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CaRDiaK CaRDiaK We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.
  • Roslyn for old-timers: QuickVB and Turbo C#

    Very retro! 

  • Coursera Complete

    Just been issued with my cert from Coursera, Programming Android Mobile Handheld Systems. Managed to get the distinction.

    Now I'm no longer time boxed, I can get back onto my Programming C# (70-483) - actually sat this once already but scored 640 (needed 700 to pass) but I didn't think that was too bad considering I only got about 4 weeks study in before it. I do like how MS give you a breakdown of how well you did in each section. I was surprised that I did better in areas I thought I would struggle and ironically, didn't do too well in areas I thought I would breeze through. 

    I know certifications hold questionable value, but it does feel good to get something completed :) 

    Do you have any plans for certs this year? 

  • "U.S. Department of Homeland Security recommends that people ditch Internet Explorer"

    , magicalclick wrote

    Wrong recommendation. It should say, stop using Abode Flash player because that's where the bug is at. And seriously, Flash is dead already. Just remove it

    Haha! Made my afternoon. Good call :)

  • Bill Gates Ranked No.2 Behind Steve Jobs In CNBC First 25 List

    I can understand Tim Berners-Lee not being there, but no Elon Musk? double wtf.

  • Some MSDN Blogs are unreachable


    CTRL + F5 for cache? Just in case you have something weird going on.

  • Has your passion for I.T. ever got you in trouble?


    , Ian2 wrote

    gaining extra points in this way I managed to get myself banned from the competition.

    That would be cheating. Or using your knowledge to gain an unfair advantage over others. All be it "For Science"


    Ian2 wrote

    Now I am not beating myself up over this.

    Good call. Just sounds like bait in getting more traffic / reviews in the store anyhow. 

  • Things to say to Cortana

    But can she do a barell roll? :)

  • Xamarin and MSDN

    It is expensive. What's more, you will actually need a mac somewhere on the network in order to build for iOS. We just bought a mac mini specifically for this. It is fun though, writing C# and it working looking so cool.

    Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA Community are feature rich right out the box and they don't cost a dime. Just some quiet time to get upto speed enough to achieve your goals.

    Shame really. 

  • node.js tools for Visual Studio

    This is cool. The only thing I'm missing right now is syntax highlighting for JADE.

    Using this a lot at my current gig and at the moment I have jump between Sublime and WebStorm if I'm doing one off files or projects. Other than that I can live in VS. 

    And this makes me happy :) 

  • battery life on Samsung phone?

    Phone aren't designed to be dropped. That's why there's an entire market out there for cases and protectors. They make your device look more clunky but the do protect well from accidental drops from time to time. 

    With regards to battery, that's totally dependant on how much you use the device. The more MAH on the battery the longer it will last. But for some perspective you would get more out of a 2300mah checking things occasionally than you would from a 3500mah devices your using constantly. 

    Unfortunately your question is totally subjective and there is no right or wrong answer. 

    On Android you can now switch between Dalvik and ART. ART has reported better battery standby time, however not all apps are compatible with ART so you might have to switch it back to use certain applications. Personally I just left mine on Dalvik

    Good luck.