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Blue Ink Blue Ink
  • What is your first memory of Microsoft?

    First encounter was with MS-DOS 2.0... or at least its manual. A particularly vocal freshman at my Univesity was constantly complaining about how complicated DCL was, so I and a friend borrowed an MS-DOS manual and threw together enough scripts and aliases to emulate the look and feel of COMMAND.COM (on a VAX).

    It was intended as a quick joke, but it backfired as one of the professors found out about it and thought we should maintain it. Still don't know who had the worst sense of humor.

  • Windows 8 to be released in September?

    @cbae: I wish there were a rule stating that April Fool's jokes have to be funny... Anyway, I don't have definitive proof that it was indeed a joke: it's just that considering how unusual such a release schedule would be, it would seem advisable to wait and see if that rumor gets picked up on a less suspicious date. But that's just me, of course.

  • Windows 8 to be released in September?

    @cbae: Any rumor released on April 1st is better taken with a truckful of salt. Especially if it's too good to be true...

  • Working Nodo Hack

    The procedure didn't work here. Too bad, I don't care enough about copy & paste to try anything fancier.

    I do wonder, though, why the update process was set up the way it was: I understand the "testing" part, but I cannot really understand why they decided to deliver the bits in batches: the number of devices out there cannot be even remotely close to Windows or other products that get updated regularly without all this fuss.

    Now, if I were a conspiration theorist, I would suspect they wanted to have a chance to monitor the update process and be able to pull the plug should anything go horribly wrong...


  • Is Adolf Hitler really dead?

    Meh. There is a simple test, though: the "Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich" went for 28K on eBay, to someone with more faith (and money) than common sense. Let's see if someone buys that house for some equally ludicrous amount (and please, oh please, someone keep an eye on the buyer).

  • Microsoft pushing new copyright regulations

    Ok, I'm not a lawyer, but that is not what I read (in the actual bill, not the commentary above it).

    Just browsing, it appears that:

    1) End users are exempt. The company would have to be reselling iPads to be even just considered. Let's just assume this is the case, and proceed...

    2) The stolen property must be worth no less than 20K USD. Quite a few pirate licenses, I'd say.

    3) Microsoft must prove it had an unfair competitive damage from that. 

    4) A court must already have ruled against Foxxconn.

    5) The fictional company must have a contractual relationship with Foxxconn.

    Also, what I think is the key to read the whole bill, the company cannot be sued as long as it can prove that it conducted its business with Foxxconn in reliance of some code of conduct pertaining stolen IP, or at least made reasonable efforts to implement such a code.

  • Fictional computer technology books with [p][o][r][n] sounding titles

    I presume that "8051: ins and outs of ANL and ORL" would violate the rules

  • SQL ​documentati​on

    It's a matter of taste... personally I find syntax graphs confusing (probably because they remind me of a bad Pascal textbook from the early '80s that - ironically - didn't use EBNF).

    I think the real issue is that the SQL syntax has become a horrible mess and there is only so much you can do to provide a clean documentation of what is inherently "unclean". Unfortunately, it's so entrenched in the industry that I'm afraid it cannot but grow more subclauses, pragmas, dialects, implementation details and, well, tentacles.

  • Firefox 4 released, interesting graphic

    @Bass: Hmm, even dismissing the first Platform Previews, IE9 Beta was out sometimes in Semptember 2010. If not downright lame, that excuse has at least a noticeable limp.

  • Has W7P already died?

    @ZippyV: good catch, but PaoloM beat you to that in a different thread. Sometimes I wonder if this wouldn't be a perfect application for a Bayesian classifier...