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CaRDiaK CaRDiaK We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.
  • node.js tools for Visual Studio

    This is cool. The only thing I'm missing right now is syntax highlighting for JADE.

    Using this a lot at my current gig and at the moment I have jump between Sublime and WebStorm if I'm doing one off files or projects. Other than that I can live in VS. 

    And this makes me happy :) 

  • battery life on Samsung phone?

    Phone aren't designed to be dropped. That's why there's an entire market out there for cases and protectors. They make your device look more clunky but the do protect well from accidental drops from time to time. 

    With regards to battery, that's totally dependant on how much you use the device. The more MAH on the battery the longer it will last. But for some perspective you would get more out of a 2300mah checking things occasionally than you would from a 3500mah devices your using constantly. 

    Unfortunately your question is totally subjective and there is no right or wrong answer. 

    On Android you can now switch between Dalvik and ART. ART has reported better battery standby time, however not all apps are compatible with ART so you might have to switch it back to use certain applications. Personally I just left mine on Dalvik

    Good luck.

  • Laptops for Development

    40 minutes ago, Ian2 wrote Re the Samsung - I'm not sure I would benefit from anything with a higher resolution (but would be happy to be proved wrong I guess)

    Basically since 8.1 you can use the up scaler. Real estate wise it feels like 1080. However (and it really has to be seen to be appreciated) fonts, icons and text look amazing. Like truly amazing. For me as most of what I do all day and most evenings is read / write to the screen. It actually makes a huge difference and is very high on my list of requirements. 

    Originally I was waiting for the X1 Carbon. But wasn't happy that in this age, they can justify 1440 x 900 on > 1000 machine. I waited for surface... and waited... and waited some more. Then they came out (no haswell) and immediate talk of Surface 2. So I forgot that one. Then when this finally came out, I checked out the keyboard (another very high req for me) on a lite version at a local pc world to make sure I was happy with it then that was me sold. All in all I waited a couple of years for MS and OEM's to catch up to Apple with the display before parting with any cash. Been searching for near perfect mobile development machine for years and this pretty much nails it.


  • Laptops for Development

    I bought this. No regrets. Simply amazing piece of kit. Turn many a contractor green with envy :) 


    All MS products and VS look sublime.

    The only problem I've had is I do a lot of Java / Android development also. I use IntelliJ IDEA and I have to cap the hidpi arewareness of that application, then edit the IDE's font settings to make up for the scaling. Bit of a ball ache but well worth it once you set it up. Text just melts on and off the screen, the only thing I've seen come close to it is a Retina MBP

    Additionally the amazing track pad dupes the screen. What I mean by that is you can swipe the pad as if you were touching the screen and it responds as if you were touching that area of the screen. It's pretty neat. Check one out if you get the chance. 

  • Dat Start Menu (NOT COMING IN 8.1 Update BUT SOME TIME LATER edition)

    , Lizard​Rumsfeld wrote


    If "h8rs" means "People with legitimate usability complaints that have now been completely vindicated", then sure. :)

    What? A button that's basically hidden? I'm glad it's coming back, just so all the people complaining about it can finally pipedown and move onto something else. I can literally make Win 8.1 dance on my Ativ Book 9 Plus. I've never been as productive.

    Now, if you go try hidpi on that thing, then we'll talk usability...

  • Dubai must be a sad and dull place if you need an escort to enjoy your time

    Dr Herbie is our Mod, he could well have removed it.

  • Can some one explain this Google+ crap I just signed up for?

    I just don't get this.

    If you want a free blog your going to have to have an account. Period. So what's the beef with G+? If you don't want it G+ then pick something else, but guess what. Your going to need an account there too!

    Your here, so I'm assuming you have a live account (unless your on a classic C9 accout) so why aren't you bashing MS for needing an account to sign in everywhere? What's the difference? The name? At least in this day and age it's somewhat uniform and you don't need a separate account for everything.. 

    Personally I like G+ and hope it takes off. At least I actually learn something there from the people I follow instead of the FB Kiddies "OMG I'm buying broccoli lolz"

    As for target ads... well ads are a fact of life and guess what. They aint going anywhere for next thousand years so might as well get used to it. At the very least I prefer ads to potentially be something I'm interested in rather than just spam.

    Have you tried Google Now? That thing rocks. If I search for say a pet shop on any device I'm signed into my G account with, when I hit google now on my smartphone it will be like hey, that place is open until x o'clock, here's the phone number if you want to call it and you could get there in 15 minutes if you drove this route. Come on, that's awesome. To be able to collate all that in a snap is pretty slick!

    Sure it has it's shortcomings just like most things. But in the grand scheme of things, is it really that big a deal? 

    ps. If you want a decent blog then be sure to check out this; www.ghost.org made by the guy from Wordpress.

  • Automotive Market

    I have Windows "blue and me" in my Abarth 500. I have the (old) windows logo on a button on the steering wheel that lets me give voice commands.. Call, text, play audio etc.

    I'm not sure what more people expect of software in a car. It's not like you can watch youtube or similar whilst driving. Besides voice commands for common things which could take some time (eg scrolling through an address book), what could be considered safe and a feature for automotive software?

    @Bass "Car manufacturers standardizing anything? ROFLAMO."

    Volvo created the seatbelt and didn't patent it on purpose so it could become standard in all cars Smiley

  • The cut-price Tablet market

    I can only see things going one way at the moment.

    This is interesting.. I'm doing the Android Coursera course in Jan along with a few others from work. Part interest, part wanting to develop skills further, part more prospects.

    I sit 70-483 (Programming C#) next week and I have no intention of doing any more. I really fancied doing my project in Xamarin.. although I've got more chance of going to the moon than being able to afford to use that with the features I need in the current climate.

    I keep getting priced out of what I need by MS. And the whole time the competitor is gaining ground, becoming more interesting, seems more appealing and now there are more jobs available in my city. To top it all off, all the tools I need for these are free..

  • Windows 8 Threshold rumors

    I get far more out of mine just using the kb.

    Here are some pretty useful examples;