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  • Has W7P already died?

    @ZippyV: good catch, but PaoloM beat you to that in a different thread. Sometimes I wonder if this wouldn't be a perfect application for a Bayesian classifier...

  • Setting IE9 32-bit as default browser (as opposed to IE9 64-bit)

    @BitFlipper: Cannot reproduce the issue on my machine. It's always the 32 bit version that pops up.

    @magicalclick: the 64 bit version shows a "64-bit Edition" after the version number. Nothing appears on the 32 bit one.

  • Could the Increase in Average Global Temperature be behind the earthquakes?

    I guess everything is possible, but sounds far-fetched to me.

    If I remember correctly, the temperature anomaly on the Earth's surface is something like 0.8°C in the last 100 years. Even discounting the fact that plate boundaries are located under water, I think that difference would hardly register when compared to the temperature of magma.

    Furthermore: as far as I understand it, if temperature had indeed some kind of lubricant effect, this should also mean that less energy would be accumulated... which would mean more frequent, but weaker, earthquakes. Sounds like a good thing...

  • "Performant code" - The writing on the wall

    It's not as clear-cut as it seems. True, it stands to reason that if you have all the time in the world, unmanaged code would give you an edge. So would assembly for that matter.

    Unfortunately, budgets and deadlines often make that impractical and lead to counterintuitive results.

    It all feels like a replay of the old assembly vs high level language debate we went through a couple of decades ago... if we can trust that experience, we should be confident that managed compilers and runtimes will ultimately become smart enough to make the performance gap irrelevant.

  • Has W7P already died?

    I do own a WP7, and I must say I don't really understand all the pessimism about the platform. It needs some work, and needs it fast, but I don't see incompetence, at most masochism (like the fact that you need a little support from IT to get a WP7 to connect to a Microsoft Exchange server running on a self-signed certificate... the iPhone does not. Oops).

    It's a good phone, the tools are more than up to scratch and visibility is bound to improve over time, especially once Nokia starts cranking out devices... add that Microsoft has the kind of cash it takes to be stubborn.

    I don't think it's time to write an eulogy, yet.

  • Showing up late for the game

    WPF is an acquired taste... especially when coming from a different technology, you will find there are several ways to do what you want to do, including not doing that at all.

    For instance, in your case, you could use:

    <my:UserControl1 ... Button.Click="MyButtonClickHandler" />

    where MyButtonClickHandler is a method that will receive every click event raised by any button in UserControl1.

    Less orthodox, but maybe more traditional, you can wire the event directly in code. For instance, in your Window:

    override void OnApplyTemplate () {
      base.OnApplyTemplate ();
      userControl1.button1.Click += MyButton1ClickHandler;

    Yet, I would advise using an MVVM approach: in your ViewModel, you define a command and then you get the button bind to that. This requires a little more plumbing at first, but it's quite rewarding once you get the hang of it... the main advantage is that the coupling between your code and the UI becomes much looser.


  • Do you use Windows Sidebar?

    @blowdart: Yes, of course. But considering how it's no longer on a side and not much of a bar, I'm all for the new name as it's way more descriptive Smiley


  • How should we handle ads and promotions on C9?

    @JoshRoss: +1

    If the teams posted their annoucements in the coffeehouse and were willing to follow up on the inevitable discussion (which is guaranteed to derail from the obscure points of "30 days @49.99$"), that could add a lot of value.

  • Do you use Windows Sidebar?

    Technically, there's no Windows Sidebar in W7. But I regularly use a couple of gadgets, if that was the question.

  • IE is Back!! Internet Explorer 9 RC Is coming

    @kettch: CTRL+P is mentioned profusely in the video I linked (and that's why I linked it).