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Craig Matthews Craig_​Matthews Good News, Everyone!
  • A Roku Channel for Channel 9

    I watch C9 videos and have two Roku 2 XS devices. There's a Channel 9 private (not on the Roku store) channel already: http://tinyurl.com/bcfpy34

    However, this channel seems not to have all of the content -- for example there are only three episodes of The Defrag Show listed when I browse the content on my Roku.

    I'd also be interested in a Channel 9 channel for Plex Media Server (plexapp.com) The Roku would pick this channel up too if you have Plex Media Server installed on a PC via the Plex channel on the Roku .. and the bonus would be that, in addition to Roku devices, it would make it available to any DLNA terminal in the house (provided a Plex Media Server is present with the C9 channel installed).

  • Microsoft Fined $731 Million over 'browser choice' mistake.

    , itsnotabug wrote

    my iphone didn't present me with an option either.

    The iPhone has had a "browser ballot" built in for quite some time called the App Store and there are web browsers in it, both pay-for and free, and it's on every single phone.

    That said, it was Opera's fault and not Microsoft's that no one wanted to use their browser, and Google & Mozilla's involvement in the situation by supporting Opera's position in the matter, which in no small part helped bring about the ballot screen, was complete BS since both companies had just finished bragging about how everyone was switching from IE to their browsers.

    That said, a "technical" error that removed for seven months the browser ballot that MS agreed to is also BS, and they deserve to be punished. If they didn't want to comply, they shouldn't have agreed to the terms of the settlement.

  • Gotta wonder what Microsoft thinks of apps like this...

    Great. Now maybe someone can come out with an addon that let's me have Aero back so I don't have to look at this crappy flat-* Atari 1040ST color scheme in the desktop.

  • ISP header redirects of bing.com

    , Jim Young wrote

    Charter is my ISP and this has never happened to me. But I also have my own DNS server at home.

    Then of course it's never happened to you.

  • At what point is the EU's EC just milking a cash-cow ?


    One week later....

    Opera: Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh No one's using Opera, and it's Microsoft's fault.
    Google & Mozilla: YEAH!!! Because of IE being bundled NO ONE ON EARTH KNOWS ABOUT OTHER BROWSERS.


  • Can't Sign in with Chrome

    Same here - haven't been able to sign into channel 9 for about a week now when using Chrome. My testing indicates this:

    Works fine in Safari.
    Works fine in Chrome for iOS
    Problem occurs both on Chrome for Windows and Chrome for OSX

  • Does anyone use on-line backup solutions?

    Helps a ton that this client might change parts of only five to ten files a day too. The differentials will probably be a barely noticeable blip. It's great that nowadays a small business can insure the safety of their data at a level that was recently only affordable to bigger companies with IT departments.

  • Does anyone use on-line backup solutions?


    We went with the Crashplan Pro and chose the unlimited plan, pretty much the best pricing for a single SBS server small business --- what I was confused by earlier was their "choose the best plan" selection wizard becomes stupid apparently if you specify a quantity of "1" computer. So you get an outrageous comparison of "Should I pay $35/mo for 100GB or $7/mo for unlimited? Gee."

    It was not until I realized that they really don't intend for you to ever put the number "1" in that text box that it made sense as the prices make more sense when you specify multiple computers.

    As far as speed of initial upload goes, I was pretty much assuming it would take a month for this client's data, but I hadn't realized at the time she upgraded her Internet to a 25Mbps upload so her 700GB of data is only going to take a few days with the amount of BW I allocated to Crashplan. That's cool as hell.

  • Does anyone use on-line backup solutions?

    I've been trying to find an online backup solution that's affordable for a really small business that happens to have a server. Unfortunately, most are either woefully inadequate (250GB is nothing. Some really small businesses have big files), or if they have a reasonably priced plan at about 2TB or unlimited, their client software will only install on a workstation class PC and not the SBS box where the files are, even though it's advertised as a business plan.

    The only one that seems reasonable is CrashplanPro for small business, but I'm really worried about the page where you select your plan ... what it basically boils down to is "Pay $7.49/month for unlimited, or pay thousands a month if you choose a capacity." Huh? 

    I think the only online backup I'm going to be doing is telling my client to get a PC at her house with enough space and just run the CrashPlan software peer to peer, and it'll only cost the hardware and Windows 7 license.

  • Using just any unsecured WiFi - stealing?

    I actually inadvertently misrepresented what I pay for my high speed Internet at home. The line item on my bill for my 15/5 FiOS Internet is $30.

    $130 came out of my fingers because my brain was thinking about the whole package that includes my TV and phone.