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Jaime Soto

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  • Prism & Silverlight: Part 9 - Sharing Data with Region Contexts

    Thanks for posting these videos.  This is such a great resource for getting up to speed quickly on the basics of PRISM.  This helped me tremendously.

  • Ben Brauer and Richard Sprague: Response Point

    We just purchased the D-Link version of response point for my small company and so far we are really liking it.  I do have some suggestions that hopefully you can include in a future upgrade.   I think these suggestions would add huge value to your product and the small business owners using it.

    Many small businesses have part time receiptionists or maybe a family member that comes in occasionaly and helps answer the phones.  In the current version of response point there is no way for a person such as an administrative asistant or secretary to easily come in and switch the system from auto receptionist to a human receptionist without giving them access to the Response Point administrator tool.  Obviously you don't want to give this tool to just anybody.  It would be nice if you could create some commands in response point to allow this ability.  It would also be nice if you could configure Reponse Piont to turn on the the automatic receptionist plan automaticaly  at a specified time daily (such as when the business closes for the day).

    Thanks for creating such a great product!