribbles; handwriting recognition would be nice, but even a simple background task that grabs what it can for indexing purposes would suffice... and voil√†, an infinite (kind of) and searchable (again, kind of) notepad.

    Yes, we already discussed all that, when the Courier was still around, and no, I haven't given up hope.

  • The hardest part about programming is...


    1) Taking up the courage to start from scratch.

    2) Resisting the urge of doing that endlessly.

  • About GD time

    @MasterPie: yes, it's not a killer feature. I must have used it two or three times, tops, since NoDo happily landed on my phone a couple of weeks ago.

    This said, there were a couple of occasions, before that, in which I did miss Copy & Paste: for instance when someone sent an email or an SMS with some contact details I needed to copy to my contacts. Using a paper napkin as some kind of "makeshift clipboard" obviously worked just fine and I suspect that was even faster than going back and forth between screens. Yet, it felt kind of odd...

  • Anders Interview next week: Ask Questions Here

    There are quite a few common patterns that require lots of boilerplate code. Metaprogramming would seem the only adequate solution... are there any plans to introduce some form of metaprogramming in C#?