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Charles Charles Welcome Change
  • Wandering around Maker Faire

    I use a heavy tripod (no need to talk to Scoble Smiley). But, I don't travel with it.

    Thanks for the feedback.
  • Wandering around Maker Faire

    What I was trying to accomplish with the first 6 minutes or so was to provide a realistic "experience" of me walking around the fair and just observing what's going on around me. This necessarily includes ambient sounds. Perhaps I should not quit my day job, eh?
  • Wandering around Maker Faire

    Manip wrote:
    Two quick suggestions --

    1. Use a tripod to steady the camera
    2. Use a sound filter in post-production

    Thanks. Now, watch the whole video. We're not professionals, but, yeah, this is a very unedited experience compared to our usual. Think of it as a home movie.

  • Jim Hogg: Phoenix Framework

    billh wrote:

    Charles, thanks again for this video. I think you need to interview compiler people more often.

    Actually, I interviewed one of the developers of VC++'s backend compiler (he's been working on the VC++ compiler team for about 15 years!) a few weeks ago. You'll meet him soon right here on C9.
  • IE7: CSS Support?

    ZippyV wrote:
    Very nice code you got there guys:
    - Putting an empty doctype at the beginning: <!DOCTYPE >
    - Putting an <HTML> tag in the middle of the page between the <STYLE> and the <BODY> tags.

    I'm surprised IE actually showed something.

    To which guys are you referring?
  • Betsy Aoki: Not just a cog in this huge machine

    inviso wrote:

    But then he comes back with weak stuff -- about Betsy not being a coder, and that most MS employees are not coders, so women don't need be afraid to join Microsoft. I like Betsy's take better -- that there is no need to be afraid of coding. His implication seemed to be that somehow coding is scarier for women, so they might want to avoid it!

    Perhaps you've misinterpreted my statements as I certainly do not think that writing code is any more scary to a female who doesn't know how to write code than a male...

    My point was that you can still work at Microsoft (and in the industry) if you are not an engineer... Attracting more women to technical roles is the order of the day. The question in why are women not attracted to this industry to the degree that men are? As far as the small software engineering talent pool, this is a problem that spans genders. Fact is, the US is producing less and less engineers each year.

    Writing software is gender neutral. Can I be more clear?

    Again, most job roles at MS do not require that the employee in that role spend time in an IDE designing, writing and debugging code...

    Perhaps it didn't come out right in my answer.

  • Jim Hogg: Phoenix Framework

    androidi wrote:

    The subject is slightly esoteric and might have benefited from having a possible int/external customer for the Phoenix to throw in few leading questions. When the interviewer comes off as trying to think up a question on the spot it just doesn't come out very well in terms of audiences confidence on the information gained and time spent.

    Though since I don't write compilers I feel bad complaining here about the free peak into latest research..

    Typically, the interviewer (me) knows about as much of the details of a given subject as the audience, which is by design. We feel it makes for a more interesting video than having domain experts asking all the right questions...

    That said, I do like the idea of having internal/external consumers of a given platform technology involved in an interview focusing on the platform.

    Good feedback. Thanks.
  • Jim Hogg: Phoenix Framework

    These questions are answered in the video. Why not just watch it?
  • Betsy Aoki: Not just a cog in this huge machine

    LaBomba wrote:
     This'll be interesting...

    "From her magenta hair to her magenta personality"

    "C" what do you mean, define magenta personality?

    Jennifer writes the descriptions for WM_IN posts. Ritzi, what does magenta personality mean?
  • Betsy Aoki: Not just a cog in this huge machine

    staceyw wrote:
    Charles wrote:  She's not a Microsoft employee... When somebody makes a request for a video interviewee, I like to know why.

    That is interesting.  I always assumed (watching the .Net Show) that she was.  Why did they not use a MS person for that?  Cheers.

    She was a Microsoft employee. She is now a vendor.