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Blue Ink Blue Ink
  • About GD time

    @MasterPie: yes, it's not a killer feature. I must have used it two or three times, tops, since NoDo happily landed on my phone a couple of weeks ago.

    This said, there were a couple of occasions, before that, in which I did miss Copy & Paste: for instance when someone sent an email or an SMS with some contact details I needed to copy to my contacts. Using a paper napkin as some kind of "makeshift clipboard" obviously worked just fine and I suspect that was even faster than going back and forth between screens. Yet, it felt kind of odd...

  • Anders Interview next week: Ask Questions Here

    There are quite a few common patterns that require lots of boilerplate code. Metaprogramming would seem the only adequate solution... are there any plans to introduce some form of metaprogramming in C#?

  • You know you want it…

    @W3bbo: they should replace the remote with a kinect...

  • Time for C9 Cooking Show

    Does it include a chapter on garbage collection?

  • The strike begins tomorrow

    , dahat wrote

    @Blue Ink:Well said, though I must ask... at what age did you first read it? At what age did you re-read it? How old are you now?


    Hmm... the first time around I was still in high school; the second time about a decade later, in the early '90s. Which, as you can readily guess, makes me closer to 30 than 20.




  • The strike begins tomorrow

    I remember liking the book immensely when I first read it. Tried to read it again several years later and couldn't finish it... it tasted distant and "old"; kind of what a movie about the aftermath of a nuclear war tastes nowadays. Or maybe it was just me growing older... might be an interesting experiment to read it once more and see how I react to it now.

    Still, I think I'll skip the movie; partly because it's easy to foresee the kind of controversy that will come out of it, but mainly because I cannot figure out how they could make a decent movie without pulling another "Starship Troopers".

    Books are books, and time spent with them is never wasted, even - and especially - when you think you may disagree with the author. Sticking to the ones that just resonate what ideas we already have is a lot like fanboyism in CS... it's the challenge that makes ideas grow stronger, or spawn new ones; if it weren't for that, we may well be here praising the benefits of the umpteenth version of COBOL.

  • Are people ready for a Minority Report style interface?

    @Michael Butler: have you considered getting yourself a GMail motion account?

    On a serious note: there are a few markets where this would make a lot of sense; for instance 3D modelling, where a mouse is usually inadequate. Even just being able to switch views, or rotate a model using - say - your free hand as a complement to the mouse would open a number of interesting scenarios.

    For the general public, I'm not sure it would have a lot of traction. Aside of the (somewhat paranoid) perception that geturing may not provide the same level of privacy we have with a mouse or similar devices, I'm not sure I would want to be caught in public miming in front of my laptop. This might become socially acceptable someday, but I already got my fair share of stares when bluetooth earpieces weren't all that common, thanks. Smiley


  • Mono Project releases MonoDroid

    @JoshRoss: That's a disturbing image.

  • New post by the Silverlight team

    @fanbaby: open, proprietary... it's a blurred concept without any bearing on the job. Let me try a little thought experiment here, that I'll try to keep germane to the title of this thread.

    Imagine there were a little Visual Studio add-on that takes a Silverlight project and generates the corresponding HTML+ES. To the developer, that would still be SL, as that's what he or she wrote. Yet... is that project still "proprietary" or did it magically get "open"? More importantly, would our hypothetical add-on mean that SL is now dead, or would it mean that it broke its mold and is now able to run on any modern browser without a plug in?


  • New post by the Silverlight team

    @kettch: I must admit I haven't developed an HTML client in a while, so I don't have any firsthand experience of HTML5. I have seen compelling demos, though... care to elaborate?