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Charles Charles Welcome Change
  • 10 Years of Channel 9

    @00010101: Come on, Beer... Ironically, you've been here for the past 10 years, too, never really leaving this place you apparently despise. Happy birthday, Beer!!


  • Fungi Defense

    That was excellent. Thanks for sharing, exoteric.


  • Charles Torre = Executive Producer - App Experience @ Microsoft

    Thanks, all! I appreciate the kind words. ( Nothing gets by Felix. I should've known that Smiley )

    Time for old Charles to follow his C9 slogan. It was hard leaving C9, but 9 years on 9 seemed like the perfect time to change, and I welcome it with open arms. I will of course not be too far from here (same building and floor as the C9 team!). I'm a Niner for life! I can see C9 content in my future, too Smiley

    I'll share more details about the new job once they've been established. It's very early days in the new role, with lots of work to do before results happen (one of the great things about this new role is that I am actively defining it).

    I've never been one to make things about me - since, most often, they aren't.

    Looking forward to sharing more with you soon.

    I love C9 and the wonderful community of Niners around the world. Thank you for helping to make the last 9 years so awesome. Rock and roll, indeed.



  • Colorado Marijuana Revolution - It's dominating many forums

    , blowdart wrote


    I've no idea what folks do in their own home, nor do I care (except for the sod in my apartment block who is burning the most stinky weed and is 3 doors down. It's making my apartment stink.)

    Yeah, right... Puff puff, pass pass, blowdart!


  • HTML5  form Attribute

    Nice avatar, MP0P0V! Smiley


  • Caption Time?

    Steve: Don't worry, man. I can guide you through this. Just relax, be open to what comes. Listen to the rug. Hear that?

    Bill: Wait, what? Did it just say that? Or did I just think it? Man... This is weird. I'm freaking out, man. It's cool. It's cool. Wow.

  • MemorySharp

    Reply to the OP, evildictaitor. He's requesting feedback.

  • MemorySharp

    An ltU member posted a link to the C# project, MemorySharp. For those of you who don't frequent ltU, I'd imagine this library may be of interest to you, so I'm cross-posting it here:

    http://binarysharp.com/products/memorysharp/ ->

    MemorySharp is a C# based memory editing library targeting Windows applications, offering various functions to extract and inject data and codes into remote processes to allow interoperability.

    The goal of this library is to provide a safe, powerful and easy to use API, keeping the remote process as clean as possible. This library is said Out-of-Process, in other words it does not need to be injected within the target process. Only your application loads MemorySharp, ensuring that only the requested operations are executed in the opened process. For the moment, the library only supports 32-bit development.

    MemorySharp is licensed under the MIT License.

  • Joe Duffy's Blog

    @felix9: Would be great to get Joe on camera again and at the whiteboard. He's an excellent conversationalist. I'll send him a note to gauge his interest in a re-appearance on C9. 

  • Joe Duffy's Blog

    @TexasToast: Joe mentioned his dream of openness. I sense this means you'll be able to take the core implementation and fork it Smiley We'll see.