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  • Join the celebration at TechEd 2013!

    I'm a bit disappointed with this as well, used to the amusement park, etc. type of closing event.  My guess is the superdome was so expensive to rent that it left little $$ to do anything else with.  This is the first time my wife is coming with me, I've been touting the closing party for months and when we found out it was this, it was really disappointing.

    I guess if there's free alcohol we can get our monies worth in top shelf liquor :/ Can't believe I paid an extra $125 for her to go, money not well spent.

    Here's to hoping there's some unannounced surprise!

  • Stay Connected with the Ch9 Events App

    To add on to what MSDUGAN18 said, which finally got me working on the iOS platform. Here's what I did:

    1. Visited the link listed at the top of this page to link accounts, and typed in the e-mail address I want to link
    2. Downloaded CH9 Events app, went into the User Settings section, and chose to create a NEW account using the SAME e-mail address I specified in step 1.
    3. Received nearly immediately an autoresponse e-mail from info-at-eventboardmobile-dot-com asking me to click a link to verify my account.
    4. Chose to login on the iOS app, and instantly was able to see my personalized agenda, etc.

    Hope this helps others. It's a little convoluted, but it does work.


  • Stay Connected with the Ch9 Events App

    Linked my Channel 9 (EventBoard) account to my external gmail account, but on my iOS it still says "There is no EventBoard account with that email address".  What else do I need to do? Won't accept any login credentials. Please help.