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Cara Cara9

Niner since 2010

I write code for Channel 9. I've contributed to things like the Channel 9 website redesign, the custom HTML5 video player, the Channel 9 Xbox One app, the Build 2012 and Channel 9 Windows Store apps.

I'm a bit of a "Jack (Jill?) of all Trades" in that I find front end development (HTML, JS, CSS) to be just as fun and challenging to do correctly as backend development (C#, .NET, SQL).

  • Our Xbox One app has launched!
  • Xbox One and Smartglass App for Channel 9
  • Windows 8 App for Channel 9 now available
  • New Home Page, Smooth Streaming added to Channel 9 today
  • //build/ 2015

    @DonaldA: The only thing I can recall is a Windows 8 app we developed for Build 2012 that had a Notes area for each Session. Is that maybe what you're referring to?

  • Our Xbox One app has launched!

    @Dirtbagg: @Tagaron: Being our first try at an Xbox One app, we kept this initial release simple which means you won't be able to watch the events live but once the videos are up for on demand viewing (*usually* 24-48 hours after), you will be able to watch them via the app. We would love to add this capability in the future though!

  • Our Xbox One app has launched!

    Okay all, we have updated our odata api which should fix this issue. For users using other languages on their Xbox One besides English, we are now including English content along with content matching your selected language. Please let us know what your experience is like now, if this fixed it for you or not. Thanks for your patience and feedback!

  • Our Xbox One app has launched!

    @ZippyV: Kind of a tangent but that's strange about the Windows Store app not working for you.

    If I remember correctly, live tiles do stop updating after non-use of a few days (I can't remember the exact number). If you open up the app, it should update the live tile for another few days after you stop using it again.

    I just opened it and checked Azure Friday and I do see content as recent as 4 days ago. Maybe I can help solve that issue with some more information. Do you have another language selected on your PC besides English? Are you logged into the app under your Channel 9 account or are you signed out? Have you updated the app recently? We pushed out an update about a month ago.

  • Our Xbox One app has launched!

    Sorry for all of the trouble, it does seem to be an issue where the language is set to something that we don't have a lot of Channel 9 content, the app is crashing. We will fix asap!

  • Our Xbox One app has launched!

    @Martin Zonderland: @LeonMeijer: Sorry you're having trouble with it! I'm not seeing this error myself - do you have a good internet connection? I would try searching with Bing or checking your internet connection: Settings > Network. Let us know if the problem persists.

  • Our Xbox One app has launched!

    @BraveStarr: You're right, we totally agree that it would be great and super useful to have your queue there. Being our first attempt at developing an Xbox One app, we kept it simple for this launch but we would love to add the queue feature to the app. Thanks for checking it out, hope you enjoy!

  • Windows 8 App for Channel 9 now available

    @QuocTruong: Do you mean on the website or in the app? On the website we do have a CC function on both the Silverlight and HTML5 players if there are closed caption files provided by the content owners.

    Here is an example: http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/TechEd/NorthAmerica/2013/DBI-B307

    I do need to add this functionality to the HTML5 player in the app though so thank you for the reminder!

  • Windows 8 App for Channel 9 now available

    @dcuccia - looks like you downloaded the wrong app Smiley Try using the link Duncan provided in the post above to get our official app.
  • Windows 8 App for Channel 9 now available

    Really sorry those of you who can't get it yet, like Duncan said, we're working with the store to get it figured out. @raptor3676 - We did program playto to work in this app so I'm curious why it doesn't work for you. Does your Xbox not show up when you click the Devices charm or is something else happening?

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