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Blue Ink Blue Ink
  • In WP7, when calling, what does Flash mean?

    A "flash" is just a quick on-hook/off-hook cycle. According to Wikipedia, it goes by the name of "recall" in the UK.

  • If you cannot compete, sue

    , Bass wrote

    Some interesting tidbits in B&N's anti-trust complaint. Apparently Microsoft wants to change more for a license to the patents in question than they do for a full WP7 license (which I assume implicitly includes a license to the patents in question and than some).

    What this is saying is a couple of patents that probably didn't require much work to file is more valuable than an entire OS thousands of developers worked on. At least when Android is involved.

    Yeah our patent system is surely working as intended.

    A WP7 license, to Microsoft, is worth a lot more than its price: there are revenues from the Marketplace, Bing searches, developer tools, subscriptions and mindshare, advertising dollars. None of all that happens with a mere patent licensing, so the comparison doesn't hold.

  • How long will Windows 8, the terrible, last? Any bets?

    @wastingtimewithforums: there is no such thing as the "loss of the start menu". It just became full-screen. Oh, and it's already shown when you log in. I seriously don't see what the fuss is all about.

    It's a better start menu, if anything, one you can customize as you please and that can host "live tiles" if you care for that sort of things. They need to work on the contrast between the Metro style and the (almost) glassy windows on the desktop, but functionally I think it's an improvement once you get over your muscle memory.

  • ad idea? do something with coke / mcd's

    Yep, Starbucks is Apple-ish, except for their naming scheme; "Iced Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha" sounds like a Microsoft Server product. Must be a Seattle thing...

  • ITV Studio's Logo

    @vesuvius: ...which just reinforces my first impression that it looks like a fetus.

  • NOKIA Lumia 800 & 710

    @reply to post: writing a Skype app may be challenging, but they don't really need an app when they can just integrate the blessed thing into the OS. Which is what I hope the long wait is due to.

    As for the phone itself: yes, the specs would have been about right one year ago. Yet, they are still vastly adequate for WP7.5, the design is sleek and there are a few killer features. If the marketing campaign is really as pervasive as it was announced in the keynote (and it works), Nokia could still have a winner on its hands.

  • John McCarthy, the creator of Lisp, dies at 84


  • New spambot in town

    @reply to post: Good catch, totally missed that one. It also shows that our new friend isn't so new after all; C9 hasn't become a testing ground for spambots.

  • New spambot in town

    A spambot that sourges the forum and rehases some of the comments is nothing new. But one that does so without adding a link to some external site just seems pointless... does anybody have a clue about what purpose it accomplishes?

  • WP7 phones

    @spivonious: There are a few decent deals on Amazon. In any case, I would wait at least until the Nokia conference, in eight days.