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Craig Matthews Craig_​Matthews Good News, Everyone!
  • Microsoft helped NSA access private emails

    What I don't get is why all of a sudden everyone is all up in arms about crap that everyone has known the government has been doing for decades. I didn't imagine all the NSA jokes about saying "bomb" into your telephone that I've heard since 1980.

    What's so different now that people are suddenly pissed off about it, when everyone should have been up in arms over this for as long as I've been alive?


  • Win8 Backup was poor, but 8.1 makes it worse.

    , spivonious wrote

    I can see MS's side with excluding Skydrive files, but I have no idea why they're hiding libraries by default. That's one of the best things that came out of Vista.

    Afraid I can't see MS's side on excluding Skydrive files because it violates IT 101: Live data and Backup data are separate things. If I delete a file or modify a file out of my local Skydrive folder, the next time it synchronizes, it's deleted or modified in the cloud. That's not backup, that's synchronization of live data between two storage locations. It's like taking two replicated DFS targets and calling one of them a backup -- it's patently false because the function of both technologies is to provide access to live data through different means/channels. Deletions and modifications to data are assumed to be intentional so the changes are permanently replicated.

    The function of backup technology is to safeguard data over time away from direct live access and allow reversion to previous versions or recovery of deleted files. Modifications or deletions of files are not assumed to be intentional, but are assumed to be either intentional or unintentional. Backup and data synchronization are related but entirely different things meant for entirely different purposes, requiring mostly different handling.

    The only way the Skydrive cloud is a "backup" of your local Skydrive folder is if your local Skydrive folder is destroyed and you're lucky enough that it didn't synchronize it's own destruction to the cloud and the rest of your Skydrive client devices.

    "Damn I just wiped half the crap in my Skydrive folder. QUICK turn off all the other computers so the sync doesn't delete it on them too!" is not backup.

  • Windows and Line of Business ​Application​s: No Good Options

    Not really. The licensing is stupid. If I have 50 machines, I'd need 10 separate logins and passwords for Intune as each user account is only licensed for 5 devices maximum. Per-device licensing was removed. It's now per-user licensing with a hard limit of 5 per. Effectively useless unless you want to juggle multiple logins and passwords to manage software deployment even for a small business.

    It's how it always has been: to the Microsoft licensing folk, a small business is 5-10 devices maximum, and everyone else is Exxon Mobile Corporation.

  • Visio Windows 8 Store App released

    , cheong wrote

    Now I see... These Apps put themselves in "Music & Video" category, so they pose themselves as tutorial of various MS Office applications. I think that's why Microsoft allow these Apps there.

    And if you look at the details, it just said "MS Outlook 2013...." not "MS Outlook 2013 Pro ...." so maybe it's misleading, but nothing is technically wrong there too.

    Maybe Microsoft should setup guildline that if it's an e-book, it should state it clear in the description.

    Well, at least my developer roadmap is a bit more clearer in my head now that I can see a surefire way to make money on the Windows store Big Smile Forget this whole argument about XAML, WPF, WinRT, Winforms, Silverlight, etc. I'm gonna develop YouTube apps Big Smile

  • fascist bank of america

    It's not 13 years maximum penalty for one crime. This would be 1 year maximum penalty for each of 13 individually committed criminal acts.

    And even if he did get "13 years", it would probably all be concurrent with some of the time served credited. He'd be out in six months max.

    Case dropped I heard though.


  • Visio Windows 8 Store App released

    , Dr Herbie wrote

    Don't see it here in the UK.

    Did you click the 'report app' link a the bottom of the page?



    Did you read his post? He clicked the link to report it. He then got an email asking him to fill out another form which asked him to select his "role", of which a selection appeared, none of them applicable, so he can't really report it.

    Therefore, the real WTF is -- how does a fake version of "Microsoft Visio" get on the Windows app store? Apparently whoever's responsible for curating this online store at Microsoft doesn't seem to bother to sit there and ask questions when he sees someone, who is not Microsoft, submitting a Microsoft application that doesn't actually exist (App Store Visio) and just lets it through.


  • Cool things in Windows 8.1

    , AndyC wrote

    You can replace the Command Prompt with Powershell on the Win+X menu. What more could anyone possibly want?

    Off the top of my head, the ability to delete directory trees is something I might want.

    -Recurse [<SwitchParameter>]
         Deletes the items in the specified locations and in all child items of the locations.

         The Recurse parameter in this cmdlet does not work properly.

    Powershell rocks.


  • Is XAML Dying?

    What I'm getting here is that if I'm writing a point of sale application or inventory control application for a store, I should use HTML for the UI so that Google's web crawlers, which will never touch my point of sale device or inventory control application, can index the fact that there are text boxes, buttons, and radio buttons on it. What could motivate me to even consider caring about that?

  • Why does this site not advertize that to develop for Win Phone 8 you must buy Windows 8????

    Not to be a dick or anything, but you specifically said that the Windows 8 requirement was "purely artificial" and that there is "no technical reason" you can't develop WP8 on Windows 7. You stated that the only reason it won't work is because MS crippled the installer and that you can bypass said artificial [installer] restriction and have a "fully functional" WP8 dev env under Windows 7.

    Emulator argument or not, your post was entirely about the restriction being artificial, and dahat showed that it was technical.


  • Why does Microsoft support iPhone and Android better than WP 8?

    , MasterPie wrote


    A wireframe done in Paint...

    It's really sad to see groups within MS thinking metro-style = flat. You can still add gradients, etc if it's not distracting you from the content. 2013's attempt at implementing it doesn't optimize readability (which is part of metro)...everything's too well blended that it's hard to focus on the actual content.

    And then they wonder why people think Microsoft looks like they're intentionally making the desktop look like crap.