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Craig Matthews Craig_​Matthews Good News, Everyone!
  • These Windows 10 ​adware/prel​oader patches are packaged with important security updates. JUST WTF?!

    I didn't read any of this thread before replying, because I read the last incarnation of it.

    But as far as I can tell, Microsoft appears to be, as they usually do, issuing updates to fix issues in Windows Update -- which I welcome because the more reliable the update mechanism the better. 

    Is the OP honestly upset because one  feature of the updated update mechanism allows end-users to decide if they want to get a free, non forced upgrade later on? 


    Microsoft is offering Windows 10 as a free upgrade and they've been working to give people as smooth an upgrade experience as possible. That requires them to update the update mechanism so that this can happen. So what?

    Windows update, along with other bug fixes and enhancements, will also allow you to upgrade the operating system to the next version if you choose to do so.

    Why is this even a discussion? The real question is why it took them this long to make Windows update capable of updating the OS.

    I can't imagine any scenario where being upset about this update to Windows Update is rational -- and I'm someone who will be using Windows 7 until extended support is over.



  • Microsoft taking aim at Linux servers?

    Ok yah, I'm still trying to figure out how application virtualization, run through a cross-platform runtime environment, is a "Linux technology" -- it's not even a new technology.


  • Microsoft Wink and Insteon

    I'm probably going to get AT&T's home package. A couple people at work have tablets propped on their desk with several IP cameras in and on their empty house and are able to talk with visitors to their house via camera and speaker and keep an eye on everything. 

    Everything's here -- its the integration pieces that software companies need to work on IMO and I'd pay money for it. If they can get it right.

    With network controllable thermostats, appliances, and devices, all of the information and commands going in and out of these things should be integrated right a central database. That should be tied in with a financial package that has access to how much my electric company is charging me for power and convert it to some sort of resource unit. I should then be able to open up Quicken or whatever, go to the "Planning and Budget" section, and allocate resource units to specific appliances and electrical devices. Some other software attached to the same database should analyze my usage patterns, selected priorities, critical items, and report back to me intelligent information I can work with to allocate my resources appropriately on a month to month basis.

    All of this we can do -- our houses can be like Star Trek right now, but I see no will to do that when software companies (not just Microsoft) do nothing every year except update their GUI to the latest fads and introduce more bugs because of it. Quicken can barely subtract numbers anymore and their mobile app sync engine is an existential danger to your bank account.


  • Microsoft Wink and Insteon

    The more automated, the better. What about programming the thermostat to adjust automatically based on weather data from a service or sensor? The weather changes very often where I live and my thermostat changing its configuration based on what the weather service is forecasting or what sensors outside the house are reading, taking into account the time of year, my work hours, and networked sensors all over the house --- sounds to me if I could get all this stuff installed, I'd end up saving a lot of money and have to worry about it less.  

    All this stuff coming out is great. I want everything in my house that uses power, generates heat, or cools air to also report to a central device which is programmed to optimize power utilization based on my personal list of priorities, turning things off and on when necessary, or shutting down low priority things when power utilization reaches a maximum threshold (like, maybe "the A/C is only allowed to use this many KWH per month") -- and I want reports, graphs, and all that stuff.  I can't think of a reason I would not want my entire house set up with networked everything -- as long as it's firewalled well.


  • windows changes and what goes on at hq

    and those pins in the tree pane. They're much better gray instead of blue, but I don't get why they insist on the stupid angle when they'd look much better just horizontal. Hell, they shouldn't even be pins. There's a non skewmorphic (I don't know how to spell that) they could have done this. Minor quibble though :D

  • windows changes and what goes on at hq

    ^^ I'm just going to pile on and also point out that when someone is talking about any of UI changes in Windows 8.x or windows 10, pretty much everyone calls it Metro and, usually, everyone knows what's meant.

  • windows changes and what goes on at hq

    ^^ Pretty much this. Why does Microsoft, at least from a UI standpoint, believe that tablet, phone, laptop, desktop, and server use-cases are the same?  Just sitting here from a customer point of view, it doesn't seem like this basic thing is understood by Microsoft.

  • The new 2019

    , bondsbw wrote


    But under W10, it's definitely starting to get harder to tell what is a store app vs. a desktop app.  So let me sideload those apps without hassle.

    The store apps are the windows with shitty web pages in it with no real functionality, inability to size properly, require side scrolling to read text with unnecessarily huge typefaces, and a lot of wasted space.


  • Windows 10 for Windows Phones

    I don't get the reference, sorry. I'd love to try Windows Phone 10. I'm just not sure why 10 is ready to come out when my phone hasn't even received the update to the currently released OS and every time I try to find out how to get the current release on my phone, I don't get much help.

  • Windows 10 for Windows Phones

    I still don't have folder tiles, app center, or anything from the "Windows Phone 8.1 Update." On my 1520. Still on Cyan, still on 8.1. Its difficult to find information on the Internet because every time I try to search for "Windows 8.1 Update" I only get results for the "Windows 8.1" .update. (as in update from 8.0 to 8.1). They couldn't have called it 8.2 or something so I could at least find information without a search engine being useless about it?

    Let alone 10. I'm still waiting for what I should already have.