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BobTabor BobTabor
  • Part 35: Where to go from here

    @Abdallah: You'd have to ask Nokia about that.  Don't know.

  • Channel 9 Content for Beginners

    @TonyBoySP: Sorry, no.

    @GlassAgate: Actually I'm not in Redmond ... I am in Dallas, TX.  I don't actually work for Microsoft.  True, they gave me a few chickens and ears of corn for these video series.  Smiley  However, they don't tell me anything.  At all.  Ever.  In fact, you may know more than I do because I don't pay attention to the gaming side.  I think the best opportunities for .NET developers is in enterprise software development which is my background.

    As far as LearnVisualStudio.NET goes the Visual Basic content on LVS stopped at version 2005 because, frankly, with rare exception nothing has changed from a beginner's perspective and because I decided to only teach C# on that site from now on.  I've got to draw the line somewhere and there's just too much content to cover to give both C# and VB the attention it needs.  Most jobs I see are looking for C# developers and I want to help my clients get better jobs.  It's as simple as that.

    Hope that helps!

  • Part 11: Working with JSON Data

    @Mahwish: Hi, I think you'll find the answer to that in lessons 13, 14 and 15.  Also, I had to stare at that class for a long time to really understand the relationships between the shape of the data, how it was deserialized into an object graph, and how that object graph was bound to.  I recommend you spend a few hours just really looking at each line of code in the SampleDataSource.cs to see those connections so that you can begin to imagine how to tweak it for your own needs.  That's the only way to really learn what's going on.  Hope that helps!

    i am using grid template for window store app development in which all data is bind with SampleDataSource.cs . How we can implement json in that. Means how we will bind it with our ROOT Object class and retrieve result from it .

  • Part 1: Series Introduction

    @bavasanja: Hi, did you experience that while following along in this video?  If so, please don't worry about it ... we'll re-write the entire app from scratch in this video series.  If you experienced this problem while following along in this series, be sure to post this in the comments related to the video you were watching when it popped up so that can help me help you.  Thanks!

  • Part 2: Installing Windows Phone SDK 8.0

    @bill: I had a problem with Windows 8.1 beta that sounds similar.  Had to disconnect a secondary SSD drive just to get it to boot.  Craziest thing.  I wonder if the two issues are somehow related.  Anywho, glad you were able to figure it out!

  • Part 12: Improving the View Model and Sample Data

    @Wilfre: Great!  Just curious what it was (so I can help others avoid it in the future).  thanks!

  • Styling Your First HTML5 Web Page with CSS3 - 03

    @AdnanKhan: No worries.  Good luck!

  • Channel 9 Content for Beginners

    @mohamed: Hi, so, I think Channel9 is working on that for all their content in the future. That's not something I would be doing personally, but I think they really want to add that in the near future.  thanks!

  • Part 34: Creating a Background Agent for Scheduled Tasks

    @Aravind: Let me start by asking which database you're using?  Is that a common behavior of that database?  Perhaps THAT'S the problem.  If you could revert back to a text / xml / json file or something you can control in a central spot in the app's folder structure, you might be able to overcome this.  My solution personally would be to utilize Azure in some way, but again, that's just me and it may not fit every circumstance.

    You're probably right ... there are two instances of that class being created.  But being "stateless" doesn't sound like the solution alone ... the things we were doing in our example were ATOMic in nature.  I would test the behavior of the database and see if it indeed creates multiple instances and if there's a way to avoid that behavior in settings / etc.

    Good luck!  I've never tried what you're doing, so you're breaking new ground here.  Smiley

  • Part 7: Localizing the App

    @Cameron: Meow still quacks in the code ... yeah, sorry ... I re-recorded that video and things got out of sequence a little.  Just need to make the appropriate change.  That was not intended.