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Cara Cara9 (Not Pictured)
  • Read/unread threads

    @giovanni: I asked Duncan to go ahead and do this for you so let me know if it works out for you Smiley

  • RSS Feeds with mp4 attachments

    @Nafas: I believe you can just append /ipod to the rss url like this: http://channel9.msdn.com/Feeds/RSS/ipod

  • Read/unread threads

    @giovanni: Sorry I haven't gotten back to you - we have talked about this amongst ourselves and can think of one option - we can delete all of your previous read states from the db which would make it so everything is "unread" for you again. What do you think?

  • System Error

    What were you doing when that happened?

  • IE9 beta 1 issues

    @AndyC: We were just talking about this issue in standup this morning. Geoff is going to look into it.

  • Read/unread threads

    So I asked and we did not in fact import the post read states from v4 so unfortunately that means older threads that get resurrected will not have your accurate read state. Sad

    @CKurt: I think that was a profile setting which we can bring back pretty easily. Can you add that suggestion to the Connect site? (click the Feedback link in the footer)

  • Whoo! We have dropdowns again! :)

    Glad you like it!

  • Read/unread threads

    Hmm... I'll talk to Sampy and Duncan about it. I'm not sure if we actually imported the read state of a thread from v4 so it might be that it only applies to things you have read since the relaunch. I'll check it out though!

  • Read/unread threads

    @giovanni: I'm not sure about the first part - I haven't heard that complaint yet and I'm not experiencing it myself.

    As for the second part - it should take you to the last page that you read, not exactly the last message that you read. But the last message you read should be on that page unless posts have been deleted from the thread in between.

  • I pretty-much hate the new channel9

    @rhm: I'll give this a shot for the things that I know anything about or was involved with...

    When you click the "x" to make that classic account message go away - does it come back? It's not supposed to for at least a couple of weeks and we can easily make that longer if it's super annoying. With how you're saying the site keeps logging you out though, it sounds like you might be having some issues with cookies altogether (which may be our fault but I'd like to find out). What browser are you using?

    We will be redesigning the homepage featured items rotator (or catbird, as Charles like to call it). I don't think any of us like how it functions currently and certainly the fact that the title isn't clickable the same way the rest of the links on the page are is inconsistent and confusing.

    The forum dropdown links from the homepage has been once of the top requests so expect that soon. As far as quoting in the forums - I believe that was removed for performance sake. Having the dropdown that revealed the comment that was being quoted was slowing those pages down I think (but I could be wrong).

    "Video pages more spammed than ever thanks to no-login-required policy" - are they really? I haven't heard any complaints recently, I had thought we were doing pretty good on that front Sad. If you wouldn't mind, can you list some examples of video pages that have a lot of spam? We are open to implementing more spam control but we'd rather not use CAPTCHA if possible because of it's usability issues.

    User pages - I haven't been here that long so I wasn't aware that there ever WAS a user page. Do you see this as being like the Browse - Authors page but all of the users instead? Or what do you think would be a useful Users page (considering that we have thousands of users)?

    Browse pages - When you talk about AJAX here - do you mean some sort of AJAX search? We're open to ideas... Also, we're not anti-AJAX - we are using it for a few things like ratings, we just didn't want to over do it since that was a complaint from the last version.

    You're probably right though, a lot more time and effort went into rewriting the infrastructure since performance was such an issue than adding new features. But now that that's pretty much done we'll have a lot more time to work on these other features so hang in there Smiley